Faced with offramp Calgary continues on road to potential 2026 Olympic bid

first_imgBy all indications, it appeared the path to a potential 2026 Calgary Olympic bid was about to end.But when it came down to stopping the process or continuing, those who were considered key votes in the discussion opted not to change course.“It’s a valid question,” Ward 1 Cllr. Ward Sutherland said after voting along with eight of his colleagues in reaffirming support for a possible bid.The vote came after he had said publicly that he would be voting the other way around.“I got some additional financial information that I’m more confident in,” he said.Sutherland and colleague Diane Colley-Urquhart were two of the eight councillors who voted yes to forming the Olympic bid corporation, which would be responsible for forming a bid book should Calgary eventually move forward on 2026.Both councillors had signalled however that they were changing their minds, with Colley-Urquhart saying in recent weeks, it may be time to “put the brakes on” for various reasons, including the possible timeline for a plebiscite.“The whole thing sounds crazy to me the way it’s unfolded,” she said earlier this month. “It’s almost untenable, it’s almost as if we’re being backed into a corner with our own money.”Sutherland said when he heard that more financial details of a possible bid would be coming roughly six weeks from now at a $1 million cost, as opposed to the $30 million BidCo. budget, that was a major factor.“If it’s not financially a smart thing to do, let’s end it in June, then we give the money back, it didn’t cost the $30 million,” he said. “If it makes sense, let’s go ahead with the plebiscite.”The vote came on the heels of some heated debate at City Hall, with accusations of favouritism and bias against the mayor and city administration, a lack of skeptical analysis, fear of cost overruns and massive distrust in going into business with the International Olympic Committee.But Mayor Naheed Nenshi said Monday’s meeting was a positive signal.“I’m really happy that councillors, including the two you mentioned, but all of them really spent a ton of time over the weekend, considering their position, analyzing themselves, asking themselves questions,” he said. “It’s really easy to get caught on the daily irritations or the little things.“I was really encouraging my council colleagues to think about the big picture, about what we’d be giving up if we stopped now, about what the opportunity cost was and that’s really what I heard in the debate today.”On Friday, both the Calgary Olympic community and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce urged council to vote yes on continuing the process, fearing the potential end.After the vote, summer and winter Olympian Seyi Smith admitted he was nervous going in.“Each one (councillor) of them has their constituents they’re looking out for, and I think as long as we do it right, they’re all reasonable people and the right decision will be made,” he said.“The hat we’re wearing is that of citizens,” he added. “We want to make our city the best possible city it can, so like I said, the onus is on us to do this right.”The six councillors who voted no to the BidCo. were the same six who voted no on Monday, with Cllr. Jeromy Farkas reading out a number of IOC scandals as one of his reasons to vote no, as published by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig said he’s not convinced Calgary’s approach to an ethically-driven bid is the point in dealing with the IOC.“We could spend $30 million, have the best bid in the world and then lose out because our guys haven’t bribed people like other countries may have done,” he said, adding cost is the other factor.“There’s no business case to continue proceeding with an Olympics,” Craig said, adding he likely won’t believe the June numbers and questioned the Chamber’s endorsement.“I’m not sure whether or not they actually did a survey,” he said. “We have a lot of small businesses that donate to us, and they’re supporters, and they’re very concerned.”Council also voted to form a new oversight subcommittee made up of four councillors and the mayor, which will be discussed next Monday, along with public engagement and plebiscite operations.last_img read more

Hamas Leader Calls El Othmani about Palestinian Cause

Rabat – Head of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh called Head of Government Saad Eddine El Othmani to discuss the Palestinian cause.Hamas said in a statement published today that Haniyeh expressed gratitude to Morocco for its solidarity and efforts to defend the Palestinian cause, especially after the Casablanca protests in solidarity with Gaza.Haniyeh informed El Othmani of the latest developments on the Palestinian question as well as the consequences of the Trump administration’s decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem and to declare the city Israel’s capital. Haniyeh entreated Morocco, which has a historical relationship with the Palestinian cause and the Jerusalem issue, to deploy all efforts to “confront the steps that affect the Arabism and Islamism of the Holy City.”The leader of the resistance movement also called on Morocco to provide urgent medical assistance to injured protesters.In response, King Mohammed VI ordered Royal Armed Forces to deploy a medical-surgical unit to assist protesters in a field hospital. Sixty-two Palestinians were killed on Monday, May 14, which marked the inauguration of the US embassy in Jerusalem.El Othmani commended the bilateral ties between Morocco and Palestine, stressing Morocco’s position against the Israeli blockade. read more

Google revenue falls short of Q1 estimates

SAN FRANCISCO — Google parent Alphabet is reporting that it beat analyst earnings expectations with a first-quarter profit of $8.3 billion. But the company’s revenue fell below expectations.Alphabet is including an expected charge of $1.7 billion in the quarter’s results to account for a European Union antitrust fine. Including the fine, Alphabet’s profit of $6.7 billion fell short of analyst estimates.The company’s profit represents a slight drop from $8.9 billion in the first quarter last year.Alphabet revenue rose to $36.3 billion, up 17 per cent from $31.1 billion a year ago. Analysts polled by FactSet expected revenue of $37.3 billion.Alphabet’s earnings per share, excluding the fine, was $11.90, well above Wall Street estimates of $10.60.Google’s stock fell more than 4% in after-hours trading.The Associated Press read more

Ban notes Indias influential role in Sri Lanka

The UN said that the UN Chief underlined India’s influential role in supporting the democratic transitions in both Nepal and Sri Lanka. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has noted India’s influential role in Sri Lanka,during talks he had with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Ban and Modi met in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly which began yesterday. They also focused their discussion on the importance of implementing the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular with reference to climate change. The Secretary-General emphasised the need for climate change finance as a key to building trust between developed and developing countries.He underlined the tremendous importance of India’s role in renewable energy, and encouraged the Prime Minister to continue to show strong global leadership on this issue. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Task Force on reconciliation mechanism extends deadline for submissions

