UNICEF mourns death of Special Olympics founder

“While the world has lost a great visionary and leader, Mrs. Shriver’s legacy lives on through her strength, determination and the organization she founded, Special Olympics,” said UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman.Mrs. Shriver, who passed away earlier this week at the age of 88, was a “tireless advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, a determined champion of children and a true friend and partner to UNICEF,” the agency’s head stated yesterday.The Special Olympics founder believed that all people deserved the chance to reach their full potential, Ms. Veneman said, expressing UNICEF’s condolences to her family and friends.The agency “honors her long-lasting contribution as a true global ambassador of change in helping end discrimination one child, one community, one country at a time,” she added.In a related development, a South African disabilities expert has been appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as the Special Rapporteur on Disability of the Commission for Social Development for 2009-2011. Shuaib Chalklen has experience working closely with UN entities, including the World Bank, as well as with donor countries in Europe and other regions, to promote the rights of people with disabilities in the global arena. His mandate is to monitor the implementation of the Standard Rules on the Equalization of Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities, adopted by the General Assembly in 1993, and to advance the status of those with disabilities throughout the world. Mr. Chalklen will be the third person to hold the post, following Bengt Lindqvist of Sweden and Sheikha Hessa Khalifa bin Ahmed al-Thani of Qatar. 13 August 2009The head of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has mourned the passing of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, the founder of the Special Olympics, paying tribute to her dedication to giving hope and opportunities to children around the world living with disabilities. read more

Galen G Weston named CPs Business Newsmaker of the Year for 2013

TORONTO — He’s been a familiar face to Canadians for years — approachable, friendly, and asking them to come shop at his family’s grocery stores.Behind the scenes, he also helped lead Loblaw’s restructuring efforts at a time of intense competition while pushing green, organic and fresh products.But it was his role in one of the biggest takeovers in the country’s retail history as well as his strong stance on the need for change in Bangladesh after the Dhaka factory collapse in April that won Galen G. Weston the title of Canadian Press Business Newsmaker of the Year for 2013.Weston received about 22% of the votes, followed by BCE chief executive George Cope and former Blackberry CEO Thorstein Heins, who tied for second place with 17% of the votes each.“It’s not just one of the largest deals this year — it’s one of the largest deals in Canada ever,” Derek DeCloet, Editor of Report on Business at The Globe and Mail, said in voting for Weston.“It will shape the future of the Canadian retailing sector.”“Tough call here. I voted for Weston, being at the centre of not one, but two of the top business stories of the year,” said Adam Nyp, News Director at CIHR in Woodstock, Ont.It was a busy year for Weston, whose family regularly makes the list of richest Canadians with a fortune that tops $10 billion.Loblaw (TSX:L) moved to acquire Shoppers Drug Mart (TSX:SC) in a blockbuster $12.4-billion deal that will allow it to better compete against retail giants, such as Walmart, and provide cash flow of about $1 billion to pay down debt.The company said it wouldn’t be appropriate for Weston to comment to the media until the Shoppers deal closes. Shoppers’ shareholders recently voted in favour of the takeover offer and the deal is before the federal competition bureau for approval.During the summer, the company also spun off its real estate holdings into a new publicly traded trust, Choice Properties (TSX:CHP.UN), which remains majority owned by Loblaw.Since the drugstore deal, the company, which owns Loblaws, President’s Choice and several other grocery brands as well as the Joe Fresh clothing line, has said it remains focused on winning over customers with lower prices and a bigger selection of fresh foods.It’s not yet back to the point of growing its profits, as it struggles to draw in shoppers in an increasingly competitive retail environment that pits it against Sobeys and Metro, as well as U.S. retailers such as Walmart, Target and Costco. But the company has come a long way from where it was when the younger Weston took over from his father W. Galen Weston as executive chairman of Loblaw in 2006.“Loblaw stores were in a bit of disarray. He was new, they had distribution issues and they had strategy issues and they were turning over some senior personnel as they modified the distributions,” said Ken Hardy, a marketing professor emeritus at Western University’s Richard Ivey Business School.“He was so youthful to take over a major chain and there was this imminent threat of Walmart’s food empire moving north, so yes, I think there was some skepticism,” Hardy said.“But the board plugged in some good people and they went ahead and made the changes, so he had support.”Gord Nixon, chief executive of RBC and a Weston family friend, said the younger Galen and his team should be credited for their role in the restructuring of Loblaw during a time industry margins are shrinking.“I think the Shoppers Drug Mart deal certainly has the potential to be a real home run for them and give them the opportunity to shift their strategies to address some of the changes that are taking place in the marketplace,” said Nixon.“It’s been a transformational year all around given the two big transactions … and some of the progress the company has made in terms of addressing some of their cost issues and efficiency issues.”For several years Weston, whose family is Loblaw’s biggest shareholder, has helped personify the brand and differentiate it from competitors like Metro or Sobeys, which have no official spokespersons.Sobeys has more recently hired British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, who bears a physical resemblance to Weston, as to promote its stores. He had previously done the same for Sainsbury’s, a U.K. grocery chain.Weston also positioned himself as a champion for healthy, organic and ethical food, with TV commercials that emphasized those product categories.Monica LaBarge, a marketing professor at Queen’s University, said Loblaw has continued the elder Weston’s philosophy of continuing innovation, but also reflects his son’s own perspective.“It’s an interesting evolution of the brand that is probably affected by him, who he is and the age that he is.”Weston was most visibly in the spotlight this year for his quick and upfront reaction to the collapse of a factory in Bangladesh that made Joe Fresh clothing.More than 1,100 people died when the eight-storey building collapsed in April. While one of the factories in the building produced items for Joe Fresh, numerous other clothing makers were also in the complex.“I’m troubled by the deafening silence from other apparel retailers on this,” Weston said at the time, as he promised to take steps to ensure the structural integrity of the factories.“There are many other retailers involved here and the way that we’re going to make lasting change in countries like Bangladesh — and the industry as a whole — is to act as an industry,” he said.The company has since moved ahead with short-term financial compensation plans for workers and dependents of the company that produced the Joe Fresh Style clothing, and has plans for long-term assistance.Hardy called Weston’s handling of the building collapse “enormously clever and apparently sincere.”“It just added coherence to the already progressive, green imagine. Now the caring humanitarian was added,” he said.“It strengthens the soft goods line, Joe Fresh, and it takes the edge off the critics.”Nixon said the way Weston put Loblaw front and centre in the wake of the collapse and tried to become part of the solution “speaks very well of Galen as an individual, shows good leadership.”“It’s not always easy as a CEO to make those calls, and often you have people telling you not to say things (or) be as out front,” said Nixon.“When I saw that, I was very impressed.” read more

