Cultivating profitable ideas and creating excellent business models


said that if everyone has the heart of beauty, love the rich heart, I am afraid it is not just a talent, will have a stockpile of grain, animal habits, money is everyone’s wish, but the 28 law does not change, eighty percent of the world’s people do eighty percent things in the world, but can only get twenty percent the money, while the other twenty percent people, but to be able to pay 20% of the labour force has won 80% of the resources, I think we are all ordinary, is constantly want to change 2 people.

refers to the business model, perhaps a lot of people think of as a profitable model, but the money is only a business model, in general, the business model includes "product model" and "user mode", "promotion" and "money mode".

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I spent nearly a week on my website ( revision, from conception to implementation, business model thinking runs through the website across the board, I hope my website can be more valuable, which is the first stage: product model.

the product is, precisely speaking, the product (or service) that provides the user with information, convenience, experience…… Each site should have the characteristics of their products, as long as they can catch a little, do fine, can be recognized by the user, you don’t remember, for the first time, I want to make money, is eager to make money, just contact the Taobao customer (at the beginning of 2012, perhaps for Taobao customers, 2012 is not too early), see some guest program, very brilliant, feeling and Taobao have a spell, a time very keen to try a lot of Taobao off the program, such as pinphp, Amoy Empire, Fang Wei and so on, but the site erection is completed, does not seem to be able to give users any benefits, but also did not consider how to the promotion, just by virtue of all "money" mode to perform, the result too horrible to look at.

so, the site located in the network to make money to interested users, hoping to let users browse the site to get real benefits, although the website is just started, but I believe that as long as insist, will be able to get more friends recognized.

second, user mode and user mode, in fact, the product is essentially opposite and unified, or that the two are complementary to each other, these two points should be considered, not order, so we can understand the products, household model, we are able to provide what users, our ability to create what is the value for the user, and the user mode and active mode; what the user needs, others are anxious anxious, there is market demand, do the preliminary market research, product development stage >