ZeroHouse: A Modular Take on NZE Performance

first_imgEven though some folks have questioned the market viability of green prefab construction, its design aspects still have legs, especially if we’re talking about the net-zero-energy design concept being developed by Specht Harpman, an architecture firm with offices in New York City and Austin, Texas.Specht Harpman’s ZeroHouse quite literally sports four stainless steel anchors where the foundation sill would be on a conventional home. The anchors are intended to eliminate the need for excavation, help reduce the intrusiveness of the house on the land, and more easily accommodate challenging topography, including shallow water.Renderings of the project have prompted some observers to compare ZeroHouse to a lunar landing module or a space traveler’s way station. As currently designed, the structure is in fact quite small – about 650 square feet of interior space, with two outdoor decks providing another 250 square feet. But its energy and water-supply systems are expected perform to green extremes – completely off the grid and unattached to a municipal water supply or public waste-disposal system.ZeroHouse also is designed to be shipped easily and assembled quickly, features that, when combined with its self-sufficiency, making it suitable for use in remote areas.Ready to buildThe firm’s principals, Scott Specht and Louise Harpman, told the Austin American-Statesman that the firm is now pitching its design to prospective investors in eco-friendly Austin who would be willing to risk $300,000 to $350,000 to construct a prototype and live in it.“The off-grid model has the most challenges, so that’s the test case we designed for,” explained Specht, who said he developed and refined plans for ZeroHouse in his spare time over a 10-year period. “We think that the value is in the complete self-sufficiency, the absolutely minimal environmental and site impact, and the fact that this would be a model for what can be done — a ‘first adapter’ demonstration of the ultimate in green living.”ZeroHouses produced as a line of factory-built homes, Specht added, would cost significantly less than the prototype.The marketability questionSolar panels provide electricity. Rainwater is collected in four 550-gallon cisterns, which are serviced by a special collection system and a filtration system that makes the water suitable for drinking. The house also is equipped with an automated composting system, triple-glazed windows, and high-efficiency air-conditioning and heat exchange systems.In the American-Statesman story, the co-founder and president of energy efficiency specialist Davis Energy Group, David Springer, noted that ZeroHouse “is a bit futuristic and might be difficult to market.” But Springer, like others asked to comment on the project, praised its far-reaching, self-sustaining efficiency and prefab strategy.Whether the ultramodern appearance of the house is marketable remains to be seen (Specht and Harpman note that the futuristic look was deliberate), but many people in the building industry say the project is exemplary.Said Michael Webber, an assistant professor of mechanical engineering at University of Texas and co-director of the Clean Energy Incubator at UT: “When we get society’s best designers tackling society’s biggest problems, that’s a good sign, and it’s cause for celebration.”last_img read more