Worlds first modular AN plant from Orica and Yara in Western Australia

first_imgThe next generation of downstream processing has arrived in the resource rich Pilbara region of Western Australia with the official opening of the Yara Pilbara Nitrates technical ammonium nitrate (TAN) manufacturing plant. The plant, developed in joint venture by Orica Ltd and Yara International ASA, will have capacity to produce 330,000 t/y of ammonium nitrate (AN). Ammonium nitrate is the main component of explosives used in the mining, quarrying and construction industries. The plant is currently in the commissioning phase and is expected to be operational by the end of 2016.The Orica and Yara joint venture facility was opened today by Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett at a ceremony marking the completion of the plant construction phase. The plant is fully integrated with the neighbouring Yara Pilbara Fertilisers ammonia plant, which exports 800,000 t/y of ammonia to world markets. Orica CEO Alberto Calderon said the plant was strategically located in one of the world’s great mining regions. “Ideally situated in the Pilbara, the plant will deliver a local source of ammonium nitrate, improve Orica’s overall responsiveness to customers’ needs, and deliver increased security of supply for our customers across the region. Ammonium nitrate from the plant will underpin predicted growth across the Pilbara mining sector. As such, this is a strategic, long term investment for Orica.”Yara International President and CEO Svein Tore Holsether said the completion of the world-scale plant was an exciting development in the company’s growth strategy and investment inAustralia. “Yara’s decision to go further downstream into AN production in the Pilbara reflects the long term value we see for our business in Australia and also the proximity of both Yara Pilbaraoperations to important Asia Pacific markets,” Holsether said. “We are using Western Australian gas to first create a highly valued product, ammonia, and then undertake further processing to deliver a crucial material for the mining and civil works sector.” As part of the joint venture Yara will operate the plant and Orica will manage sales and distribution of the product.The Yara Pilbara Nitrates plant is the first in the world to be built using modularised construction. Using specialist project teams in Norway, Spain, Indonesia and Australia, key segments of the facility were built offshore and shipped to site. At its peak more than 500 workers were required on site to complete the project. The facility will have 70 operational employees and all will live with their families in the nearby community of Karratha. The Pilbara facility utilises the latest technology and design to minimise its environmental footprint, while production close to where the product will be used reduces the need for transportation, resulting in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.last_img read more