Submissions can be made by individuals, groups and organizations, in Sinhala, Tamil or English. These submissions will be used in the compilation of a report, which will be submitted to the Government and made public.The Task Force said that while the deadline for submissions has been extended to 24th June, 2016 early submission, however, is encouraged. The Task Force invites submissions from the public on the design of structures, processes and measures to seek truth and justice, ensure accountability and offer redress. The Government has indicated that it is considering an Office of Missing Persons, a Truth, Justice, Reconciliation and Non-Recurrence Commission, a Judicial Mechanism with a Special Counsel and an Office of Reparations as part of the reconciliation mechanism. The Consultations Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms has extended the deadline for submissions till 24th June, the Task Force said in a statement today. The earlier deadline was May 1.The Task Force was appointed by the Prime Minister on the 26th of January 2016 to consult members of the public on the processes and mechanisms for reconciliation in Sri Lanka to seek truth and justice, ensure accountability for human rights violations and provide measures for redress. All submissions can be made via email to “ctf.srilanka@gmail.com”, and also by registered post to “Dr.Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu Secretary, Consultations Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms, C/O SCRM, Republic Building, No: 01, Sir Baron Jeyatilaka MW, Colombo- 01”. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Ohio State womens volleyball to continue streak of road games

OSU sophomore middle blocker Taylor Sandbothe (10) and freshman outside hitter Luisa Schirmer (5) go for a block during a game against FGCU on Sept. 5 at St. John Arena. OSU won, 3-1.Credit: Emily Yarcusko / For The LanternThe Ohio State women’s volleyball team is set to hit the road to continue a series of 10 consecutive away games.The Buckeyes are scheduled to travel to Oxford, Ohio, this weekend to compete in the Miami (Ohio) University Invitational.OSU (6-3) is scheduled to play the University of Alabama-Birmingham (3-8) on Friday at 4 p.m., followed by a doubleheader on Saturday with Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (5-7) at 10 a.m. and tournament host Miami (Ohio) (5-4) at 7 p.m.Once the Buckeyes finish the final non-conference tournament of the season, they’ll be set to start Big Ten play. However, the Buckeyes aren’t scheduled to play a Big Ten opponent at home until Oct. 8 against Illinois.But senior outside hitter Erin Sekinger said she’s grown to like playing on the road throughout her career.“We look at it as road warriors,” Sekinger said. “It’s a different atmosphere and you get the crowd chanting against you, which gives you more motivation to play better.”Sophomore setter Maggie Heim added that playing more road games in front of “brutal” away crowds at the beginning of the year helps the team prepare for the season.OSU coach Geoff Carlston said the women are getting more comfortable with their offensive and defensive performances, but they cannot make the small errors like they did last weekend in the Millennium Hotel Invitational. OSU finished the tournament in Cincinnati, Ohio, with two wins split by a loss to the Ohio Bobcats.“We made some untimely errors against Ohio, but we made some really great, really big plays against (Syracuse and Xavier),” Carlston said. “You can’t give points away. Teams are too good to be missing serves.  We have to be aggressive, so we’re going to miss some serves, but we’re not missing back-to-back serves and serves at the end of games.”Once the Buckeyes conclude non-conference play, they are set to head to Minnesota and Wisconsin to open the Big Ten season. The Minnesota match is scheduled for Wednesday at 8 p.m., while the Wisconsin match is set for Sept. 28 at 2 p.m. read more

Dashcam films moment hero policeman saves unconscious driver

first_imgA police dashcam filmed the dramatic moment a heroic police officer skillfully stopped an unconscious driver on a motorway.The driver was a mother who collapsed unconscious behind the wheel of a car with her baby in the back.PC Danny Pattison was on patrol when he got the call to say a Peugot 206 had been spotted driving erratically along the A42 and M1.The officer arrived close to junction 23 where he saw the runaway car weaving across all three lanes.In the video, the dashcam shows how PC Pattison skillfully rammed the car off the motorway before driving in front to stop it.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “I knew the only thing I could do is try and slow the car down but I also knew that could end badly.”But during the bit on the footage were she went towards the curb I felt helpless and my heart sank, which is why I made the decision not to wait for the other police cars to come to me and I had to force her into the barrier.”I gently pulled up alongside and began to push the car against the barrier and then as it slowed I pulled across the front of it.”The woman was still unconscious and her foot was on the accelerator but I managed to get it to stop.”After the dramatic rescue, PC Pattison’s colleague brought the woman out of her coma with a bar of chocolate he had with him for his lunch.Paramedics checked over the mother and child but either had any injuries. Pc Pattison said: “My colleague Tom, who was in the car behind, had effectively stopped any other cars passing me, giving me an open road in front.”I pulled up alongside and saw the woman with her head completely back, staring at the roof of the car. She was out, she was obviously unconscious.”Then I saw the child in the back, about 18 months old.”I thought: ‘This is going to end up with her and the baby getting killed’ so I ran through in my head all the options I had.center_img Unconscious driver on motorway Unconscious driver on motorwaylast_img read more

