How to pinpoint the positioning of local news portal

read a few days ago, Sina global vice president Chen Tong’s book "Sina road – portal news channel operation", a lot of feelings. Because I am also engaged in Internet work (Hubei Huangshi local news website editor).

Chen Tong thinks Sina’s core is news. But Sina is a network media, and different from traditional media. For example, the traditional media believes that originality is the most important, and should have their own positions and views. But although the Internet media needs to be original, it is more important than the massive information and the integration of the information. So he put forward the Sina eight character policy: fast, comprehensive, accurate and objective. Fast and comprehensive, which is the characteristics of the Internet, or advantages, accurate and objective, is the news requirements. It’s also a combination of news and the Internet, a requirement for online media (online media should naturally have news). This eight character policy is also the secret of sina’s success.

although here is talking about Sina, but the truth is interlinked. For us to engage in local news website operation also has great reference significance.

local news portals are generally controlled by local newspapers or radio and television stations. One would think that this is an absolute advantage for the local news portal. But this is not necessarily the case. The advantage of things, but often become shackles of their shackles.

, for example, my website, the director in charge of news, thinks that news posted on the web must have news points. This is for me a technical background of people, it is really do not understand what is news. Using the newspaper model to do the Internet, I don’t know if it’s appropriate. But seeing friends without any kind of message, I know this, sing the praises of the dead without interaction, eight shares of news, is not how many users love to see.

so personally, I think the local news portal, as a network media, must have some characteristics of the network.

large quantity: not necessarily massive, but also can do mass. In the absence of enough news materials and sources, much effort has been made in the form of news. If for an event, encourage users, forums, post, blog, Bowen, organize activities and reports on activities, in order to produce content;

Equality: do not speak with a commanding voice in a traditional media practitioner. You know, this is online, and no one has the patience to listen to your formality. Let’s be friends, talk to them like chat,

interaction: the biggest feature of the Internet should be interaction. Don’t think news is an article. Try to arouse the enthusiasm of net friend, participate in the process of news comment and reproduction. In fact, watching news and evaluating news is also a happy thing;

of course, news is news after all. We must respect its objectivity.

in short, the traditional media operators, network media, must cater to the characteristics of the network, net friend’s habits and attitudes. Treat a network with an equal heart, netizen. Respect them, >