Do the winter of station really arrive A stationmaster’s helpless

blink of an eye, officially began to site has been almost a year. It began in 08 January 21st. When the application domain name to renew time. In this year, just started smoothly, from the site template production completed to be included in Baidu, Google, etc., still relatively fast, and more normal. No, 3 months, my keyword "computer knowledge" has been on the first page, and included in the steady increase.

in May when second of my site to see Youku also launched, this website is introduced with online watch, plot is diversity plot, is to get online watch directly from Youku code. read more

After 80 Shanghai Youth website inspirational recession net recession

has been promoting

for more than a month

"valiant, spirited, together for the winter!" in the financial turmoil that when the deep chill, several Shanghai no fixed occupation of white-collar workers started a "recession" website, this "cheer" slogan heart warming.

website founder, said the website is to encourage yourself and white-collar workers, and to provide a decompression and opportunities to find the stage. Over the past month or so, the Internet has registered more than 10000 people. The media both at home and abroad have reported spontaneously, and the small websites have shown a prosperous climate. read more

A personal webmaster how Cup for power

recently wandering in the webmaster BBS or webmaster QQ group, can be seen everywhere "Cup" word. Personal webmaster really come to a cup on the road, saw a very funny illegal information before writing this article, the webmaster of the site is "Zhangjiakou" outing "net", owners complain of being wronged and harmonious, see this message, I really feel very helpless and cups.

so how personal Adsense to treat the Internet campaign? First, for most of our personal webmaster, you have the ability to change this fact? Have the ability to do the PR work? The answer is yes, of course, no way. Anhui many webmaster was 9158 implicated, personal website was closed, but the source of 9158 still incredibly can’t stand up, this is the cup. In fact, we only have to forbear, only to face, when you are not strong enough, you only change yourself, improve yourself, make yourself stronger. Now the individual owners in this stage, for now the upper reaches of the station, the signal will tell us, please pull team, standardized operation of their website, but not like before a web site. This is a personal reshuffle of the webmaster. read more