Forum emotional design attention to detail pay attention to emotion

art and design must consider the feelings of others, that is, we often say emotional design. And implement to the forum that most stationmaster do, the content that emotional design is very little, but very important. In simple terms, the best emotional design should first pay attention to detail, and stand in the user’s point of view.

can solve a lot of problems, such as low upload rate and user access to websites like routine and so on.


this is the boot interface for a new forum for a certain forum. Cute cartoon image gives people a sense of intimacy and will enjoy the process of being guided step by step. Similarly, we can also "upload avatar guide" and "post guide" this tutorial is held or some new activities can be guided by steps in guiding the design, add some cartoon characters in the page will look very interesting. By contrast, those who use their posts to illustrate activity rules and new tutorials do not have many users who want to buy it and are willing to take the time to read it carefully.


eggs, everyone should not be strange. This egg was originally Baidu know a very close to the user’s function, the heart of the webmaster was transplanted to the forum. I think this is a good emotional design. If the user is Baidu know users will have an affinity for this function; if the user first saw this function, it will add some fun to not on sites such as the regular course of official duties, no fun at all. Daily brings a little surprise to the user, is the source of long-term retention of users.


has a stroll bar friend, you can note, Baidu post bar message function has been greatly deepened. Baidu post bar is also a forum, there are many places worth our appreciation. And the message that sticks it not only can express with facial expression, word, link, still have "God comes"". Those who use the rotten expression, God to say a few words simply, a different expression is displayed in front of the reader. Those "God replies" perhaps let the user giggle, the website has good impression?.

emotional design specific to the forum, you can also do a lot of things. Take a while ago very popular chicken (an online chat robot), we can analyze why simple chicken chicken will be unusually hot? Because those God replies happy sad users, let users happy Carnival laughter, the user’s feelings point in rubbing. The basic line of human feelings is that you are good to me, I am good to you, and the same way, we should try to figure out the user psychology, and be better for users, users will be more action to support us. We can imitate those "top" functions and so on, so that users realize their importance.

of course, the content is emotional too