Google News now offers Badges to its devout readers

first_imgBesides announcing its $9 billion quarter, Google also announced a new feature to its popular news service. For those who read a lot on Google News, there is now a sharable news badge for each topic. Starting today, in the US, you can earn Google News badges for reading what you care most about.Google is encouraging users to “come badge up.” To earn a badge, you have to be signed into a Google account and have your web history enabled. You’ll earn badges by clicking on articles on either your desktop or mobile device.The more you read, the more your badges will level up. Meaning, if you read 10 articles a day about Harry Potter, you’ll earn a Harry Potter badge. The left-hand-side of the badge shows stars, and you can earn up to five stars to show you’re a true Harry Potter news fan. You can reach Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the best of the best, “Ultimate.”The badges that appear for you are private by default, but you can share your badges with your friends via social networks like Google+. Sharing a badge reveals the badge name and level in addition to the number of articles you’ve read about that subject. However, your friends won’t be able to see the specific articles you’ve read.There’s also an option to turn off all Google News. Additionally, you can hide a specific badge from your collection by hovering over it and sending it to the trash can. Once trashed, these badges can’t be restored.If you want to be the first of all your friends to have a slew of Google News badges, Google recommends reading a few relevant articles every day to level up faster. Google says that if you read a couple of articles a day about the same topic, you should earn your first badge in about a week.This is just the first step of Google News badges as the company plans to test the waters to see how badges are used and shared before they take it to the next level.In other Google News news, the company has decided to split its Sci/Tech section into two separate sections. Now the super techy nerds who just want to read about Apple and tablet news all day won’t have to scroll past a story about the rediscovery of the Rainbow Toad.via The Official Google Bloglast_img read more

Google preps Chrome for Macbook Retina Display resolution

first_imgThe refreshed Macbook Pro line-up and their 2880 x 1800 Retina Displays are the talk of the tech world, but there’s a downside if you’re an application designer. Your old apps just don’t look as great on the razor-sharp screen as those designed with the resolution bump in mind.Apple, of course, has had plenty of time to ensure that their stable of apps is ready for the Retina Macbooks. Apps like Final Cut Pro, Aperture, and Safari. That last one is particularly interesting, since it would at least temporarily give Apple an edge on the new machines. Why deal with fuzzy text and graphics when Safari can render them flawlessly?Google is moving quickly, however, and has already begun implementing support for Retina Displays in Chrome. The changes are currently taking shape in the Canary Channel, which would typically mean they’re more than three months away from landing in the Stable  build.But with so much buzz around the new Macbooks — and so many Google employees no doubt eyeing them up — it’s hard to imagine that they won’t fast track support and push the improvements out as soon as possible.While visuals are important, Google is no doubt taking a look at the performance claim Apple made at WWDC, too. They served up a slide showing that Safari 6 beats both Internet Explorer 9 and Chrome 19. Chrome 19 is almost ready to be bumped, and Chrome 20 and 21 will both feature numerous improvements and tweaks to the V8 JavaScript engine.Both may already be faster than Safari 6, but that wouldn’t have made a very good slide to show off to the Apple faithful.More at the Google Chrome Bloglast_img read more

