Jiang Likun how is the personal website 123cha thousand yuan


note: This is an interview done before, only published in the company website, today re arranged, to share with you,


for 123cha web site, I believe many people are very familiar with it, it is a powerful personal inquiry network. But no one expected, this station in the vast Internet field, but had a big impact, his ALEXA world ranking in less than three thousand. Did not expect this small site there will be no Pei income, monthly net income of over million! This, and have a strong interest in the exploration of the station decided to interview. After several twists and turns, the author finally contacted 123cha webmaster Huang Zirui (should I ask the name is a pseudonym), through the QQ and its an interview.

: the birth of

123cha website design

Jiang Likun (hereinafter referred to as pot): Zi Rui, hello. I’m glad you accepted our interview. What would you like to say to you first,


Huang Zirui (hereinafter referred to as Huang): Hello everyone. I am honored to accept the interview with friends and answers, in fact, I do not have any exclusive secrets, is an ordinary people. It’s just luck. But now that I have accepted this interview, I am sure I will give you some of my experience without reservation. I also welcome you to share this experience with you later.

Jiang: Zi Rui is too modest. I’m sure everyone can’t wait, so let’s get down to business. In this way, in order to facilitate users to read, we are in chronological order to talk about it. I see your station needs a lot of technical support, then you are not a computer professional graduate? The site of the program is not your own development,


Huang: a lot of people have asked me about this question, and the earliest technical support of the 123cha program was really developed by me. However, I am studying economics, management, the work is also related to the economy, and the computer is not related, the computer is just my hobby.

Jiang: amateur to do so well, this is for those of us professional do IT shame. Since only hobbies, but also how to complete such a strong technical development work, how did you think of such a good theme,


Huang: that’s a long story.

old wangchongmen may remember in 2001 when a man named "hunt" software, we use it to find a IP location, this software was a smash hit. Its original author mainly relies on the net friend to provide and to help, has collected the domestic each provinces and cities main IP data, makes the database, then writes the software to provide the off-line inquiry. When the Internet in the domestic development in the near future, the number of new year’s IP distribution is also very limited, around 2002, the Internet in China’s development more and more quickly, a large number of new distribution of IP have been put into use, the original author may be due to work reasons, gradually abandoned.