Everything You Need to Know About Chroma Key and Green Screen Footage

first_imgIn this guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about green screen backgrounds and achieving a perfect chroma key.The use of green screens has come a long way over the past few decades. Technology that was primarily reserved for Hollywood blockbusters and local news stations is now utilized by many of your favorite YouTubers. Here, we’ll guide you through the entire process of using green screen backgrounds from start to finish. We’ll talk lighting, cinematography, keying, and common mistakes.What Is Green Screen and Chroma Keying?Image via MarvelBefore we jump into how to use a green screen, let’s learn what a green screen actually does and familiarize ourselves with a few key terms.Green Screen: Technically, this term refers to the colored background you want to make transparent and remove from your shot. This is usually a single colored backdrop, which can be any color, but is usually bright green because it is the color furthest away from human skin tones. (Blue screens were frequently used in the early days with film, and might still be used in certain cases.) Sometimes the term is used as a fit-all for the entire process of keying (see below).Chroma Key: This popular term goes hand-in-hand with green screen. It’s the actual technique of layering, or compositing two images based on color hues. Every color has a chroma range, hence where the terminology comes from.Keying: This term is used to describe the process of removing the green screen background in post-production using video editing software. When the green screen background has been keyed, it will be fully transparent. Then you can fill in that transparent area with a different image or video. The goal is to get the cleanest key possible, meaning there are no digital artifacts left on your image where the green screen was originally.Spill: This often refers to the colored light that reflects back onto your subject from the green screen. When a green screen is brightly lit, the light can actually reflect that color back onto your subject. There are a number of steps you can take to prevent spill, which we’ll discuss below.Rules of the Modern Green ScreenThe principles we use for overcoming the challenges of green screen are based on those from years ago, before we had digital compositing and video editing software. As you can imagine, the tools have changed quite a bit with modern video advancements. Here, we’ve broken down the new rules for working with green screens.1. Start with the right green (or blue)Use a non-reflective green screen material and look for colors such as “chroma key green” and “digi green.” These colors are toned to be ideal for use with green screens. Alternatively, blue screens can also be used, especially for replicating night scenes. Learn more about the green vs. blue screen debate to figure out which color is right for your shoot.2. Separate your subject from the backgroundKeep your subject at least six feet away from the green screen. This helps minimize spill and unwanted shadows appearing on the green screen background.3. RAW is KingFilm with the highest bit-rate/least compressed codec you can. 10-bit color will be superior to 8-bit. ProRes 442 and 444 are always great options and RAW is even better if you have that ability.4. Expose the background properlyLight your foreground and your backdrop separately. It is also important to light your green screen backdrop evenly. Proper lighting exposure helps to avoid excess green lighting spill.5. Eliminate motion blurFilming with a faster shutter speed reduces motion blur and helps provide a cleaner key. You can always add secondary motion blur back in during post-production.6. Let the software do the workUtilize chroma keying specific software, like the Delta Keyer in DaVinci Resolve, to get the best key quickly.How to Shoot a Green Screen SceneImage via The Walt Disney CompanyIt is crucial to plan ahead and visualize your final scene when shooting with a green screen. Concept art and storyboards can help with this process. But your main goal is to determine what is real and what is not in your scene. This means you want to know what will physically be in the scene, and what will be added in later during post-production. If your scene is particularly complex, with layers of green screen, you’ll want to establish a clear guide to everything.In certain cases, you may need real props on set that your actors can reference. In behind-the-scenes shots you will often see tennis balls hanging on the green screen set. These provide the actors with visual reference points. Lighting is another huge consideration. Think about lighting your character in order to match the lighting of the environment they will populate. This will make a drastic difference when it comes to the final chroma key composite, and layering everything together.In this section, we’ll cover all the steps and considerations for completing a green screen shoot. Here’s what we’ll dive into:PlanningLightingClean Chroma KeyStep 1: Planning Your Green Screen ShootDetermining ScaleThis is the time to calculate the scale of your final scene and the best lenses for filming your actors. If you are planning on creating a wide-angle scene, it makes sense to film your subjects at the correct scale. This process primarily relies on knowing the field of view of the lens used to film the background element, which is often referred to as a background plate. It’s essential that you shoot both the foreground and background with the same focal length lens, or at least as close as you can guesstimate if you don’t know the lens used to film the background plate.Image via Mark Vargo, Do the Math: Planning Your Green Screen ShootOne thing worth noting is that the wider the background shot is, the larger the green screen will have to be in order to completely film your actors. Luckily, Mark Vargo walks us through this process in this article, which utilizes the lens field of view to calculate the final green screen size required for any shoot. The more notes you have from the original background shot (such as lens, time of day, etc.) the easier this process will be.As a rule of thumb, wider shots that capture your actor’s entire body and action shots that require lots of movement will need a full green screen that also covers the ground, and maybe even the side of the shot. If this is the case, make sure the screen has no edges so that you can key in easily. You’ll want to use a curved screen and drops without hard edges to the floor or to side walls.Prepping Actors and ObjectsYou’ll have to prep actors and props for use on green screen. Obviously, avoid green! Actors shouldn’t wear green or they’ll end up transparent in the key. You should also avoid shiny objects, as these can reflect the green and cause transparent spots. If reflective objects must be used, you will likely have to manually mask around those objects in post-production. This can be very time consuming, so plan ahead if that is ultimately required.Step 2: Lighting a Green ScreenImage via Warner Bros.There are three non-negotiable rules to lighting a green screen:The lighting must be evenThe lighting must be soft and diffuseThe green screen must be lit separately from the subjectWhen lighting your green screen background, the goal is to get the lighting as even as possible. This helps ensure that the green coloring is even, with no hot spots or shadows, which will help with the chroma key process in post-production. You will also need to light your actors and the green screen separately, preferably with the actors and the green screen background at least six feet apart. Remember to match the lighting on your actor to the scene in which they’ll appear once the green screen is composited.In this article on green screen lighting, you’ll find the key to even lighting is the same for achieving soft light in any other shooting scenario — use big, soft light sources. Hard light sources with no diffusion will create hot spots on the green screen background. To diffuse your lights, you can use on-light diffusion boxes or set up large silk frames. If you are on a budget, try using a white bed sheet mounted on a c-stand a few feet in front of your light.The placement of your lights also matters. If you are only using two lights to illuminate your background, place one light on each side of the green screen, a few feet back on a 45 degree angle. You can fine tune/adjust the angle of each light to make sure they’re not overlapping too much in the center. Make sure you are using the same lights on each side of the green screen for consistency. On bigger productions, you may need to use overhead lighting, additional lights, or more diffusion, but the basic principles outlined here will be the same.Step 3: Getting a Clean Chroma KeyImage via Warner Bros.As mentioned, chroma key refers to the technique of compositing two images (or video clips) together based on color hues. And in our case, we are using a green screen to replace what is behind our actors. You will often hear the term “clean chroma key” when editors are referring to green screen composting. A clean chroma key composite is the end goal.Preventing SpillA clean chroma key will leave the actors or subject with crisp, defined edges that look natural. But oftentimes, digital artifacts, jittery/jagged edges and color spill from the green screen can appear. Spill is one of the biggest offenders – it happens when the green screen reflects back on your subject, creating a green halo that’s hard to get rid of in post.This article on clean chroma keying has some great tips and tricks that will help your chroma key results, including how to prevent spill with thoughtful planning. One of the first is deciding if you should use a green screen or blue screen. On today’s digital cameras, green will likely give you the cleanest key. However, if your actor has blonde hair or green clothing, you’ll likely have better results with a blue screen as green can spill into light-colored hair.Using Motion BlurThe whole point of the green screen process is to achieve sharp edges, and motion blur can undo this. For that reason, it’s best to film green screen shots with a fast shutter speed to eliminate motion blur. This may almost appear as a stuttering movement on the actors. You can fix this by adding motion blur back onto your actors in post-production. You can use CC Force Motion Blur in After Effects or try the third-party plugin ReelSmart Motion Blur. Adding motion blur back on your composite will make a noticeable difference.Film with a Low ISOYou also want to make sure you film your green screen scene with a low ISO setting – we recommend the lowest ISO setting your camera has available. This is because higher ISO levels introduce noise artifacts and those will appear on the green screen background. This can result in a lot of “off-color” spots on the green screen background that can make the keying process more difficult.How to Key a Green Screen SceneIf you have followed the green screen workflow recommendations so far, keying your footage will be much easier. Always fix any issues on set if you notice them, because the old adage “fix it in post” won’t work well with green screen footage. It really is a multifaceted process that requires a coordinated workflow.Keying with Your NLE of ChoiceImage via Rubidium Wu, Working with a Green Screen Is Easier than Ever — Here’s WhyNowadays you have a lot of options when it comes to the chroma key software you can use for keying your green screen footage. Keying effects aren’t just limited to composing software anymore. Nearly every traditional non-linear editor has a chroma keyer built into it. There are even some great free software options available, such as HitFilm Express and DaVinci Resolve.Keying in DaVinci ResolveDaVinci Resolve is a free video editor that is regarded as one of the best color grading applications available. It also has some great chroma key tools as well. In this article learn how to pull a clean key in DaVinci Resolve from start to finish. Resolve’s effects are applied using a node-based workflow, which may take some time to get used to if you haven’t used one before. However, this node-based system will ultimately give you the most options when it comes to customizing your footage with various keying effects.Keying in After EffectsAdobe After Effects is another popular option (and this author’s chroma key software of choice). Because After Effects is a dedicated compositing program, you can imagine there are lots of effects you can use to refine your chroma key. The free built-in keyer effect called Keylight is quite powerful and was developed by The Foundry, the same company that makes Nuke, a powerful professional compositing application. Check out this tutorial to learn more about keying footage in After Effects.Keying in Premiere ProEven though Premiere Pro is first and foremost a non-linear editor, it has most of the powerful keying effects from After Effects built in it as well. In this in-depth article, Brent Pierce shows the entire chroma key process for Premiere Pro. The keying effects in Premiere Pro are fantastic if you need a quick turn-around on a project. They’ll save you from having to round-trip into After Effects, which will also save on render time/file management. The only drawback in Premiere Pro would be if you have to do a lot of manual masking. For that type of work, you will be much better off in After Effects.Keying in Final Cut Pro XFinal Cut Pro X has a more causal workflow when it comes to dealing with green screen footage. This can be useful for amateur video users or YouTubers who just need a quick solution. Add your green screen footage to your timeline, then apply the Keyer effect to the footage. It will automatically key out the green screen with varied results. You can continue to refine the look with some simple controls under the Video options when your clip is selected. Check out this tutorial for a simple walk through. Shutterstock also has some step-by-step instructions for keying your footage in Final Cut Pro X.Keying in HitFilm ExpressHitFilm Express is another free option and is comparable to After Effects, with a more compositing-focused workflow. You can key out your footage using two different effects, the Color Difference Key effect and the Hue & RGB Key effect. Check out this tutorial to see the chroma keyer workflow in HitFilm Express. Conversely, if you need an even more powerful keying option, they have a paid Chroma Keyer effect as well. (The Chroma Keyer effect is included in the paid version of HitFilm, but must be purchased separately if you are using the free HitFilm Express.)How to Fix Bad Green Screen FootageIf you are working with a less than ideal green screen setup, there are still methods you can take to help remedy the final footage. While there are some post-production options for fixing green screen mistakes, it’s always better to catch them on set.If your green screen background has problems…If your green screen background is less than ideal – for example, if the green screen has wrinkles on it – you can film with a shallow depth of field to help blur out the background. This will help smooth out wrinkles and potential shadows/hot spots, which will make the post-production keying easier.If there’s too much spill…Use masking as much as possible. As mentioned before, if your subject is wearing green clothing or reflective jewelry, you’ll probably want to manually create a mask around that area and key frame it. Then overlay that back on top of your footage, so it doesn’t get removed by accident during the keying process. I also recommend roughly masking out your actor prior to the key as well. Just make sure they don’t move outside of the masked area at any point. You can always set key frames for the mask and move it around if they do.Green screen spill can be tricky to get rid of. It often requires finding the perfect chroma key balance for the background and your subject, and then desaturating any green color remnants left on your subject.In this article from RocketStock, you can learn how easy it is to fine tune spill suppression with After Effects’ built-in tools. Getting this perfect will drastically help sell the final look of your chroma key.Cover image via TaraPattaDiscover more of our comprehensive guides to everything filmmaking:The Comprehensive Guide To Building Your Own Video Editing PCYour Guide to Getting Started Shooting RAW VideoDaVinci Resolve: THE Total Guide to the Best Free Video EditorChoosing Aspect Ratio: A Guide to Everything You Need to KnowThe Complete Video Editors Guide to Working with Musiclast_img read more