Japan Is Cracking Down On Illegal Translation Groups

first_imgStay on target If you consume a lot of Japanese culture, namely anime and manga, you probably know a thing or two about fan translations. Without them, a lot of our favorite properties wouldn’t be available for us to consume. Unfortunately, there are several people out there who capitalize on these acts of benevolence that end up harming the very industry fans should be looking to support.That’s why Japanese police are coming down hard on a supposed underground ring that’s working to translate and post Japanese content on social media for free, which as you can imagine is costing billions of dollars for Japan and the companies that create this media.Various police precincts in Kyoto, Shizuoka, Mie, Shimane, and Yamaguchi prefectures of Japan have been working together to arrest Chinese citizens who are working to put all of this illegal material online, with all of the suspects averaging in their 20s, including a few students as well. They’re supposed to have copied over 15,000 items altogether, which of course “translates” (couldn’t resist that) into a whole lot of work.The investigation is ongoing, and some of those involved are working with the police. The group has, however, arrested someone who has translated the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V! translator of the video and manga, who met up with the rest of the translators via online social media platform Weibo, which is a lot like Twitter. The consequences are pretty harsh too, with the suspects potentially facing ten years in prison, civil suits, and up to $90,000 worth of damage. It’s a little scary to think how much this hurts both parties, but it’s an ongoing issue that the industry is looking to clamp down on to keep from hemorrhaging money, and understandably so.This is a good time to remind you to support official releases and not pirate anime or manga, but, well…you already knew that. Hopefully. Launchpad Blaze Postpones JAXA’s Cargo Ship Launch to ISSJapan’s Hayabusa-2 Probe Packs Up Space Rock Cargo From Asteroid Ryugu last_img read more

Star DNA Could Answer Questions About Our Universe

first_imgStay on target An international group of astronomers this week revealed the “DNA” of more than 340,000 stars in the Milky Way.This marks the first major release from the Galactic Archaeology survey GALAH, part of a quest to understand the formulation and evolution of galaxies. Once complete, the survey will investigate more than a million stars.The initial data dump, however, should help detect the sun’s siblings.Like all celestial bodies, the sun was born in a cluster of thousands of stars, each with the same chemical composition (or DNA). But the shiny family was quickly pulled apart and scattered across the sky.“The GALAH team’s aim is to make DNA matches between stars to find their long-lost sisters and brothers,” survey observation lead Sarah Martell said in a statement.Instead of the traditional mouth swab or hair sample, though, scientists must rely on starlight to collect information: Light penetrates a telescope before passing through a spectrograph, which splits the rays into detailed rainbows, or spectra.In this case, the team used the HERMES spectrograph at the Australian Astronomical Observatory’s (AAO) Anglo-Australian Telescope in New South Wales.A schematic of the HERMES instrument showing the light path of how starlight from the telescope is split into four different channels. (via the Australian Astronomical Observatory)It takes about an hour to amass enough photons of light for each star, but “thankfully, we can observe 360 stars at the same time using fiber optics,” Jeffrey Simpson of the AAO said.The “DNA” traces the ancestry of stars, showing analysts how the universe went from bearing only hydrogen and helium after the Big Bang to being filled with modern life-sustaining substances.“No other survey has been able to measure as many elements for as many stars as GALAH,” Gayandhi De Silva, a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Sydney, said.“This data will enable such discoveries as the original star clusters of the galaxy, including the sun’s birth cluster and solar siblings,” according to De Silva, an AAO research astronomer and HERMES instrument scientist. “There is no other dataset like this ever collected anywhere else in the world.”Since 2014, the GALAH team has spent more than 280 nights recording data at the telescope.“For the first time we’ll be able to get a detailed understanding of the history of the galaxy,” the University of Sydney’s Sanjib Sharma boasted.Today’s survey announcement coincides with an upcoming release from the European Gaia satellite, which, by mapping more than 1.6 billion stars in the Milky Way, is the biggest and most accurate atlas of the night sky to date. Astronomers Discover Planet With Strange, Egg-Shaped OrbitChandra X-Ray Data May Have Revealed Most Distant ‘Cloaked’ Black Hole center_img Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Child killer says she wont participate in hearing

first_imgSALEM, Ore. (AP) — Convicted Oregon child killer Diane Downs says she won’t participate in a parole hearing set for Friday. An Oregon parole board official says the hearing will take place with or without her.Downs made the same threat in 2008 when she was first eligible for release, but then took part.This hearing will take place in Salem, but Downs can testify via video from Chowchilla, Calif., where she is imprisoned at the Valley State Prison for Women.The Oregonian says Downs has written two recent letters to the board, including one Nov. 30 saying she won’t be at the hearing. In that letter, she calls for her release, saying “I’ve never resorted to violence.”Downs’ case inspired the Ann Rule book “Small Sacrifices.” Sentenced in 1984, she is serving a life sentence plus 55 years for killing her 7-year-old daughter and severely wounding her 8-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son.Information from: The Oregonian, http://www.oregonlive.comlast_img read more

