ndustry station on line thirteenth days P breakthrough 256 little experience

built a movie station now my domain name in 3 months ago, Baidu was from included in more than a month after the company storm, my station was also closed, although not yellow. In order to save money, I used the original domain name built one of my own business station that is also the professional website! In the new year after the line, every day I will manually update the information, in fact, not I don’t want to collect, but not so stupid, stupid, I thought Baidu K station, but found that evening on-line collected my station, then began a very happy! My website promotion.

1, I had no promotion of this website, so to find a large number of relevant QQ group, I joined in, with a total of about hundreds of it, too tired to tell you a little secret, I am to Simon QQ inside, inside did not send advertising, first of all a I know this industry some professional knowledge, apply as administrator, there are more than 40 group before and after my officer, then every day at most two advertising, advertising is not a pure advertising, lead to some professional knowledge, so it has only one group kicked me, can say accept me! The first day made a ads, offline, on-line second days at IP107 today, now, IP on the 256, I think, today’s 300 should not be a problem, registered users: 182.

2, body approach: now Baidu post bar does not give direct link to the site, the direct hair is often just sent, refresh no more. So I was Baidu search link, only corresponding with their own industry Post Bar, summary: this effect is still possible, may be appropriate to do, if you can not delete and sell Baidu planning can bring great flow of the post, it is strong.

I this site is now a day of IP is too little, according to my this IP flow is embarrassed to write experience. Of course, I am no more than those entertainment gossip, casually an article is hundreds of thousands of clicks, professionalism is also a certain impact. Write more chaos, but it is true, others have no, I don’t know, I this is absolutely true. I hope to give you, especially personal Adsense to provide some help, and some experience, we might as well try.

I want to say that through good faith and online trading, through the sharing of the people spend a little money to share this feature, the well-known website purchasing information is transferred to the http://s.aaays.com fuel injection silk screen me up, let me registered members enjoy the real benefits, (just don’t know this method will make people fooled. I know a friend QQ: 422870987), thank you, I think I will stand slowly hilarious! Although I soon makes a website, but I have seen many old station webmaster said my website is very good, so, the novice may also wish to see, perhaps a new discovery!

the article is not very good, but it’s all my effort