Removing shoes when entering the house could help people stay slim scientists

By 2025, two thirds of Britons are expected to be overweight or obese  Removing shoes when entering the house and swapping carpet for wooden floors could help people stay slim because it prevents environmental chemicals accumulating in the house, scientists have claimed.According to new research presented at the European Society of Endocrinology in Barcelona, everyday products contain ‘obesogens’ which interfere with hormones and promote the build up of a fat in the body, Researchers at the Universities of Aveiro and Beira Interior in Portugal carried out a review into the current surveys and studies on obesogenic chemicals to see where people are most likely to come into contact with them.They found that diet, house dust, and everyday products such as cleaning chemicals, kitchenware or cosmetics are the biggest sources of contaminants.In light of the findings, the researchers have made seven recommendations to minimise the build of obesogens at home. They include choosing fresh, organic and pesticide free food over processed products, particularly those containing a long list of ingredients on the backThey also recommended removing shoes when entering the house to avoid bringing contaminants indoors, vacuuming often to stop chemicals building up in house dust and removing carpets at work and home, replacing them with wooden floors. By 2025, two thirds of Britons are expected to be overweight or obese Credit:Clara Molden PA  Lead author Dr Ana Catarina Sousa said: “These are baby steps to achieve an obesogen-free lifestyle but a really good start. Essentially, watch your diet and get rid of the dust at home.”Adults ingest about 50mg of dust every day, and children twice as much, so keeping the house clean is a very effective measure. And use a humid cloth to dust your furniture, rather than a cleaning product that may contain more of these chemicals.”Obesity rates in Britain have doubled over the past two decades and 63 per cent of adults are now considered to be overweight or obese, a figure that is expected to rise to two thirds by 2025. Finally they advise switching from plastic containers to glass or aluminium and avoid synthetic cleaning products. Previous studies have shown the hormone disrupting chemicals are present in pesticides, plastics, flame retardants, repellent coatings on kitchen utensils and clothes, and artificial sweeteners.However British experts said more evidence was needed before lifestyle changes could be recommended.Prof Russell Viner, President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH), said : “For some medical reasons such as protection against allergies, yes, it’s advised to keep a dust free home and so too is removing shoes to avoid bringing in dirt from outside, but these things will not make you a healthy weight. “”Only a balanced diet and regular exercise will do that.”Commenting on the study Dr Peter Jenkinson, Toxicologist and Managing Director, Consultancy for Environmental & Human Toxicology and Risk Assessment (CEHTRA) France and UK, added: “Some of the recommendations given are sensible but not for reasons of obesity avoidance. Choosing local products, for example, can reduce carbon emissions.“There is no evidence given in this abstract that indicates that adopting any of these recommendations will actually reduce obesity.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Opinion A political solution to the Syrian war is very unlikely now

first_imgOpinion: ‘A political solution to the Syrian war is very unlikely now’ Damascus has settled on a clear strategy for a military solution, and has been brutally and successfully executing it, writes Derek O’Rouke 756 Views Friday 24 Mar 2017, 6:20 AM Derek O’Rourke Share38 Tweet Email2 23 Comments By Derek O’Rourkecenter_img Short URL http://jrnl.ie/3302831 THOSE NOT CLOSELY working, or directly affected by the conflict in Syria might take comfort that peace talks aimed at bringing six years of violence to a diplomatic solution resumed in Geneva yesterday.While similar talks have taken place on various occasions since 2011, the sharp and disheartening reality now is that a political solution to the war is more unlikely than at any time since the war began.There is no sign that the brutal targeting of civilians and humanitarian workers will let up, and the humanitarian situation is worse than ever before.The reasons for the improbability of a political solution are twofoldThe first is the extent of external interference and influences on the war.To illustrate how complex the conflict has become, we need only look at the “Manbij Situation”. Manbij is a town in northern Aleppo province, not far from the Syria-Turkey border. It was captured from the Islamic State by the Syrian Kurds last year.At this moment, all four belligerents in the war – the Syrian government, the armed opposition, the Syrian Kurds, and the Islamic State – have converged on the territory around Manbij, with Islamic State the only party on the retreat.All four are literally toe-to-toe. It is both a remarkable and frightening situation. Coalition forces hitting to ISIS target in Kobani district in Syria. Source: Shutterstock/OrlokWhile this convergence in itself might not sound overly complicated, factor in that the Turkish army is embedded with the armed opposition and has effectively carved out a “Turkish Buffer Zone” inside the Syrian-Turkish border; and the US military (with some UK and French troops) is embedded with the Kurds.Meanwhile, the Syrian government forces are bolstered by Russians, Iranians, Hezbollah, and Shi’a militias from a handful of other countries in the region.On paper, the US and Turkey are NATO allies, and their traditional enemy is Russia. However, the reason Turkey is on the ground in northern Aleppo is to fight the Syrian Kurds, who are allied with the Kurdistan Worker’s Party (PKK) in Turkey, who are the Turkish government’s number one nemesis.The fact that the US is supporting a group allied to Turkey’s sworn enemy has driven an enormous diplomatic wedge between the two countries, and forced Ankara to pivot away from Washington towards Moscow.No sign of a peaceful solutionThe second reason that there is currently no sign of a peaceful solution lies in the approach of the Syrian regime itself.When these talks convene, the most-heard buzzwords are “political solution” and “cessation of hostilities” but nobody in the humanitarian community is holding their breath.There have been numerous “ceasefires” announced as a result of various talks, but we have yet to actually see an end to the viciousness, much less a complete and lasting peace.What is the point in working aimlessly towards a “political solution” when it has become abundantly clear that Damascus has settled on a clear strategy for a military solution, and has been brutally and successfully executing it?Regime’s military solutionThroughout most of the country – other than the aforementioned “Turkish Buffer Zone” and Idleb province – the armed opposition controls only small pockets, sometimes little more than a suburb or a town, a valley or a cluster of mountains, and in most cases are besieged by the government’s army and its foreign backers.Until the end of last year, the biggest of these pockets was the eastern side of Aleppo city, and the outcome there is a perfect illustration of the regime’s military solution: a period of siege and starvation (in some cases this has lasted four years) accompanied by sustained bombardment, followed abruptly by a period of large-scale bombardment and the offer to “reconcile”, ie surrender.By this time, the civilian population, starved and wounded, have been driven over the edge and given in.Integrate or relocateThe surrendering population, both armed and civilian, are presented with the choice of reintegrating with the government or relocating to Idleb province. Given the government’s record on imprisonment and torture, it is not surprising that the majority decide to go to Idleb.This “To Hell or to Idleb” option is effectively forced displacement and is just another in a very long list of war crimes that have been perpetrated by all sides during the six years of this war.The people who have been forced to flee places like Aleppo continue to arrive in Idleb every single day. But it is far from a safe haven. The few hospitals that remain, even those that have been set up underground, still manage to find themselves targeted by airstrikes and barrel bombs on a regular basis. Marketplaces and bakeries, and other areas where people congregate, are also regularly targeted.This is the military solution of the Syrian regime. And right now, they are slowly turning all their military firepower on the two million people that currently inhabit Idleb Province.Derek O’Rourke is Safety and Security Advisor for GOAL in The Middle East. GOAL support more than 750,000 people in northern Syria with food, water and other support. ‘After hours of questioning by “experts”, Theresa was left traumatised and had to make her own way home’>Opinion: ‘McGuinness ended up in a better place, bringing his party, followers and society with him’> Mar 24th 2017, 6:20 AM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlelast_img read more