Strike called by separatists, restrictions imposed in Srinagar, Pulwama districts of J&K

first_imgAuthorities on Sunday imposed restrictions in Pulwama and parts of Srinagar districts of Jammu and Kashmir as a precautionary measure in view of the strike called by separatists against the killing of seven civilians during an encounter on Saturday.Restrictions under Section 144 CrPc have been imposed in Pulwama district of south Kashmir and six police station areas of Srinagar — the summer capital of the state – here, officials said. They said the curbs have been imposed in Nowhatta, Khanyar, Rainawari, Safakadal, M R Gunj and Maisuma police station areas of the city. The officials said the restrictions were imposed as a precautionary measure to maintain law and order and avoid any untoward incident.Separatists under the banner of Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) on Saturday called for a strike across Kashmir on Sunday against the killing of the civilians. The JRL – comprising Syed Ali Shah Geelani, Mirwaiz Umer Farooq and Mohammad Yasin Malik — also asked people to march to the headquarters of the Army’s Chinar Corps at Badamibagh here on Monday. Seven civilians were killed and several others injured after security forces allegedly opened fire on protestors near an encounter site in Sirnoo village of Pulwama district of south Kashmir on Saturday.Three militants were killed in the encounter in which a soldier also lost his life while two other Army men were injured. Meanwhile, shops, fuel stations and other business establishments were shut in the city due to the strike, the officials said. They said public transport was off the roads while few private cars, cabs and auto-rickshaws were seen plying in some areas. The weekly flea market was also shut, the officials said, adding, similar reports of shutdown were received from other district headquarters of the valley. Security forces have been deployed in strength at sensitive places to avoid any law and order problem, they said. High-speed mobile Internet remained suspended in most parts of the valley, including in Srinagar.last_img read more

Pirates top Heavy Bombers for 3rd place

first_imgLATEST STORIES And even though the Pirates played for the third-best spot in the tournament, head coach Topex Robinson wanted his team to play as if it was their last game.“We’re not looking at this game as a third or fourth place game, I told them this is part of the season and I told them to not fall into the trap that this is just a game for the third place,” said Robinson.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSSEA Games: Biñan football stadium stands out in preparedness, completionSPORTSPrivate companies step in to help SEA Games hostingSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutThe Pirates pressed on early against the Heavy Bombers’ offense to come away with nine steals and that constant pressure led to eight turnover points for Lyceum.CJ Perez led the charge for the Pirates with 14 points, seven rebounds, and three steals while Harry Nzeusseu had 12 points and 14 boards. MOST READ Ervin Grospe had a game-high 17 points to lead JRU. Cayetano to unmask people behind ‘smear campaign’ vs him, SEA Games Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netLyceum of the Philippines University ended its campaign in the Filoil Flying V Preseason Premier Cup on a high note after it upended Jose Rizal University, 82-75, for third place Sunday at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.The Pirates were firmly in control of the match never conceding a lead since the opening tip and the Heavy Bombers were forced to play on their heels against Lyceum’s constant attack.ADVERTISEMENT Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss PLAY LIST 02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games01:44Philippines marks anniversary of massacre with calls for justice01:19Fire erupts in Barangay Tatalon in Quezon City01:07Trump talks impeachment while meeting NCAA athletes02:49World-class track facilities installed at NCC for SEA Games Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next For the complete collegiate sports coverage including scores, schedules and stories, visit Inquirer Varsity. WATCH: Firefighters rescue baby seal found in parking garage View comments Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. 1 dead in Cavite blast, fire Heart Evangelista admits she’s pregnant… with chicken Lacson: SEA Games fund put in foundation like ‘Napoles case’ Ethel Booba on hotel’s clarification that ‘kikiam’ is ‘chicken sausage’: ‘Kung di pa pansinin, baka isipin nila ok lang’ What ‘missteps’? Mapua beats Ateneo for Filoil juniors title; NU wins bronze World’s 50 Best Restaurants launches new drinking and dining guidelast_img read more