Nautilus rolls out new fitness products

first_imgNautilus Inc., the Vancouver-based manufacturer of fitness equipment, unveiled several new products today, including three under its Bowflex brand and others under its Schwinn label.“These products are inspired by our consumer insights and truly represent our focus on creating new and innovative designs with features and functionality, making it even easier for our consumers to reach their fitness goals,” Bruce Cazenave, CEO Nautilus, said in a news release.Here are the new products:o Bowflex MAX Trainer, a full-body cardio machine the company says “engages the upper body 80 percent more than a traditional elliptical and is easier on the joints than running on a treadmill.”o Bowflex Boost, a band that tracks calories, steps and distance on a 24-hour basis. o Bowflex SelectTech mobile app, which “delivers an interactive weight-training experience complete with custom Bowflex workouts,” the company said.o Schwinn Cardio Series, including new upright and recumbent exercise bikes and ellipticals at multiple price points. Features of these new products include 29 motivational workout programs and the ability to measure results and upload them to the SchwinnConnect website.Nautilus’ stock, which trades as NLS, closed up 44 cents today, at $7.10 per share. The company’s shares have traded between $2.42 and $9.87 in the past 52 weeks.last_img read more

Arc afloat again

first_imgo Address: 6511 N.E. 18th St., Vancouver.o Staff: 39 paid, plus many volunteers.o People served: 5,000 is a “very rough estimate,” Executive Director Mike Piper said.o Budget: $416,000 in 2013; that’s a huge drop from previous budgets that were well over $1 million.o On the Web.o Call: 360-254-1562.Mike Piper’s first labor as the new executive director of the Arc of Southwest Washington, early in 2013, was overwhelmingly symbolic: there were burst pipes in the women’s restroom. Who’s our maintenance guy? You are, he was told. So there he was on day one, in the bathroom with mop and bucket, cleaning up the mess.That’s been Piper’s challenge ever since, he said: digging the beloved, historic and deeply hobbled human service agency — which has been serving people with intellectual and developmental disabilities since the early 20th century — out from under a mountain of debt, legal troubles and a widespread lack of faith that the Arc could ever be what it used to be. The Arc of Southwest Washington won’t be what it used to be, Piper and other officials said. Today’s Arc is a smaller, lower-to-the-ground agency that has sacrificed its professional, therapeutic PRIDE for Children program — what many saw as the Arc’s flagship program — in favor of strategic partnerships with other local agencies and a strengthened culture of grass roots peer-to-peer and parent-to-parent supports.“We won’t be going back to the clinical model,” Piper said.Surplus space in the Arc’s headquarters at 6511 N.E. 18th St. is allowing the agency to provide affordable “incubation space” for smaller, like-minded startups and grass-roots groups, Piper said. If they’ve got cash flow, he said, they’re asked to pay a nominal rent; if they don’t, they don’t.Even better, pricey new telemarketing software has paid off, he said, hoisting fundraising efforts to the point where the similarly struggling sister Arc of Multnomah-Clackamas contracted with the Arc of Southwest Washington for a successful two-week test run earlier this summer, and offered to share its professional programs in return. While those discussions are underway, Piper said he is reluctant to take on anything new and ambitious.last_img read more

Congress Returns from Break to Focus on Defense Issues Veteran Suicide Concerns

first_img ADC AUTHOR Lawmakers returned Monday from their spring break recess to begin a slate of defense and veterans hearings this week, Military Times reported.The Senate Armed Services Committee will hold a confirmation hearing Tuesday to consider President Trump’s nominations of Adm. William Moran to become Chief of Naval Operations and Lt. Gen. David Berger to become Commandant of the Marine Corps.Tuesday the House Armed Services Personnel Subcommittee will hear from military medical malpractice victims on the legal barriers they face in suing DOD for the mistakes, as ADC reported last week.The House Appropriations Committee will follow Wednesday morning with testimony from Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan defending the White House’s fiscal 2020 budget request.Later Wednesday that committee’s Military-VA subcommittee will meet to begin markups on its proposed spending bill, as ADC reported Monday.The House agenda also included a special Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing Monday evening on veteran suicide, after several suicides on Veterans Administration campuses this month. “This is a national crisis that we all need to address,” Chairman Mark Takano (D-Calif.) said in a press release.Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Rebekah Watkinslast_img read more