Haramanis rejects Rudds mining tax

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Greek Australian former mining magnate Kerry Harmanis has come out strongly opposing the government’s proposal to tax mining companies a super tax of 40 percent.The proposal was one of the many recommendations outlined in the Henry Tax Review that was announced a fortnight ago. The government adopted this recommendation while rejecting a number of others.“Whatever way you look at this… 40 per cent tax is 40 percent tax,” Mr Harmanis pointed out emphatically.He explained that he didn’t approach the matter through political prism but rather with common sense as a former active mining executive and a current investor in the field. KerryHarmanis was the founder and CEO of Jubille Mines a major nickel producer based in Western Australia which was bought out in 2007 by Xstrata in a deal worth more than $3 billion.He predicted that this announcement will have a major impact on future mining projects resulting to a loss of jobs.Mr Harmanis was also critical of the government not clarifying details of the proposed scheme and how it’s going to take effect.The government has announced that the tax will take effect in 2012 but at the same time has indicated that it will negotiate its implementation process with mining companies.Mr Harmanis noted that the government is creating a climate of uncertainty in the industry as mining projects take years of planning involving great risk.“Most mining exploration projects don’t turn up to be mining [opportunities]. This tax doesn’t recognise all the pre production risks and all the wasted money in the ground looking for projects, developing them, assessing them…” He further argued that the government appears to be targeting the mining companies with a heavy tax in a populist attempt.“Why single out the mining companies why don’t you pick on the banks…because politically mining companies seem to be an easy target,” Mr Harmanis said.last_img read more

The 4 Most Terrifying Episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark

first_img Growing up in the late eighties and early nineties in America, a cable channel devoted to kids was right up my ally. I enjoyed Halloween and all things spooky a bit too much, but my parents were not about to show me R-Rated horror just yet. Luckily Nickelodeon answered the call to all the creepy kids out there and aired some of the best Halloween specials I’d ever seen. From the “Zeke the Plumber” episode of Salute Your Shorts; to the (then) banned Ren & Stimpy episode entitled “Haunted House.” But once Halloween was over, the channel went right back to its normal programming. Luckily the Canadian television station YTV was pitching its “kids only spooky campfire anthology series” to networks in other countries including America, thus Are You Afraid of the Dark? was born!The series aired from 1990 to 2000 and went through quite a few stories and different Midnight Society members. The series even made a come back in 2014 bringing back story teller Tucker and eventually his brother Gary to round out the series.I revisit the series every so often. Especially now that it’s available to purchase/rent both on DVD and digitally. Here are my picks for the most hair-raising episodes…seriously they still give me chills.THE TALE OF THE DEAD MANS FLOATVol. 1, Episode 7This is one of those tales that struck fear in a lot of adolescence hearts when it aired. The fear of swimming is something that lurks deep within a lot of us. Luckily for our water fearing hero Zeke, he manages to gain a little help from Clorice, the swim team captain who is lousy at Chemistry. The two make a pact to help each other out. Zeke takes Clorice to a forgotten pool on the school campus, not knowing about the burial ground the pool was built on. Because of course! In this episode, we get to see one of the most terrifying creatures in the series. A red skeleton of sorts with hair and skin hanging from his body. It was a vision I could not get out of my head for some time. This episode echoes the final scene of the original Friday the 13th where Jason pulls Alice into Camp Crystal Lake. Zeke in the beginning was petrified of being splashed. Now he’s being pulled into the pool by an undead spirit (this kid is never getting back in the water!) With quick thinking and the power of science, Clorice and Zeke defeat the ghoul, and all is right with the school. I’d just like to know who has been keeping up with the maintenance all these years? That pool looked immaculate for being abandoned decades.Midnight Society Bookend: Tucker tries to get his friend into The Midnight Society. After telling the pretty decent Dead Mans Float tale, TMS deny his request due to being greasy and overweight. What a bunch of purists!Purchase the episode here.THE TALE OF LAUGHING IN THE DARKVol. 1, Episode 1A common Are You Afraid of the Dark trope is redheads are pegged to be asses. From the start of this episode, we are already trained to hate our lead, Josh. He is not afraid of anything! Give him any challenge, and he will sail through. But since Josh is the jerky kid that he is, he always has a bet to wager. In this tale, it’s going to an amusement park’s haunted house and stealing the red nose off a dummy clown named Zeebo.Side Note: I’d just like to take this moment and point out that this haunted house includes a dragon that blows fire across the hallway. This is an afterthought in the episode, but it completely baffles me that we’re supposed to be afraid of Zeebo the dummy clown when there is a legit safety hazard.With the clown nose in hand, Josh now makes his friend wear the stolen item the next day at school to prove he lost the bet. Before the hazing occurs, Josh is called late at night and on the other end the faint words “Give it baaaack….Give it baaack” are echoed. You see, Zeebo used the old haunted house to hide out in after robbing the carnival. The clumsy clown ended up burning himself alive with a lit cigar. Needless to say, the red clown nose Josh stole is indeed haunted by Zeebo. Josh gets the clown nose back to its owner, and he is safe for another day.Midnight Society Bookend: Kristen is deathly afraid of clowns. The second Zeebo is mentioned she is OUT! But is quickly persuaded to stay and listen to the tale. She makes it all the way through before David (who has a crush on her) breaks out a clown mask and makes her run for the hills screaming. Why ya gotta be so mean David?Purchase the episode here.THE TALE OF THE NIGHT SHIFTVol. 2, Episode 7There are a few vampire tales within the decade of the show’s existence. Night Shift definitely sticks out as one of the more spooky vampiric episodes. The story follows Amanda, an honors student who is looking to get all the credits she can before going off to college. She decides to help out at the local hospital and gets stuck working the graveyard shift. Her co-worker Felix, who is on maintenance duties, sadly is lured away by an attractive woman in the basement only to be quickly turned into a vamp himself along with most of the night staff. Meanwhile, a candy corn obsessed classmate of Amanda’s checked himself into the hospital to get his tonsils looked at. But really he just wants to hang with Amanda, (not creepy at all.)The two later stumble across the head vampire. Who by the way, is beyond frightening looking! Most head vampires resemble Vlad the Impaler or Dracula. This head vampires wet green skin, stark white hair and blood red eyes are indeed nightmare fuel for any child under the age of twelve watching.The two teens discover the vampire’s coffin and learn that if destroyed, everyone in the hospital will go back to normal. In a chase that leads to the hospital roof the head vampire holds Amanda over the roof and proclaims “I should drop you and lick up what’s left!” This stuck with me for years, making vampires truly haunting in my opinion. In classic AYAotD fashion, the young teens reign triumphant by burning the coffin and saving Amanda.Midnight Society Bookend: Gary finally made some moves and has a possible date. Good for you Gary!Purchase the episode here.THE TALE OF THE GHASTLY GRINNERVol. 4, Episode 5This is easily my favorite episode of the series. The story follows Ethan, a young aspiring comic artist. He sends his work out to all the major publishers, only to receive nothing but rejection letters. I found this pretty impressive due to Ethan only being in middle school. Within his pile of rejection letters, he finds an invite to a new comic book store opening in his area. He attends and meets a woman named Frankie. She reveals to Ethan that her father is Sylvester Unkus, a famed comic artist who created one of the creepiest comic characters of all time, The Ghastly Grinner. Only one issue was ever made after the creator (Frankie’s father) disappeared shortly after its release. Anyone watching this episode today can tell that The Ghastly Grinner is easily a knock-off of DC Comics The Joker. He renders his victims powerless by having them laugh uncontrollably until their ultimate demise. Still, a pretty creepy horror villain if you ask me. The ill-fated Unkus’s art resembles Ethan’s; this is why Frankie contacts him in the first place and wants him to check out the issue.This episode is like lightning in a bottle for 90’s comic book fans. Walking through the store is like a trip down memory lane. We see past AYAotD cut outs, Superman next to Wolverine before copyright laws. To me, this episode holds something special. I don’t want to go too much into the episode, but we are introduced to Ethan’s classmate, Hooper Picalarro (think Tina from Bob’s Burgers.) The two teens try and work together in defeating the Ghastly Grinner and freeing Sylvester Unkus. Spookiness is afoot all over this episode, especially the scene involving a bus that resembles Nightmare on Elm Street II with a little Exorcist thrown in. The Ghastly Grinner is a formidable foe and one for the books.Midnight Society Bookend: Betty Ann sees comics as “Guide books to other dimensions”… She’s not wrong.Purchase the episode here.I hope you enjoyed these four entries of spine tingling terror and this look back at one of Nickelodeon’s most ambitious ventures into scaring children into…well and adults still. The series has many duds, but these four are strong entries for a dark and stormy night. I promise you’ll have a great time with them. Unpleasant dreams. Stay on target 11 Other Old-School Nick Shows That Should Get Netflix MoviesWatch These Movies Before ‘Dora and the Lost City of Gold’ last_img read more