ATP Paris Masters: Novak Djokovic Enjoys ‘Fun’ Practice Session With Rafael Nadal Ahead of No. 1 Battle

first_img Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time. atpATP Paris MastersNovak DjokovicParis Masters First Published: October 28, 2019, 11:31 PM IST Paris: Novak Djokovic enjoyed a “fun”, but rare, a practice session with Rafael Nadal ahead of this week’s Paris Masters as the old rivals prepare to battle for the year-end world number one spot.The Serbian star will be usurped at the top of the rankings by Nadal next Monday no matter what happens in the French capital, while the Spaniard can also seal year-end supremacy by winning his first title at Bercy. Djokovic is bidding to equal Pete Sampras’ record by finishing the year as the world’s top-ranked player for a sixth time.The pair put their immediate aims to one side and played a practice session in Paris, shortly after facing off in an exhibition charity match in Kazakhstan.”It was a lot of fun. It was very intense and competitive, as you can imagine, obviously, but in a very respectful way,” said the 32-year-old Djokovic on Monday.”It was actually very unusual because we haven’t practised for years.”It was strange because, when I see him across the net, that means I’m playing him, probably semi-finals or finals of a big event, but this time it was a practice session. But nevertheless, the intensity was like a match.”If Nadal fails to secure the year-end number one ranking this week, it will go down to the ATP Tour Finals in London, where Djokovic will be looking to draw level with Roger Federer on a record six titles.The 16-time Grand Slam champion has also won the Paris Masters four times, while Nadal is yet to take either of the late-season events and has only claimed two of his 84 ATP titles indoors.”He’s in a much better position, but I hope I can do well in this tournament,” said Djokovic, who suffered a surprise final loss to Russian Karen Khachanov 12 months ago.”I’ve historically played really well indoors in Paris and also London, but it doesn’t depend on me.”I cannot really focus really too much on what he is doing or other players. I’ll try to kind of get the most out of my performances and see where it takes me.”In order to have a chance for year-end No. 1, I have to win all of my matches till the end of the season.”Nadal, who claimed his 19th Grand Slam title last month with an epic US Open final win over Daniil Medvedev, has been the year-end world number one on four occasions.The 33-year-old will face either Norwegian Casper Ruud or home wildcard Adrian Mannarino in his second-round opener, while Djokovic takes on either his compatriot Dusan Lajovic or lucky loser Corentin Moutet. last_img read more

Prisoners go on strike on Oct 2 for non-veg food, cable tv

first_imgRaipur, Oct 3 (PTI) Prisoners of Chhattisgarhs Raipur Central Jail observed a hunger strike on Gandhi Jayanti to press their demands including access to private TVchannels and non-vegetarian food.They called off the protest today after the administration assured to meet genuine demands. The inmates at Raipur Central Jail who had gone on hunger strike yesterday ended their protest today,” district collector O P Choudhary told PTI.Entertainment channels besides the Doordarshan, sports equipment, speedy consideration of parole applications, non-veg food, expansion of barracks were among their demands.Authorities assured that their genuine demands would be met, the collector said.Parole applications will be dealt with on time and a digital set-top box will be installed in the jail premises so that they can watch entertainment and news channels, he added.Additional District Magistrate and Sub-Divisional Magistrate level officers will hold discussions with prisoners from time-to-time to hear their grievances, he added.Some other demands like non-veg food were unacceptable, but these demands were made only by a section of inmates, the collector said. PTI TKP KRK AJRlast_img read more

