Looking for hair from personal website transformation corporatization

fully prepared to, from August last year to now registered company, zhaochafa (www.zhaochafa.com) company has imperceptibly for a whole year, do their own company this year sour, sweet, bitter, hot, frustration experience, to share with you on the way through the personal webmaster, hope to those who have the intention of the operation of the company website or network company brothers help.

looking for the website is now a full 4 years, and last month, the trademark has officially come down, but today we do not say website, do not say trademark, mainly said to do the company’s ups and downs.


site is the same website, except for purely personal interests, the rest of it is about making money, or even changing your destiny and your future. Website how to make money? This does not need me to say, I also can not speak, I just come to talk about own example, from personal website to website company operation, how to realize difficult turn round.

zhaochafa (www.zhaochafa.com) is the predecessor of the Inner Mongolia classification information network (www.nmgxxw.com) website, from 2005 on the line, initially as a hobby to do, because I love to chat, a lot of people chat in the process that will help them solve some things, such as selling computer, rent, find a new owner like who is the dog. So, there is the birth of this platform, I know these city supply and demand on the Internet to go, they contact themselves. Because this platform can help me, and solve many things, even when I rest, someone will be able to see these supply and demand information, to reach a deal. I really love this platform, to know that I need on the Internet every day, and will help the people in need to publish their information on it, have to find information, check the information, send information. This platform makes me very satisfied (especially to help people to give me feedback. Sincerely thank you, at the same time) meet the needs of Internet users in the city, so this platform will have the power of existing and development significance. But on the other hand, now it seems that the original classification of information is a bit outdated, always rely solely on the site difficult to survive. However, since done, like chicken ribs, had to bite the bullet and go down.

sum up: "first of all, I like it. If it’s only for money, and there isn’t much money to support it, it’s hard for you to be someone else.". At the same time, if your site does not meet the needs of users, it does not make much sense. If you just like, no profit model, after all, is difficult to sustain.

second step: personal website operation. When the site has a certain scale, all things will follow, there are users, customers, peers, regulators; in short, a website of how much influence, its responsibility is how heavy, power is proportional to the destructive. With the accumulation of customers, the accumulation of users, and experience in dealing with various industries accumulation, personal Adsense in this period of time to complete the full brewing and upgrading, this time >!