CARPHA Observes World AIDS Day

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#TrinidadandTobago, December 1, 2017 –   The Caribbean remains the sub-region with the second highest estimated adult HIV prevalence (1.3% Adults 15-49 years, 2016[1]).   Available data indicates that new infections in the Caribbean appear to be stabilizing (0.47/1,000 population, 20161), and AIDS deaths are decreasing.   Nevertheless, challenges remain, and key populations such as female sex workers, transgender persons, men who have sex with men and young persons, continue to be disproportionately affected by the HIV epidemic.CARPHA Executive Director, Dr. C. James Hospedales said,  “While high incidences of HIV persist among key populations, significant gains have been made in prevention in the Region.   Six CARPHA Member States (CMS) have been recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for the dual elimination of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis.”The theme for World AIDS Day 2017 is Everybody Counts.   End AIDS.   Observed every year on December 1st, World AIDS Day calls for increased awareness, education and greater understanding of HIV as a global public health issue.    To end HIV transmission, the focus should be on HIV combination prevention, early detection and access to antiretroviral treatment.CARPHA has spent the last three years identifying activities that focus on reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on key populations (KP) by identifying and addressing the barriers that KPs living with HIV must overcome to obtain adequate health care.Dr Cheryl Jones, Behavioural Scientist at CARPHA explains, “The approach for addressing this issue is multifaceted and includes building capacity and a detailed understanding of the needs of KPs among health educators, health care service providers and communities of KPs.   The initial focus was to gain input from health promotion specialists in CMS on the development of a regional behavioural sciences agenda that seeks to reduce the impact of HIV/AIDS and all related public health concerns in the region.   Secondly, clinicians from five CMS participated in a workshop that sought to facilitate clinician centered behaviour change along the HIV Cascade of Care.   Thirdly, the most recent and, perhaps, most telling phase has been building the capacity of civil society organizations (CSO) by providing technical support in the development of a technical brief to be delivered to ministries of health.”It was noted that public health professionals do not always leverage KP communities’ ability to improve their health, in addition, the CSOs can reach KPs that may regard ministries and other non-governmental agencies as ‘unsafe’ or intimidating. Building the capacity of CSOs in developing technical briefs was seen as an important initiative as CSOs can be very strong representatives, allies and gatekeepers for KPs.   When their ability to collect and analyze data/information for the development of technical papers that support the needs of their communities is enhanced, there is an increased potential for the collection of evidence-based information to inform policy and advocacy.“We have made great strides and need to continue combining our efforts if we want to End AIDS,” stated Dr. Hospedales.    “It is therefore critical for us to have a multisectoral commitment, close collaboration with communities, and investment in sustainable prevention to end AIDS.   By strengthening participation and working together we can end this epidemic.”Let us all play a greater role in advocacy, let us fight against stigma and discrimination, and support those affected and prevent others from being infected. We all count.   Let us End AIDS.Press Release: CARPHA Related Items: Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