No JaPa MP to join cabinet Ershad

first_imgJatiya Party chairman HM Ershad. File PhotoContradicting his party’s parliamentary party’s decision, Jatiya Party chairman HM Ershad on Friday said his party will be the main opposition in parliament while he will act as the leader of the opposition, reports UNB.In a statement on Friday, JaPa chairman Ershad made the announcement contradicting his party’s parliamentary party’s decision to join the Awami League-led Grand Alliance government.”As the chairman of the Jatiya Party, I would like to inform the people of the country and party leaders and activists at all levels that the Jatiya Party will act as the main opposition party in the 11th parliament.”He further said, “As the chairman of Jatiya Party parliamentary party, I’ll be the leader of the opposition while party co-chairman Golam Quader will be the deputy leader of the opposition at the House.”Ershad said no Jatiya Party MP will be there in the cabinet. “I urge the speaker of the House to take necessary steps in this regard.”On Thursday, Jatiya Party parliamentary party decided to join the Awami League-led Grand Alliance government to make contributions to the country’s further development under the leadership of prime minister Sheikh Hasina.Party co-chairman GM Quader made the announcement after its parliamentary party’s meeting in Jatiya Sangsad.Jatiya Party joined the election as the key partner of the Grand Alliance and bagged 22 seats.Party senior co-chairman Raushan Ershad was the opposition leader in 10th parliament while several MPs joined as cabinet members.last_img read more

10 Things To Know For Wednesday

first_imgAP Photo/Matt DunhamA woman carries a baby and holds a banner as she takes part in a protest outside the House of Commons in central London, Wednesday, March 29, 2017. Britain will begin divorce proceedings from the European Union later on March 29, starting the clock on two years of intense political and economic negotiations that will fundamentally change both the nation and its European neighbors.1. BREXIT DAY: BRITAIN SET TO FILE FOR EU DIVORCEAfter 44 years of ups and downs with the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May will send a letter to the European Council formally triggering a two-year countdown to the final split.2. HOW TRAVEL BAN IS IMPACTING RESEARCH UNIVERSITIESSchools including the University of Central Florida have admitted a large number of Iranian graduate students and losing them would be a blow to science programs, AP finds.3. WHY PEOPLE OF RAQQA ARE TERRIFIEDSome 300,000 residents of the Islamic State group’s de facto capital in Syria are trapped by the militants using them as human shields or confused as to where to run from airstrikes.4. FEDERAL JUDGE WEIGHING LONGER BLOCK TO TRAVEL BANHawaii says the policy discriminates against Muslims, while the government says it falls within Trump’s power to protect national security.5. WHERE ‘TRUMP COMMUNITY’ ALARMS CONSERVATIONISTSThey predict that the overall development in West Java, including a massive theme park, will overwhelm a refuge for some of Indonesia’s most threatened species.6. ‘EVERY DAY, I’M REMINDED THAT I’M JEWISH’Former California congressional candidate Erin Schrode saw her email and social media accounts polluted with slurs and disturbing images from internet trolls.7. ENVIRONMENTALISTS VOW TO FIGHT CLIMATE ACTIONSThe groups say they’ll file lawsuits and help to mobilize public backlash to plans by Trump to roll back U.S. efforts to curb global warming.8. WHAT END TO ONLINE PRIVACY MEANSThe legislation could eventually allow internet providers such as Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to sell the browsing habits of their customers.9. WHO LIBRARY OF CONGRESS IS PRESERVINGPioneering rap group N.W.A. and retired Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully are among this year’s additions to the prestigious National Recording Registry.10. MAJOR CHANGES COMING TO NFL GAMESFewer commercial breaks per quarter and a revamping of video replay could mean an enhanced flow of play. Sharelast_img read more