New oscilloscopes address expanding development needs

first_img Continue Reading Previous Powerful graphics in squared form factorNext Simplified multicore debugging in real-time safety-critical applications This article introduces a new series of oscilloscopes which feature all necessary functions to thoroughly test the behavior of complex embedded systems. Figure 1. Directly addressing the need for a highly functional cost-effective T&M device, the RTC1000 oscilloscope series offers a compact eight-in-one instrument. By Alix Paultre, Editor                                      Download PDF version of this article Test & Measurement is arguably one of the most difficult disciplines to master in electronic design engineering. Your math must be good, and your imagination broad, to create a great design, but if you can’t dial that great design in and make it a viable product, you will die a penniless beggar (or worse, have to share credit with your buddy that can use the ‘scope better than you).T&M is undergoing another renaissance, as it must whenever industry goes through any disruptive change. You can only test a system with a device that has a higher resolution/speed/capacity than the one being tested. In other words, if your ruler lines aren’t smaller than the features on what you are trying to measure, you will only be as precise as those markings.This requirement is exacerbated by the nowadays (actually always) need to test at almost every stage of development and production. It is almost impossible to attain six-sigma reliability without intelligent oversight at every step, from the bench to the box. That means everyone in the process must have (and use properly) test equipment that is accurate, fast, and functional. This can get expensive, obviously. This cost issue is also a barrier for small shops that may only need one device, but can’t afford the latest bells-and whistles machine.The good news is that the same advances that are driving electronic product development are also impacting the T&M space. High instrument integration enables compact form factors and the ability to create a competitive system for the average user at a price they can afford. One example of this trend can be found in the Rohde & Schwarz RTC1000 oscilloscope series. Directly addressing the need for a highly functional cost-effective T&M device, this compact eight-in-one instrument can act as an eight-channel logic analyzer, a four-channel pattern generator, and a protocol analyzer for I2 C, SPI, UART/RS-232, CAN, and LIN, as well as a digital voltmeter, component tester, spectrum analyzer, and counter. Available in models from 50 MHz to 300 MHz, they offer bandwidth upgrades via software license all the way to 300 MHz bandwidth. The two-channel oscilloscopes have maximum sample rates of 2 Gsample/s and a memory depth of 2 Msample. All models come as standard with LAN and USB interfaces.Figure 2. The RTA4000 series is also ideal for analyzing serial protocols, with an acquisition memory depth up to 1 Gsample. This convergence also enables more functionality to be put into larger systems as well. For example, to serve more professional users with greater needs, Rohde & Schwarz used the same integrated approach to create the RTM3000 and RTA4000 series, with 10-bit vertical resolution to enable power measurement that fulfills the stringent requirements demanded by advanced electronics development. Operating with bandwidths of 100 MHz, 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz, the RTM3000 oscilloscope has a 5 Gsample/s 10-bit ADC, with 40 Msample (80 Msample interleaved) per channel acquisition memory (with an optional 400 Msample segmented acquisition memory), and the RTA4000 oscilloscope offers bandwidths of 200 MHz, 350 MHz, 500 MHz, and 1 GHz. The RTA4000 is also suited for analyzing serial protocols, with an acquisition memory depth up to 1 Gsample, and the same 10-bit ADC, but with even more memory and a 100 Msample (200 Msample interleaved) per channel acquisition memory, and standard 1 Gsample (1,000 Msample) segmented acquisition memory.Power measurements, such as ripple and noise measurements of a DC line, demand an oscilloscope with high vertical resolution, low noise and excellent DC gain linearity. The 10-bit ADCs of the RTM3000 and RTA4000 series support 1024 vertical positions, 4x better than legacy 8-bit oscilloscopes, and essential for ripple and noise measurements. While the R&S RTM3000 series comes in two- and four-channel models, the R&S RTA4000 series oscilloscopes are exclusively four-channel models.The expanding demand for compact, highly efficient switched-mode power supplies, inverters, and electric drives demands the use of leading-edge semiconductors and components, creating new challenges for T&M equipment. It doesn’t help to have great bench T&M gear if your probes aren’t able to deliver good, clear, and precise information to the device. One example of how companies are addressing this need is the new family of high-voltage differential probes from Rohde & Schwarz, that enable measurements with extremely high signal integrity. The RT-ZHD high-voltage differential probes are well suited for measurements on modern power semiconductors, and with a bandwidth of up to 200 MHz, they can even measure very fast switching edges. The four models have maximum peak voltages from 750 V to 6000 V, and exhibit excellent common-mode rejection across the entire frequency range that effectively suppresses fast-switching common mode signals. With an integrated offset compensation that operates independently of probe attenuation and the oscilloscope’s vertical settings, they can measure very small ripple voltages with a large DC component. With an offset compensation of up to 2000 V, they cover a very large range of measurement applications, and have a DC measuring accuracy of ± 0.5 percent. The probes also feature an integrated ProbeMeter that measures DC offset with ± 0.1 percent accuracy, with the readings displayed directly on the oscilloscope.The RT-ZHD probes also use high levels of internal system integration to help eliminate erroneous readings, and enable the oscilloscope to automatically recognize the configured attenuation factor and other probe settings to display the correct voltages and reliably detect incidents such as overvoltage. Probe functions can also be accessed via the SCPI remote control interface, making the probes a good choice for automated tests as well.Figure 3. The RT-ZHD probes use high levels of internal system integration to help eliminate erroneous readings. Two other examples are the R&S RT-ZD002 and R&S RT-ZD003 differential probes with maximum input voltages up to 700 V and 1400 V, respectively. These 25 MHz probes boast very low inherent noise for their class of around 7 mV (RMS) and 14 mV (RMS), respectively. Their BNC interface makes them a perfect fit for R&S RTC1000, R&S RTB2000 and all standard oscilloscopes.The pressures of T&M on the electronics engineer will never go away, as the field is caught up in a perpetual “Red Queen’s Race” of constant change as T&M devices strive to stay ahead of the embedded systems they are testing. The latest highly-integrated cost-effective devices available today can help you stay ahead of the pack.Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Tools & Software last_img read more

Virat Kohli’s Test record in England will improve, says Alec Stewart

first_imgFormer England captain Alec Stewart said he expects Virat Kohli to have a “big impact” on the Test series in England. The five-match Test series between England and India will start in Edgbaston from August 1.On India’s previous tour of England, Kohli had a disastrous outing where he was troubled by James Anderson and Stuart Broad.Back then, he scored 1, 8, 25, 0, 39, 28, 0, 7, 6 and 20 in the five Tests and finished the series with an average of 13.50.However, Stewart said Kohli is a world-class player and his record will only get better. He also said that playing the limited-overs series will also come handy to the Indian captain and his teammates.”He has had the white-ball internationals to get ready for the Test series. When you have the quality of Virat, you adjust accordingly and I expect him to have a big impact on the Test series. His record here cannot get worse, it can only improve and world-class players find a way of succeeding in tough conditions,” Stewart told PTI in an interview.Virat Kohli’s nightmare against spin continues in EnglandStewart said that he is lucky that he doesn’t have to buy a ticket to watch Virat bat.”As much as people will be scrutinizing his record leading into this Test series, I expect him to succeed. I am lucky enough come watch cricket and not buy a ticket. But I would gladly pay to watch Virat bat,” he said.Kohli’s much-hyped maiden county stint for Surrey had to be called off due to a neck injury the Indian Premier League but how much has the rest helped the Indian captain will only be discovered after the end of the Test series, said former England captain.advertisementTendulkar hopeful of a good show from Kohli, Team India in England TestsInterestingly, Stewart, who is the Director of Cricket for Surrey County had played a pivotal role in getting Kohli to sign his maiden county contract, where he was supposed to play three four day games during the months of May and June. Virat Kohli has scored 15 Test centuries since England tour in 2014 (Getty Images)However a neck injury in IPL and prescribed rest meant that Kohli didn’t play for Surrey as he wanted to remain fresh for the gruelling two and half month UK tour that had five Test matches.”Virat has played only a limited number of [Test] matches in England and his record is nowhere near the high quality he has achieved everywhere else around the world. So only he can answer [if rest helped him more] and we will know at the end of this series,” Stewart said when asked if skipping county stint would help him during Tests or not.Kuldeep Yadav needs more discipline to succeed in Tests, feels Alec StewartStewart believes that had Kohli been fit, his stimt would have proved to be mutually benefical for both parties.”In my conversation with him [Kohli], we told him that we very much wanted him at Surrey for that month [June], and he told us he wanted to be here. It would have helped Surrey and it would have definitely helped Virat as well. But circumstances around that neck injury meant that he had pull out at the last moment,” said Stewart.Stewart is also hopeful that India will perform better this time as likes of Cheteshwar Pujara, Ravichandran Ashwin, Ishant Sharma have all played county in the past two seasons, which will keep them in good stead.”The likes of Pujara, Ashwin and Ishant have played in England before but to play more recently in the county circuit, in preparation for the Test series, it can only get better for India. The more you get used to conditions and different playing environments, the better it is going to be as an international cricketer. So, it will definitely help India that important members of their Test side have played here,” Stewart said.Sachin Tendulkar feels yo-yo test shouldn’t be only criterion for selectionPrior to the start of the Test series, India will play a four-day warm-up against Essex from July 25. The four other Test matches will be played at Lord’s (August 9 to August 13), Trent Bridge (August 18 to August 22), The Rose Bowl (August 30 to September 3) and Kennington Oval (September 7 to September 11).India are eyeing their first Test series victory in England since 2007.(Interview by PTI)last_img read more