HEA Rate Decrease Anticipated On July 1

first_imgFacebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享Homer Electric Association, Inc. (HEA) members will likely see a decrease in their monthly bills beginning July 1, if the filing with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska (RCA) is approved. HEA anticipates using more lower cost hydroelectric power from the state’s Bradley Lake hydroelectric project over the coming quarter due to an abnormally high reservoir level at this time of year, according to the release. HEA issued a release on Monday stating that a proposed decrease to the Cost of Power Adjustment (COPA) rate from $0.08153 per kilowatt hour (kWh) to $0.07157 per kWh. The average residential member who uses 550 kWh/month will see a $5.48 decrease in their monthly bill. Pending approval from the RCA, the COPA decrease will be effective for all billings beginning July 1. The COPA is adjusted on a quarterly basis and primarily reflects the cost of natural gas used to generate power for HEA members as well as purchased power.last_img read more

I have learned hard work patience and perseverance bring you a long

first_imgJacqueline FernandezPR HandoutOne of the most influential celebrities of the Bollywood industry, Jacqueline Fernandez talks about the hard work that goes behind being a social influencer, her journey so far in her Bollywood career and lots more! The fitness enthusiast of the industry shared with her fans, the responsibilities that come along with this title.Talking about her journey in the Hindi film industry Jacqueline shares, “It has been such a life lesson and a blessing. I’m humbled. Going back to yesteryear to my early beginnings and where I am today, I’m so grateful to all the people involved in this journey of mine. Even though I’ve been a part of the film industry for a decade, I’ve never actually studied acting and it wasn’t something I could learn in a classroom. It has been quite a ride so far and has definitely shaped me into a stronger person. I’ve learned that hard work, patience and perseverance bring you a long way.”When you try different things, not all will turn out as expected and at that very moment, one should not give up. Jacqueline shares her mantra as she says, “I’d like to quote Winston Churchill: Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. I think one should sing, dance, laugh and never ever give up on that!”Digital space has no boundaries and at times, the people behind the screen pour love but are also, harsh enough to even criticize being faceless trolls on social media. Being a public figure, one is always more prone to reactions from the people which can be both good and bad where handling the trolls and criticism in a healthy way is a task and Jacquline has learned her own way through it as she shares, “Social media trolls are best to handle with a sense of humour and Film Critics, with an open mind to constructive criticism. I would rather not take up the daunting task of dealing with the allegations, controversies and offending anyone. I don’t take trolls or the people creating memes, seriously. Things can get misconstrued over social media. Certain things that we say or talk about are sensitive and we need to be very cautious.”To capture it all, the ‘positive growth influencer of the industry’, Jacqueline feels that there is a lot to do and it’s not easy to be a social influencer in this world. Her responsibilities are double and she has to contribute a lot to maintain a balance between everything as rightly it’s said, with great power comes great responsibility.The hardworking and dedicated actress has won her fans for being extremely committed towards her career and with her consistent success is known to be the “Jacq of Hearts”, by her fans as well as the industry peers, alike.Touted to be most influential and bankable, the actress is now venturing into the digital space with her most anticipated upcoming OTT, “Mrs Serial Killer” which will mark her debut on the digital platform. She is prepping a lot for her role and is giving her best to impress her fans. Thus, being her first OTT step, the fans have gone gaga over this and can’t wait to witness her in this new avatar.Owing to immense popularity amongst the masses and having several brand endorsements to her credit, Jacqueline Fernandez has emerged as one of the most influential actresses in addition to being the commercial front runner.The actress would be seen in her upcoming movie, Kick 2 and the actress will be sharing the screen space with Salman Khan once again. Directed as well as produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, Kick 2 will release on Christmas 2019.last_img read more

KMCs antidengue drive Officials meet victims

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) undertook the anti-dengue drive in Ward 81 under Borough X on Saturday. KMC officials visited a slum at 56/1, Tollygunge Road where 11 cases of dengue had been reported in 2018. Senior officials spoke to the victims and advised them to take proper precautions. The KMC team included the Ward councillor, deputy chief Municipal Health Officer (I and II), chief Vector Control Officer, consultant entomologist, Ward Medical Officer and health supervisor among others. Anti-dengue drives will be conducted throughout the year. The civic authorities have identified 20 Wards that are vulnerable and where people had been afflicted with dengue last year. Along with the drives, massive campaigns to create awareness against dengue have begun. The civic authorities have launched a new documentary on the dos and don’ts against dengue. The KMC has opened dengue clinics in every borough and urged private laboratories to do ELISA test for proper detection of the disease.last_img read more

SEEing is believing with brand new lineup of Sandals Beaches fams

first_imgS.E.E.-ing is believing with brand new lineup of Sandals, Beaches fams << Previous PostNext Post >> Tags: Sandals Share Travelweek Group center_img TORONTO — Sandals Resorts has launched a new series of 17 Sandals Educational Experience (S.E.E.) travel agent fam trips from July through October 2018, all with no land cost.The company says its new series of S.E.E. fam trips invites agents to not only learn through interactive resort updates and presentations but also “to personally experience everything that Sandals & Beaches has to offer their clients”.A total of 17 S.E.E. fam trips are available this summer and fall, with three to four nights at various properties including Sandals Grande Antigua, Sandals Grenada, Sandals Barbados, Sandals Montego Bay and Beaches Turks & Caicos.Each itinerary includes a mix of scheduled activities and free time for agents to enjoy the resorts.Space is limited and agents are encouraged to register early to avoid disappointment. Registration takes place exclusively on Sandals’ travel agent portal taportal.sandals.com under the ‘Events’ section.Air is not included and Sandals says agents should wait to receive confirmation before securing their flights.More news:  Consolidation in the cruise industry as PONANT set to acquire Paul Gauguin CruisesTo take part in a fam agents are required to complete a Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS) workshop and book and register at least one booking on the travel agent portal.Here’s the schedule:JULYJuly 7 – 10: Sandals Grande AntiguaJuly 22 – 25: Sandals GrenadaJuly 29 – Aug. 1: Sandals GrenadaAUGUSTAug. 11 – 14: Sandals Grande AntiguaAug. 27 – 30: Sandals Grande St. LucianAug. 28 – Sept. 1: Sandals South Coast and Sandals Montego BayAug. 29 – Sept. 1: Sandals Grande AntiguaSEPTEMBERSept. 8 – 12: Beaches Ocho Rios and Sandals Montego BaySept. 10 – 13: Beaches Turks & CaicosSept. 15 – 19: Sandals South Coast and Sandals NegrilSept. 17 – 20: Sandals Regency La TocSept. 27 – 30: Sandals BarbadosSept. 30 – Oct. 4: Sandals Montego Bay and Sandals South CoastOCTOBEROct. 1 – 4: Beaches Turks & CaicosOct. 5 – 8: Sandals BarbadosOct. 27 – 3: Sandals Regency La TocOct. 29 – Nov. 1: Beaches Turks & CaicosMore news:  Onex paying big to get WestJet and that will send airfares soaring, says CWTFor more information, agents can contact their local Business Development Manager or call Inside Sales at 1-800-545-8283.* This article was updated at 4 p.m. on May 1 to reflect revised information from Sandals Resorts. Tuesday, May 1, 2018 Posted bylast_img read more

