Let content retain visitors with caution pseudo original and collection function

many webmaster site, the figure is comfortable and comfortable, save effort, and can earn money. Generally use some procedures to automatically collect, automatic, pseudo original, automatic updates, and then hang the code advertising union. With this mentality this method do not build long-term, website life is very short, the website does not have much of a year or so loyal users.

website traffic with Baidu rankings erratic, high low, but to a certain extent will be Baidu K, a few odd sites flow every day, near the end of life. If luck, in the peak flow may be able to earn some money, if you do not understand the operation, not enough understanding of the SEO, perhaps even the space domain name costs are not earned back.

webmaster site has a good mentality, even if you don’t know how to optimize, not to do what deliberately promotion, steadfast do the content, Baidu will see, will naturally bring you some traffic. Users come, and found that your site, there are many interesting content, will naturally add a collection, visit again next time. We are also a common Internet user, and we treat other websites as well. Search from Baidu to the site, found that the site has many interesting content, will naturally add collection, or write down the domain name or site name, convenient for the next visit. Instead, a lot of those ads, into the window, but also play several, quit and play the site, generally will not visit again.

for the use of synonym substitution method of pseudo original article was very difficult to understand, not to say whether Baidu to determine article belongs to the original article or copy and paste the article, can obtain the traffic rank. Don’t know the webmaster have read of synonyms after article, unreadable, words are out of order, collected, although the copyright left, not the clear friend read the article but also that the author didn’t graduate from primary school. Just as business is better than service, quality is better than quality. Website is also, the user experience and content is as important, rich in content, the site makes visitors look comfortable, easy to use.

acquisition can save you a lot of effort, but it just makes more waste to the internet. But if you need to do a lot of content on the site, you want to have their own characteristics, rather than copy someone else’s website again. A small amount of collection can enrich the content of the website. If you are a collection based site, the life expectancy is limited.

if you have limited energy, you can update a small number of articles, not the more updates, the more you include, the more traffic you get. As long as your article can bring help, do relevant optimization, ranking naturally will be promoted. I like the dream weaving administrator of the home, on-line a month and a few days, the article is not to one hundred. On average, about three articles per day. But now you search template, Baidu has been ranked first, you search tutorial, Baidu ranked second. There are a lot of keywords on the front page

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