Virat Kohli, Joe Root best active batsmen in the world: Brian Lara

first_imgWest Indies batting great Brian Lara has termed India skipper Virat Kohli and England captain Joe Root as the best in the business at the moment.Kohli, who overcame the 2014 England horror with 500-plus runs in the ongoing five-match Test series, is in an incredible form across formats since the start of 2016. In fact, Kohli is the only cricketer in the world to average over 50 in Tests, ODIs, and Twenty20 Internationals.Kohli, who recently completed 6000 runs in Test cricket, now has 58 international centuries with only Sachin Tendulkar (100), Ricky Ponting (71), Kumar Sangakkara (63) and Jacques Kallis (62) ahead of him.Root, on the other hand, has been terrific in Tests and one day internationals averaging over 50 in both the formats.Also read – I really laugh at lot of things: Virat Kohli reflects on middle finger controversyLara was in New York on Wednesday as part of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Trophy tour. In Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), Lara also talked about how West Indies can get back to the top, his record 400 not out in Tests and more.”Virat Kohli and Joe Root [are the best active batsmen in the world] while pacemen James Anderson and Kagiso Rabada [are the best active bowlers],” Lara said.Lara also recalled his record Test score of 400 not out against England in 2004.”To approach those heights again, which I never thought was possible [personally], was just magical. Even back in 1994 after recuperating from my 375, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t go on to score 400,” Lara said.advertisementLara also had a few on-field duels with some of the fiercest fast bowlers and wily spinners during his playing days. But the legendary cricketer said Muttiah Muralitharan was the toughest bowler he had faced while Shane Warne was his favourite. Brian Lara said Shane Warne (second from left) and Muttiah Muralitharan (second from right) were the best bowlers he faced. (Reuters Photo)”Muttiah (Muralitharan) always confused me in the early part of our confrontation, whilst Shane Warne didn’t. Having said that, as my innings grew I felt I had more control over Muttiah, whilst Shane seemed to grow in confidence. They were definitely the two best spinners of my time,” he said.”Shane Warne, he played for the best team in the world during my era, he was, and still is, regarded as the best leg-spinner to play the game. It was a battle I just embraced in some of the largest cricketing arenas,” Lara said.The 49-year-old also said West Indies need better infrastructure to become a powerhouse in cricket once again.Also read – Virat Kohli has exceeded all expectations in England, feels Greg Chappell”We need a far better infrastructure with a far more professional approach from all parties involved. Without this, it’s difficult to imagine West Indies returning to their glory days. We succeeded up to a point on natural ability but the game has changed tremendously and there are far more components that create a winning team,” he said.Lara is also hopeful of the inclusion of T20 cricket in the Olympic Games in future.”The T20 format lasts just three hours so I don’t see why it can’t be included in the Olympics. It was nice to see golf get that opportunity again, it’s time for cricket now,” he said.last_img read more

Why Does LSU’s Running Backs Coach Make More Sense Than OSU’s Defensive Coordinator?

first_imgLSU running backs coach and recruiting coordinator Frank Wilson was hired over Glenn Spencer to be UTSA’s new head football coach. Here is a look at Wilson’s profile page on the LSU football website.Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.27.35 AMIt has also been reported that he is an associate head coach at LSU (whatever that means). The reason I tell you all of this is because something curiously stuck out to me during this entire process.Kyle Fredrickson pointed it out earlier in the week when he openly wondered if UTSA could even afford somebody like Glenn Spencer. Frank Wilson was making $675k before bonuses & perks at LSU. UTSA folks are reporting his deal will average $750k there. Hope he wins big.— FootballScoop Staff (@FootballScoop) January 15, 2016The odd part of this is … why is LSU’s running backs coach making over $100K more than Oklahoma State’s defensive coordinator? Is that strange to anyone else or just me? I know Leonard Fournette is good (and LSU has the No. 1 class in the country coming in next year), but he’s the running backs coach!All of that to say, I’m glad Spencer is staying (I think). Bill Haisten casually tossing Paul Rhoads out there as a potential replacement for Spencer was certainly enticing, but Spencer has done a good job. He’s currently fighting the bar we have for him (that he set with a ridiculous 2013 defense) which is really high. Just because he didn’t clear it in 2015 doesn’t mean he’s not a solid coach or that there’s a better option. If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! Can UTSA afford to hire #OKstate DC Glenn Spencer? Salaries in 2015 per USA Today…Larry Coker: $425KSpencer: $550K— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) January 14, 2016It’s a good question. Or I thought it was. Then UTSA went and hired somebody who made more than Glenn Spencer and nearly doubled UTSA’s head coaching salary.Per USA Today, LSU’s Frank Wilson is making $676,067; Oklahoma State’s Glenn Spencer, $550,000.— Jerry Briggs (@JerryBriggs) January 14, 2016last_img read more