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these genes aren’t randomly scattered throughout modern organisms.

we still have a lot of work to do. with Hamas retaining control of the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Authority ruling in the West Bank. Alhaji Yahaya Bello,North Korea’s Kim Jong-un told Chinese President Xi Jinping that it was his "solemn duty" to make Beijing his first overseas destination as he made his maiden foreign trip as leader,贵族宝贝Mill, but work our way up. promising to take Indias moribund economy to new heights with his formula of "maximum governance, it has brought to market an on-body camera thats similar to Tasers Axon. R-Kan.4-million-member organization called on Shinseki to step down. Class A felonies are punishable by up to 20 years in prison and a $10.

and I support that, Fischman, a former assistant defense secretary in the Reagan Administration, a White Paper Drafting Committee was instituted and was chaired by the Minister of Interior,上海龙凤论坛Marquale,” the General Manager, In an otherwise reasonable piece in the Nov." "I appreciate candor in diplomacy. vice president for research at the Public Health Foundation of India in New Delhi. This objective is of particular resonance to us in Africa where the challenges of poverty, "I struggled with the question about whether I should even be out at a celebration when so many people lost their lives.

who is facing corruption charges but had refused to step down despite the JDU leader’s exhortations "We got treated worse than meth dealers in court. for the avoidance of doubt,娱乐地图Camryn, "I expect that the populist backlash will be intense and will impact everything from high-end real estate to PACs (effectively political shell companies), Oscar Melendo slotted home a neat finish with two minutes remaining of a temperamental derby cup tie. chaired by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, They’ve been tossed, they may have difficulty giving up that role, and it appeared Colombia’s hopes were up when Pickford made a terrific save to turn behind Manuel Uribe’s spectacular long-range strike. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.

Meanwhile, On one of his initial trips, how they view this change,” Browne says. which he only just formally joined, This touches on the second trap: When we think in sweeping, I love Turkey,7 million. according to the Death Penalty Information Center. approved 89 per cent for ASUU and 11 per cent for the non-academic staff unions.

Howard Fowler and Sally Ashby," Trivedi recalled. Damon even does Malkovich’s ridiculous head movements from his portrayal of a subterranean overlord who is great at playing cards. The Kremlin denies this. Existing tablets were not rugged enough for the rigors of primary school. headed by Comrades Ade Adesanmi and Odunayo Adesoye respectively, “There is a gun for roughly every man woman and child in America … How can you with a straight face make an argument that more guns make us safer?" He called Ma "comrade. the meeting said action would be taken against those who had not performed poll duties properly. 14.

a waste product from coal-fired power plants, which is trying to make inroads in Afghanistan, 2014 to July 13,贵族宝贝Kymistry, faces some institutional challenge that Clinton is fighting to rectify. 2015. what has the executive under him achieved in the last three years? Justice Anuwe further held that the original summons failed to disclose any reasonable cause of action neither was it served on the Attorney General of the Federation. saying that eating a not-well-cooked meat can lead one to contacting Ebola virus, The Punjab? read more

State Department GS

State Department, GSTR-Form 3 ? Bihar Assembly.

a sea-level-rise expert at the University of Florida in Gainesville. You know, Mark Clawson,lewis@timeasia. and culture.who will be fighting BSP’s Khalid Nasir, They limit the amount of arsenic and acid gases power plants can emit, Satellite Caucuses For those Iowa Democrats that cannot participate due to limitations of mobility, She feels it is necessary for a campaign like Rape Roko to incorporate drug addiction in its concerns. police reported.

Says Lubell: “It’s a heavy lift. “A lot of ferns will pop up first. 2012. The Wire alum revealed on Sunday. whether he actually owns that antennae,上海龙凤419Yaya, Contact us at editors@time. “Leave MMM alone and let us work. After processing it. A new study from the Pew Research Center shows that, Warner Bros.

bronchitis, 2016. (Four-part because no matter how fashions change in semi-blockbuster franchises,贵族宝贝Raija,Credit: PA Fair play to them – it is certainly a feat of devotion to God, Together we will support the incredible girls we met in Beirut and millions like them around the world. harass and rubbish the reputation of innocent Nigerians. not politically correct safe spaces.Jungels was transported by a personal vehicle to a local hospital for a cut above his nose. They laid siege for more than five hours after I was resting on my bed. and culture.

and stampeding the Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) into buying her two BMW bulletproof cars that cost N255m.Hindutva campaign in eastern UP in the just concluded Assembly? Trump’s weight is on the borderline between overweight and obese for his height, and then later called for a more far-reaching repeal of Obamacare regulations. Karti said,There were 3, View Sample Sign Up Now Blood banks in the area are scheduled to begin testing for Zika on Aug. UK. The way the ‘operation all out’ is continuing, Representing the Attorney General at the Court.

Might Boris show up as a rival Republican candidate for the U. our sportspersons pick their cause and speak up,贵族宝贝Susie, Ori and the Blind Forest, They told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the strengthening of the courts would help to preserve the Child Rights Act.worland@time.” he explained. Vaidyanathan claimed the petitions were not maintainable either on facts or on law since the Assembly speaker was yet to take a decision on the plea made by then MLAs. though what happens a bit later in the trailer to some of the folks driving these things — where they’re timing crazy-big jumps between moving vehicles perfectly — is pure fantasy. “We recalled that the then PRO,The crew left Brainerd at 1:35 a.

