How to create good keywords by leveraging the intercepted traffic website title

as an example to take stone forum founder Robin is responsible for the site


ROBIN, I will not say (I believe we all know), how do the wheat bags Shanghai dragon, we all know that Taobao search, taobao贵族宝贝 is in five way (of course, part of the reason is because of the reason, wheat bags also love Shanghai large taxpayer brand after all the policy for the protection of the two words) in the index add up to about 1600000, even if Taobao search, taobao贵族宝贝 and most of the people on the wheat bags have little interest, but after all, a high index to the extreme, as is also the main shopping for the wheat bags even if it is only a few percent of the conversion rate, is not very the value of the philippines. In the wheat bags here, leveraging Taobao keyword, taobao贵族宝贝 is wheat bags, is through the optimization keywords others site and their related websites to promote the development of their own website. About wheat bags I will not say, said the following Robin launched in July the United States and the United States mall. read more

Not only is the chain website ranking social media decided to allow users to participate in the Shan

love Shanghai sharing is a website to help users to increase the social web content function of a simple tool to share, love Shanghai share in the Lee team information >


in the past, the user demand is to find some useful information on the Internet, and now the user is not only able to find valuable information, but also the shortest time out of the most valuable information, users want to get to choose in the search process. Especially after the rise of social media, more and more users to participate in the search of the selection, evaluation, sharing, praise, etc. are reproduced spewing out, and these are through the search platform to stimulate and influence other potential users, even a lot of behavior needs sharing and social comment form. read more

Shanghai Longfeng for some good reasons for your occupation career

good money!

there are many facts have proved that Shanghai dragon is a development of occupation. From the earliest stone interaction, and now the Shanghai dragon why, Zac, Xiao rain, cold, and exchange.

in fact, when customers find people do, they will expect to hire people to make their websites are very friendly to search engines, so if you as a good designer and Shanghai Longfeng expert, you will become a truly valuable talent. On the other hand, many companies will cooperate with the Shanghai dragon, because they think, so they can focus on their main business areas to expand the business, and you only need to be responsible for good search engine optimization work. read more

The enterprise website chain seven principle

Two, quality is higher than the number of

do a lot of stationmaster people always say that the construction of the chain is very large, indeed, now many blog Post Bar began to control the foreign chain. But does not mean that the chain can’t do, but you need to spend more time and skills to build him, here, Xiaobian to explain the principle of the construction of the chain, Shanghai dragon Er to read carefully.


four, the correlation between

quality over quantity, the low quality of the external links you get more than a high quality external link function. Don’t put the number of external links as you work index, be sure to put the quality in front of, or just in vain. Special software group opposed to using the garbage outside the chain, it might be able to get a result, but in the long term may lead to your site is down right. The principle of external links is actually aimed at the artificial construction of the external links deliberately, for the new station, the station is also the last ditch. If it is true to high quality original content to win the website, the chain construction may even artificial is not necessary, so don’t have to follow, the amount of external links is enough. read more

SEM data analysis and optimization of core operation means share tips


1, the entire account control, this is very important, a train locomotive is very important, is to grasp the whole account and the direction of optimization, the optimization is the first account account set up body setting operation of each point is in place, followed by the accounts of the budget is to cooperate with the efforts to put the account or enterprise according to the

SEM data analysis mainly analyzes what

2, implementation strategies, here we focus on keyword mining, TBEA is very important mining value on keyword mining is not the more the better, but by some techniques of techniques and methods of collection and analysis of key words is of value to the user or to cooperate with the customer about the needs of our question answering read more

The analysis engine rankings affect the search behavior of users

pop-up rate, access time, access the index page number of these sites reflect milk degree, also can be the toolbar records. Pop up rate is low, the longer residence time, visit the page number, indicating the site user experience better, may have a positive impact on the ranking.


this is the most direct factor, the error is greatest. Especially the Alexa rankings, because the sample distribution is not uniform, and easy to cheat, and website real traffic often varies greatly. But the site overall flow in a certain extent after all that the popularity of websites. read more

Shanghai dragon space are compressed Shanghai Longfeng enterprises and practitioners on how to deal

from a few years since June, we can see the love Shanghai algorithm is continuously updated, constant reports of the site is K, a site innocent, as a member of the Shanghai dragon army practitioners also feel this year Shanghai dragon industry space is being compressed. Previously heard of the ZAC interview with Albert on the court, he proposed the present stage Shanghai Longfeng needs more refinement, more professional. We see the construction of many domestic Shanghai Longfeng general practitioners or stay in the chain. With space narrowing, as Shanghai Longfeng enterprises and ordinary Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, how to adapt to this change? How to avoid being eliminated because of the narrow space and Shanghai dragon? The author based in Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon dragon enterprise practitioners to share their views points. read more

The quality of the user experience should learn to make friends with the user

user thinking

thinking is rational, different sites are different in thinking in the continuous development and expansion, and to further thinking, first after the user enters the site is to get what I can in the website, and the second thing is to think about the user’s website content in the end whether accord with his own therefore, as a webmaster must stand in the user’s point of view on our website content in the footsteps and keep the user how to let users second times website? This requires website value, create more value to meet the needs of users, this is the two sides can be used as a friend the core. read more

The interpretation of love Shanghai mobile search algorithm for ice bucket

through the point above we can see that some time ago just released a white paper already contains all the so-called bucket algorithm, people think that there is no need to publish such a thing, even if it is to release also posted something with mobile search features. > and

this is our website to see about the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform officially released " love Shanghai mobile search bucket algorithm " the article, I learned that yesterday, August 22nd is the love of Shanghai Webmaster Platform released the information, see this message, love Shanghai official special short, but still contains a lot of information. read more

Zhan Chenghong analysis of Shanghai Longfeng link building

has done a lot of garbage station friends would find some page content quality is not very high, but because the link relationship to get a good ranking, (such as a station. My Shanghai Kakichi express 贵族宝贝jiajicn贵族宝贝 Shanghai Shanghai 贵族宝贝 logistics) love the performance of search results is also very good so, everyone agreed that if considering the side effect and not pay too much attention to content can be done through the chain to achieve results in a short period of time, in fact, here I personally agree, of course is not all, after all links are behind the content of. read more