‘m in taobao com shopping some wise remark of an experienced person

shopping in Taobao, personal view is different. There are many people who think online shopping seems like a risky business. Can not see things, not face to face communication, there will be assured of the psychological. Ha ha, really, that is a kind of distortion. I also had the idea, but now through this year’s online shopping experience, and never tired of, and more and more like this shopping style. Now big to household appliances, small to daily necessities and so on, I will think of online shopping for the first time.

online shopping benefits: you can stay home, East directly to the door: especially the price is very affordable. (this is because online shops are much better, such as store fees, labor costs, etc.). And there’s a lot of choice. You can say nothing you can’t buy. Before, many people go out of town, always buy some other products and other places home, now sitting at home can buy any local specialty, and the price is generally cheaper than in the local purchase. That’s all I think is attractive enough,

but some people would say that online fakes run amok and buy shoddy goods when they’re not careful. In fact, I have rarely encountered this situation in Taobao for more than a year. Only once did you buy a fake brand shoes. But I resolutely use Taobao complaints to safeguard their rights and interests. The ultimate victory is the money returned! Indeed, most sellers on the Internet are still good. Online shopping is also a wise remark of an experienced person. If you buy too much, you’ll find some doorways:

first of all, it’s better to look for stores that have participated in ‘seven days’ no reason to return’ consumer protection ‘services, and they will have these logos on their store pages. Everything in these shops is guaranteed. Even if the problem arises, you will be easier to solve.

secondly, look at his transaction record and evaluation record. Other buyers’ evaluation records will be a good reference for you.

third, try to buy those pictures are taken things. The average thing is much smaller than the picture. Is the physical picture the owner generally will have to introduce on the page. Before buying, you’d better look at his store details.

fourth, see Dongdong price, if the counter and the gap is too big, suggest cautious buy. The seller is cheaper, always have a capital, people will not do business at a loss.

fifth, look at the credibility. Generally speaking, the higher the credibility and sales of this shop, the higher the credibility, which is verified by a lot of people.

sixth, there are a lot of shopping such as how Taobao anti cheat in the community, teach you how to post such as Taobao, see there will be a good help for your


shopping at Taobao in slowly accumulated experience, the rest is good to enjoy online shopping fun! Here to recommend a taobao.com shopping navigation website www.opaca.cn– website is the taobao.com special cooperation website, included hot pin crown stores Taobao Internet industry, is a more comprehensive shopping the navigation page. < >