After 80 Shanghai Youth website inspirational recession net recession

has been promoting

for more than a month

"valiant, spirited, together for the winter!" in the financial turmoil that when the deep chill, several Shanghai no fixed occupation of white-collar workers started a "recession" website, this "cheer" slogan heart warming.

website founder, said the website is to encourage yourself and white-collar workers, and to provide a decompression and opportunities to find the stage. Over the past month or so, the Internet has registered more than 10000 people. The media both at home and abroad have reported spontaneously, and the small websites have shown a prosperous climate.

depression network why so "boom"? What is the deep meaning of the community? This reporter interviewed the site founder and relevant experts, the perspective of the hot network behind the enlightenment.

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website is a BBS forum, although called "bad", but the content is not much get disheartened feeling, even the "stagnant market bulletin" and "tragic world" two slightly depressed color small column, also with a relaxed and warm introduction text – – "a recession is a fashion", "speak freely, share a bit, not all people feel depressed".

how to deal with the recession, is the focus of the "depression network", the site is divided into "open source", "throttling" and "decompression" three parts. In the "open source" part, mainly is to allow users to volunteer, or communicate and share a variety of jobs, including learning, training and other charging information.

"the new ones do not need to be added, the old ones do not need to be remembered, and the excess goods are cleared up."." Throttling section "open transfer" has become the top column, money rules to attract the most users click. The working pressure of the white-collar workers to "decompression" section set "decompression cabin", not only have an easy joke, you can also share their experience for decompression, to explore together with, by many users of all ages.

rice teacher posts "after the financial crisis, crisis and opportunity exist" quite inspiring — "the opportunity is created, the opportunity is to hold their own, now social opportunities in this financial turmoil on your side, we should not work to complain about how to find, how I have been abandoned by the society we should carefully observe the changes in the market, around the survival from the market, innovation in survival, not how innovation development."

everyone gathered firewood, flames high, a man of three gang. For a time, the popularity of the Internet has depressed the chill of the recession and warmed up.


participating site to discuss the topic of netizens said, we discuss together to deal with the difficulties, there is the feeling of both pull together in times of trouble, work or seek more opportunities, seems to have more power.

recession is booming,

"the recession is booming now." this is the website founder

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