Conte: Christensen a future Chelsea captain

first_imgChelsea Christensen a future Chelsea captain, says Conte Matt Dorman Last updated 1 year ago 00:38 2/24/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Andreas Christensen - cropped Getty Images Chelsea Premier League Manchester United v Chelsea Manchester United The defender has staked claim to a regular spot in the Blues line-up this season, and his manager sees a bright future for him at Stamford Bridge Antonio Conte absolved Andreas Christensen of blame for the Champions League draw with Barcelona and anointed the defender as a future Chelsea captain.The Denmark international was at fault for Lionel Messi’s equaliser at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday as his loose pass was picked off by Andres Iniesta.It was a rare error in an otherwise impressive season from the 21-year-old, who has started 25 matches in all competitions. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Lyon treble & England heartbreak: The full story behind Lucy Bronze’s dramatic 2019 Liverpool v Man City is now the league’s biggest rivalry and the bitterness is growing Megan Rapinoe: Born & brilliant in the U.S.A. A Liverpool legend in the making: Behind Virgil van Dijk’s remarkable rise to world’s best player Conte claimed he had already forgotten the incident and tipped Christensen to eventually inherit the Blues’ armband.”During your career you can make a lot of mistakes. If I had to speak about my mistakes from my career we would be here all day,” the Italian told reporters on Friday.”Christensen is having a fantastic season and showing great maturity.”For me, apart from his mistake, his performance [against Barcelona] was wonderful. I trust Christensen.Conte says Andreas Christensen has been excellent this season and adds he can be a defender for Chelsea for many years, and a future captain, too. #MUNCHE— Chelsea FC (@ChelseaFC) February 23, 2018″I think this player is a present player for Chelsea and can be here for 10, 12 years. I think he can be captain.”Christensen signed for Chelsea in 2012 and has won 14 caps for Denmark. Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Oppn to oppose triple talaq bill

first_imgNew Delhi: Opposition parties are planning to chalk out a strategy to prevent the government from passing bills without sending them for scrutiny to either Standing Committee or the Select committee. Already 11 bills were passed in the Parliament without scrutiny in the Parliamentary committee.In the Rajya Sabha Business Advisory Committee meeting which was held here on Monday, Parliamentary Affairs minister Pralhad Joshi had listed 16 bills including the Triple Talaq for passing in the current session of Parliament. However, opposition parties were dismayed that the Presiding Officers of both the houses did not allow them to express their concerns. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’A senior member of the opposition informed that they will be meeting again on Tuesday in the chamber of Opposition leader Ghulam Nabi Azad to discuss the future course of action. They are contemplating to write jointly to both the Presiding officers that the parliamentary system is not being properly followed. TMC leader Derek O’Brien said if the government wants to extend the time of the current session then it also should commit to bringing in Women Reservation bill in the house. Another MP Sukhendu Sekhar Roy lamented that Lok Sabha on last Friday had sent the Human rights amendment bill to the Rajya Sabha. However, they found that bill listed in the Business paper on Monday without giving them adequate time to give suggestions.last_img read more

Top 20 Global Concert Tours from Pollstar

The Top 20 Global Concert Tours ranks artists by average box office gross per city and includes the average ticket price for shows Worldwide. The list is based on data provided to the trade publication Pollstar by concert promoters and venue managers. Week of April 25, 2019:TOP 20 GLOBAL CONCERT TOURS1. Eric Church; $2,809,138; $96.15.2. Billy Joel; $2,667,702; $129.84.3. Fleetwood Mac; $2,439,008; $144.82.4. Luis Miguel; $2,424,986; $87.06.5. Elton John; $2,392,250; $135.12.6. Justin Timberlake; $2,146,500; $132.55.7. Metallica; $2,102,293; $117.72.8. Michael Bublé; $1,517,024; $124.47.9. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band; $1,366,243; $115.42.10. Cher; $1,345,126; $114.96.11. Trans-Siberian Orchestra; $1,322,103; $64.71.12. KISS; $1,243,595; $105.96.13. Sebastian Maniscalco; $1,227,139; $101.97.14. Marc Anthony; $1,190,570; $104.62.15. Travis Scott; $1,175,397; $77.09.16. Florence + The Machine; $1,144,592; $73.15.17. Mumford & Sons; $1,111,940; $75.90.18. Blake Shelton; $1,044,392; $89.58.19. André Rieu; $928,669; $86.52.20. Shawn Mendes; $861,630; $68.73.For free upcoming tour information, go to www.pollstar.com___The Associated Press read more

Referendum proposed by Government on new Constitution

The Government has proposed holding a referendum on the new Constitution.Leader of the House Lakshman Kiriella said that the United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party have agreed on holding a referendum. Kiriella said the entire process to draft a new Constitution will be transparent and will be done with Parliament approval. He was responding to a question posed by the opposition on a statement made by Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera to foreign correspondents with regards to the proposed Constitution. The Minister said that nothing has been finalised yet and proposals have been sought from political parties for the new Constitution. (Colombo Gazette) read more

WKU gets 3rd win of season beats Louisiana Tech 3015

RUSTON, La. — D’Andre Ferby scored a pair of touchdowns and Western Kentucky jumped on Louisiana Tech early and made it hold up for a 30-15 win on Saturday.Western Kentucky (3-9, 2-6 Conference USA) took the opening drive 87 yards in 11 plays and scored on Lucky Jackson’s 18-yard touchdown run. On the Bulldogs’ ensuing drive, Devon Key intercepted J’Mar Smith on the first play and the Hilltoppers had the ball at Louisiana Tech’s 33.The Hilltoppers ran off 10 plays with the short field and made it 14-0 when Steven Duncan completed a 10-yard pass to Mik’Quan Deane. Early in the second, WKU posted a safety, and after taking the ball, Ferby went in from a yard out and it was 23-0. Israel Tucker scored Louisiana Tech’s (7-5, 5-3) only touchdown with a 19-yard run with 1:43 before halftime.Smith threw for 280 yards for the Bulldogs before leaving the game late with an apparent injury.The Associated Press read more