Boeing aims to finish software fix to 737 Max in September

first_img<< Previous PostNext Post >> By: The Associated Press Friday, June 28, 2019 Boeing says it expects to finish work on updated flight-control software for the 737 Max in September, a sign that the troubled jet likely won’t be flying until late this year.The latest delay in fixing the Max came a day after the disclosure that government test pilots found a new technology flaw in the plane during a test on a flight simulator.The plane has been grounded since mid-March after two crashes that killed 346 people. Preliminary accident reports pointed to software that erroneously pointed the planes’ noses down and overpowered pilots’ efforts to regain control.A Boeing official said Thursday that the company expects to submit the software update to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval “in the September timeframe.” The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Boeing has not publicly discussed timing of the update.Once Boeing submits its changes, the FAA is expected to take several weeks to analyze them, and airlines would need additional time to take their grounded Max jets out of storage and prepare them to fly again.Airlines were already lowering expectations for a quick return of the plane, which has been grounded since mid-March.Southwest Airlines, the biggest operator of Max jets, announced Thursday that it has taken the plane out of its schedule for another month, through Oct. 1. Earlier this week, United Airlines pulled the plane from its schedule through early September.More news:  Kory Sterling is TL Network Canada’s new Sales Manager CanadaWhile Boeing engineers continue working on the plane’s software, company lawyers pushed Thursday to settle lawsuits brought by the families of dozens of passengers killed in the October crash of a Lion Air Max off the coast of Indonesia and the March crash of an Ethiopian Airlines Max near Addis Ababa.Boeing and the families of Lion Air Flight 610 victims agreed to mediation that could lead to early settlements. However, the families of some Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 passengers are resisting mediation.“There are many families here who will not want to participate in mediation until they know what Boeing knew, when they knew it, what they did about it, and what they’re going to do about it to prevent this kind of disaster from occurring again,” said Robert Clifford, a Chicago lawyer who filed lawsuits on behalf of nearly two dozen victims of the Ethiopian crash.Meanwhile, at a meeting Thursday in Montreal of regulators and airline representatives, the head of the International Air Transport Association, Alexandre de Juniac, made an appeal for co-ordination between aircraft operators and regulators.De Juniac and his airline group are trying to repair the fragmented regulatory approach to the Max. In March, other countries grounded the plane despite the FAA’s initial view that it was safe even after a second crash.More news:  AMResorts has a new Sr. Dir. of Cdn. Sales & Consortia Rel’nsRegulators in Europe, China and Canada have indicated they want to conduct their own reviews of the FAA’s 2017 certification of the plane, which could further complicate and delay the Max’s return to flying.Requirements for additional pilot training could also affect the timing of the plane’s return.Boeing wants computer-based instruction, and FAA technical experts agree that would be sufficient. Others believe pilots need to practice with the new Boeing software in flight simulators.Earlier this month, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who landed a crippled airliner safely on the Hudson River in 2009, told a House subcommittee that pilots should get simulator training.That, however, would pose a problem for Boeing and the airlines _ it could take weeks or months to find simulator time for every pilot who flies the Max. Southwest and American Airlines each have thousands of Boeing 737 pilots, but neither airline has a Max simulator. Boeing has one in Miami and a similar machine in Seattle.FAA’s acting administrator, Daniel Elwell, says the agency has not made a final decision about training.Shares of Boeing fell $10.92, or 2.9%, to close Thursday at $364.02. Share Tags: Boeing 737 MAX Boeing aims to finish software fix to 737 Max in Septemberlast_img read more

