Do the winter of station really arrive A stationmaster’s helpless

blink of an eye, officially began to site has been almost a year. It began in 08 January 21st. When the application domain name to renew time. In this year, just started smoothly, from the site template production completed to be included in Baidu, Google, etc., still relatively fast, and more normal. No, 3 months, my keyword "computer knowledge" has been on the first page, and included in the steady increase.

in May when second of my site to see Youku also launched, this website is introduced with online watch, plot is diversity plot, is to get online watch directly from Youku code.

this site is not so smooth, the collection is not normal, nearly two months of Baidu only included the home page, and then after a few days Baidu collected dozens of pages, but Youku page not, until now look cool with WWW not to be included. Fortunately, still has, but was also killed today. On the whole, the site has not been successful. I wonder if it has anything to do with the advertisement of my Ali mother.

my computer knowledge has also been a problem recently. Baidu was originally included nearly more than 2000 pages, overnight into 2 pages. And Google was already a page two months ago. But the weight of this website is still relatively high, and now, Baidu "computer knowledge" ranked first. It’s only 2 pages away, and the other page is an enterprise post office… I feel funny. The above problems, I think, may have the following reasons:

1. website space. My computer knowledge network space, once the large flow of access will die, can not open the page.

2., Ali, mom. I have ads for Ali’s mom on my two websites.

3. template modification. My understanding of Dede has been learned in a series of template modifications. There was also a minor problem when it was modified, but it’s not as bad as it is now.

The theme of

4. web site is not liked by search engines. My view Youku fully illustrates the problem.

5. Baidu included problems. Many people on the Internet are saying that the recent Baidu included the trend of neuropathy.

now only think of these points, welcome to add. My QQ:113013299, welcome to Q. The station by the station feeds.

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