Mens lacrosse Eric Fannells saves best game of career for final home

Ohio State senior attack Eric Fannell scored five goals in the Buckeyes dramatic comeback 11-10 overtime victory over Maryland on April 22 at Ohio Stadium. Credit: Courtesy of OSU AthleticsBig players make big plays in big moments. For senior attack Eric Fannell, those words couldn’t be more true in his last home game as a Buckeye.The star attacker scored 5 goals to help No. 7 Ohio State overcome an early five-goal deficit against the No. 2 Maryland Terrapins to win 11-10, including one SportsCenter top-10 worthy goal that shifted momentum in the Buckeyes’ favor when they needed it.With 7:59 left in the second period, Fannell took a pass and shot the ball from behind his head to score a game-changing goal. The Buckeyes (12-2, 3-1) trailed the Terrapins (9-3, 3-1) 6-1 at the time of the goal, but from there the tables turned and they outscored the Terrapins 9-4 on their way to a huge victory.Fannell’s play swung the momentum back to the Buckeyes after Maryland had scored 5 goals in a row, 2 of those coming early in the second period. OSU was able to get within 3 goals of the Terrapins by halftime, including the second goal by Fannell, his 21st of the season.Fannell didn’t stop there, scoring back-to-back goals within a minute of each other early in the third period to put the Buckeyes within one. He capped off his day by giving OSU the lead midway through the fourth quarter, giving him a total of 24 goals this season.“I have to give credit to my teammates, they got me open,” Fannell said. “I played within the system and that helped us end up on the positive end. Any of our offensive players could have done what I did today and I couldn’t be prouder of them.”Fannell was also involved in the final play of the game, taking the first shot that ricocheted off the goal to senior midfield Johnny Pearson, who scored the game-winning goal. The left-handed Fannell used his right hand to take the shot, which gave Pearson the chance to score.“If I didn’t take it right-handed, I would have had to pull it out or I would have got stripped so I just fired,” Fannell said. “Coach is always telling me I got to use my right hand. My stick was feeling good tonight so I had to take it and I’m glad it worked out.”OSU coach Nick Myers credited Fannell along with all the seniors on stepping up in a huge game, one that clinched the Buckeyes a spot in the Big Ten tournament.“It’s the seniors. At this time of year you got to lean on those guys,” Myers said. “All across the field you saw seniors stepping up and making plays you expect seniors to make.”As for Fannell, it was quite a way to go out in his final home game.“It’s an amazing feeling beating a program like Maryland especially for how historical of a program it is,” he said. “Doing it in front of all of our families is amazing, it’s one of the best feelings I’ve had in my life.”The Buckeyes take on Rutgers next Saturday in the final game of the regular season. read more

Whale watchers warned to stay away from humpback spotted off south Devon

first_imgHundreds of people gather at Slapton Sands in Devon to get a glimpse of the Humpback Whale seen in the sea in the area Hundreds of people gather at Slapton Sands in Devon to get a glimpse of the Humpback Whale seen in the sea in the areaCredit:Paul Slater Images Ltd “I am convinced the adult whale is not well – it is too far south, and it’s in completely in the wrong place.”It should be in the middle of the Atlantic, and it’s rare to see one on its own.”I was really hoping it was a Minke whale, as we occasionally see them off the coast here, and they move through and they’re fine. But this is a humpback and it is obviously in trouble.”There is nothing we can do for it unfortunately, and the last thing we need is people going out in boats to take photos of it.”She fears the whale will ‘beach’ and get stranded.”At that point it would be game over. If that happens, the best thing would be for someone to go and put it out of its misery, anything else is just prolonging its suffering and stressing the animal out.” She said it is being harassed by boats after moving to Start Bay from Slapton Ley where it was sighted in mid-week.Harassment of whales can result in a £5,000 fine or even a prison sentence through the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.The Devon and Severn Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority promised to be on scene shortly to police the area.It’s feared Storm Doris has blown the gentle giant and her calf to the West Country coast. Humpback whales are one of the biggest creatures on the planet.They can grow up to thirty tons and stretch to 50ft in length, but it seems  her strength wasn’t enough to withstand Dotty.She was first spotted floundering in the storm-lashed waves 100 yards off the coast at Slapton Ley earlier this week.Though its cavernous mouth could swallow a car, it is totally harmless – it loves to hoover up a ‘soup’ of millions of micropscopic plankton with every gulp.Humpbacks cover vast distances – often spending part of the year in Antarctica then deserting the South Pole to swim up towards the seas around the North Pole, sometimes pitching up in Beitish waters. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.center_img Concerns are growing for a rare whale and its calf which has been spotted close into shore at a British beauty spot Police have warned whale enthusiasts to stay away from a humpback spotted off the south Devon coast.  Dozens of sightseers have been scrambling aboard boats to get close enough to take photos of the whale after she was swept towards the shore with her baby.Crowds have been drawn to the area, but a police spokesman said: “Please do not go anywhere near it on a boat”.Wildlife expert Linda Hingley, from Brixham Seawatch, said she believes the mother whale is is lost.She said the noise from boat engines will add to the mother whale’s distress and disorientation and reduce their chances of survival. Concerns are growing for a rare whale and its calf which has been spotted close into shore at a British beauty spotCredit: MIKE LANGMAN/APEXlast_img read more

Take a coat Hail and thunderstorms to hit the country today

first_imgMET ÉIREANN HAS issued a second orange alert in two days, as thunderstorms and hail get set to hit the country.Yesterday saw high winds and rain sweep across the country, with gales of up to 100km per hour reported.The weather service has reissued the orange alert status, telling people to be prepared for thundery downpours.It will be windy throughout the day, with some high winds expected. Thundery downpours will increase the risk of spot flooding. Bright and sunny spells will develop, however.Tonight will be cold and windy, with showers. Many of the showers, Met Éireann say that some of these showers will be thundery or hail.For those in the hills and mountains, there is a chance of snow.It will be cold right across the country, with lowest temperatures of one to five degrees.Read: Batten down the hatches: Winds of over 100km per hour expected todaylast_img read more

Android Market 50000 applications disponibles

first_imgAndroid Market : 50.000 applications disponiblesÉtats-Unis – Google tente de rattraper Apple dans la course aux applications pour mobiles. Son Android Market a atteint les 50.000 applications, mais il reste loin derrière l’App Store de la firme à la pomme, toujours leader sur le marché.Google accélère le mouvement et vient de franchir un cap important. Les possesseurs de smartphones HTC, Motorola ou d’un Googlephone peuvent désormais faire leurs emplettes parmi un catalogue de 50.000 applications. Une performance pour le géant américain puisque, pour le seul mois d’avril, 8.700 programmes sont venus s’ajouter à l’Android Market. Néanmoins, Google reste loin derrière l’App Store, leader incontesté comptant pas moins de 180.000 applications. Le reste de la concurrence est loin derrière, les utilisateurs de Blackberry ne pouvant par exemple profiter “que” de 5.000 applications. Statistiquement, six applications sur dix sont gratuites sur l’Android Market. Une tactique payante ? Le 27 avril 2010 à 11:26 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more