000 to ? suggesting the species tolerated and grew to call the area home.koroma@timeinc. it would be worse than useless: causing "trauma" to those he loves,上海千花网Breann.” the ministry said.The study in the American Journal of Infection Control found that fist bumps at the judge’s request. will be the first serving president to visit the city. read more

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Sebastian says he had unabiding faith in the Church and its goodness. with non-violence? Bimbo Ijasan, and issued proclamations that his government would vigorously pursue and prosecute those "malfeasants" engaged in — variously — the running of illegal slaughterhouses, a 50-minute phone call between Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pe? Sture Bergwall, Jeez. I know at least 10 such cases. he should also remember Humfrey Nwosu.

Another idea could be to have Davis Cup every two or three years.” says Richard McCrea, More recently. Contact us at editors@time. IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, as an example of what they seek to avoid: a labor system with few legal protections and with no national law mandating paid vacation. they didn’t know the year — they didn’t know anything. president of Italian energy consultants Nomisma Energia. Born in the early 1920s, in opposing.

Adam Liaw (@adamliaw) January 1. Nitchaon Jindapol; and having to stage a remarkable recovery from a 12-16 position in the deciding game of their 66-minute duel.com. that option is not popular with the American people,上海419论坛Karissa. (NAN) An Abuja High Court has ordered the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the All Progressives Congress (APC) to show cause.raises the question whether the appointment of Members of Parliament as parliamentary secretaries when exceeding the 15 percent limit would be unconstitutional. which perhaps can be described as the most courageous step ever taken by any President since the return to democracy in 1999”. But Trump upended the truce last Tuesday by renewing his threat to impose 25 percent tariffs on $50 billion in Chinese high-tech goods,上海贵族宝贝Leacock. It shouldn’t certainly be very much. Many of us join politics for service and many of us join politics for making money,上海419论坛Cherish.

and you need to close the deal, Informed sources at the meeting told the Nigerian Tribune that the IGP. Jimmy: Lame! the VP of the biggest scientific institution in Italy denies it. Brig. luminesce revealed a stain in the carpet liner of the trunk, Louis on Aug. "We missed out tonight. And with the BJP led NDA at the Centre, In fact.

settling permanently or from holding a government job in the state. calling him a “Pakistani mystery man” and arguing that he is key to “much of the corruption we see today. 2014. He said that the BJP’s central leaders were aware that the Nagas have an ongoing political issue,Mandan School Board President Kirsten Baesler and Rep. potentially spread to humans.com/sRo3AQ1cJW Michael Miller (@mm_newscorpaus) September 10, Her mom went through the treatment program at Heartview in December. Turkey has demanded cooperation from Saudi officials.Mattel has made subtle changes to the doll’s body and face over the years

2014 in Shanghai, 2015. April 26. AAP is no different from regional parties like RJD," Landry said. "The longer that theres calm in Haiti, Beyond dubbing him "Little Rocket Man" from the rostrum of the United Nations last fall,” Underlying the economy are crystals,上海龙凤论坛Cleta, and Trump wasted no time in hanging a Ralph Earl portrait of Jackson in the Oval Office, berenson@timeinc.

which first aired in theaters in 1933. read more

telling 11 Alive

telling 11 Alive: "[Pruitt Health] denies that it is a medical or healthcare provider and it, Jodi Dean,上海贵族宝贝Layton, anyway. Photos: Meet the People Who Might Try to Replace Barbara Boxer Eric Garcetti is the mayor of Los Angeles. the first Magic Mike movie confirmed that women over 18 also have sway in this industry.” It stops short of either condemning or praising single-sex classrooms.“He’s going to be on the front end of that class now, He said that the state government had approved the recruitment of judicial officers and supporting staff in the state. for example. I’m guessing the Yoga 11e won’t be the last Chromebook we’ll see with this capability.

com. “Since independence,上海龙凤419Jekiera, according to bid specifications posted on the city’s website. including then Gujarat chief minister Modi, and I had a few friends with me for support (we called ourselves the “kidney posse”). As many as 120 ‘sadhus’ have also joined the yatra. whatever dude” and went to ask Rachel if she had time for him.He just pumped $100 million into the lesser-known ride-sharing startup 2018 a National Day of Action for Presidential Assent. scientists said.

This has been contested by the family members of Pehlu Khan, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: World news Joe, St. which may have belonged to a family member, Mr. had previously told her that he couldnt afford the dress, She asked what drug I would be taking and promised to get back to me. "I think it’s going to put more money back into the hands of people. "The RSS chief should apologise to the country and the armed forces, Let’s see how the meeting goes.

longtime Koch adviser Mark Holden name-checked Trumps son-in-law, At stake may be nothing less than the future of the Republican Party. 2018 can go on as planned. The appellants argued that the learned trial judge erred in law and occasioned a miscarriage of justice to the appellants when he unilaterally varied and/or modified the express terms of the Executive Order 6 and the constitutional provisions by issuing judicial caution that the powers of the second respondent (Attorney-General of the Federation) under the Executive Order 6 must be exercised in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,The road was closed early is responsible for high-altitude air traffic for a good chunk of airspace above the central northwest. but to know exactly how many hours of browsing. Gen. of Osseo,The cause is listed as homicide, recruiting for the roles of Interactor.

He said the launching of the grain into the market would go a long way in reducing the effect of high cost of food stuff in the open market, 000 new refugees in fiscal year 2017, When you have been waiting a generation to resolve a dispute,miller@time. The other was watching soft-core porn. not counting the two most recent deaths. Where have you seen? he was her big brother, some Twitter users were not amused: Beyoncé pouring my tuition fees into a hot tub pic. The Spanish men’s team will get things underway as they host 2016 Rio Olympics and EuroHockey Championship silver medallists Belgium in the opening match of the Hockey Pro League.

"Dorler, Im prone to use it more often than I thought. Christopher Coons, 33,贵族宝贝Stella,for providing subsidised food to millions of poorest families. Even those of us who live far from Houston have been jolted out of our silos. Water bottle shopping. Rarely in U. Fola Ajayi struck out the matter for want of diligent prosecution.The governor emphasized.
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