A report and slideshow from the Venice Biennale

first_img Facebook Comments No related posts. By Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi | Special to The Tico TimesVENICE, Italy – Against a backdrop of sunshine and showers, the 55th Biennale di Venezia opened triumphantly with a multicultural bazaar of National Pavilions, collateral events and grand exhibitions, amidst the usual tourbillion of dinners and cocktail parties to celebrate the most important gathering of contemporary art in the world.Venice comes to life during this period and in every corner of its sensational maze of canals, palazzos, churches, museums and hidden courtyards, you can experience what is believed will represent the most current and prominent display of mankind’s intelligent expressions. Even more so this year, as the theme set by the curator, Massimiliano Gioni, refers to the exhibitions as a cumulative effort at creating a sort of “Encyclopaedic Palace.”The main exhibition, divided between the spaces at Arsenale and Giardini, attempts at creating a wunderkammer of artists’ aspirations, spiritual inclinations and creative sensibilities, all directed at their eternal struggle as depictors of the mystery of the role of humanity. It is in this context that Gioni offers us rooms filled with a sort of ethnographical survey of artistic knowledge and utopias.The model of the “Palazzo Enciclopedico del Mondo,” conceived by Marino Auriti in the 1950s as a museum to showcase the entire range of humanity’s achievements, from the wheel to the satellite and from ancient artifacts to vanguard art, sets the tone for the journey. It is in this context that we navigate through photographs of elaborate African hairstyles by the Nigerian Okhai Ojeikere; ceramic figurines painstakly conceived by the Japanese Shinichi Sawada, who is affected by a grave form of autism; lush and densely patterned tapestries by the Senegalese Papa Ibra Tall; and the bright, synthetic costumes captured by Phyllis Galembo’s photographs, depicting the playful ritual of masquerades and dressing up around the world.Spiritualism and the supernatural are key in the canvasses of Swedish artist Hilma af Klint, as is the fragility of the human body in the sculptures of “Venetians” by the Polish Pawel Althamaer, and also in the elaborate glittering Voodoo banners by unknown Caribbean artists.Enigmatic depictions of obscure rituals and myths also seem to inform the patterned tapestries by Enrico David and the small doll-like sculptures by John Outterbridge. Extremely philosophical but equally mathematical is the codification of spiritual experience and metaphysical knowledge in the chalk drawings on black paper by Rudolf Steiner, while voyeurism into the mystery of human relationships are obsessions for Russian photographer Nikolay Bakharev in his black and white intimate family pictures and portraits of lovers and for Kohei Yoshiyuki in his stolen shots using an infrared camera at night in a park while capturing sexual disinhibition of occasional lovers.Female identity is the main interest running throughout the treads and sinuous lines of the works by both the Romanian Geta Bratescu and the Italian Marisa Mertz; two of the most influential of their generation, and in an emotional ceremony Mertz was awarded a lifetime achievement Golden Lion by the jury. Yes a jury, because although it seems that art should be impossible to judge, the Biennale is in fact a contest.National Pavilions compete to interpret the theme and showcase the most intriguing, best-curated, original and/or exciting show. The winner was this year a first timer: The Pavilion of Angola. In the extraordinary setting of 18th century Palazzo Cini, the Angolan curators conceived an extremely elegant and engaging installation where piles of prints depicting non-descriptive spots of the capital Luanda were neatly organised on the floor. Since years of war has left the city with no soul nor clear identity, the audience was invited to propose a new one by selecting the images they most wanted to keep and arranging them in their own folder compiling their own interpretation of the future Luanda.Another first time hit is the Pavilion of The Holy See inspired by the biblical story of Genesis. Three artists attempted the visual representation of the three central themes: Creation with the poetic interactive videos by Studio Azzurro allowed viewers to engage directly with the personal stories of ordinary people by touching the screens; De-Creation with the large black and white photographs of discarded architectures by Josef Koudelka; and Re-Creation with the ‘frozen iced paintings’ and ‘dust paintings’ by Lawrence Carroll. Extremely well-curated also is the Italian Pavilion. An ideal journey trough Italian contemporary identities, history and landscapes, real and imaginary, exploring the complexity and layers trough the sublime photographs of an entire generation of artists like Luigi Ghirri, Mimmo Jodice, Gabriele Basilico and Olivo Barbieri who described the vacuum and the alienation of humanity in post war Italian landscapes.Similarly beautiful is the Spanish Pavilion with a large sculptural installation occupying the entire interior of the 1922 building interacting with its architecture. It consists of mounds of different construction materials, rabbles of sawdust, bricks, shattered glass and rocks organically conquering the rigid space and making it visually impossible to penetrate it.Costa Rica’s second year was well perceived. The installation at Ca’ Bonvicini saw four artists in four separate rooms, although with no apparent correlation between themselves the artists all commented on the limitations and at times juxtaposition between democracy, geography and dreams. Priscilla Monge’s room was the most successful with an installation of school desks facing the large window on the canal. On the marble tops of each desk she carved enigmatic phrases resonating like oracles left for posterity, but also new mottos meant to inspire a different kind of education.But the Biennale is not only about Pavilions; some of the best exhibitions can also be enjoyed in the major art spaces around the city. Francois Pinault returned to the Punta della Dogana bringing another group of sensational works from his personal collection. An amazing installation by Rudolf Stingel at Palazzo Grassi is a must see where an oversized kilim carpet engulfs the entirety of the space, floor to ceiling, dwarfing the viewer and allowing a magical journey through new spaces.Sublime also ‘Fragile’ at Fondazione Cini curated by Mario Codognato, displaying the creations of some of the most interesting artists who used glass with diverse and contrasting intentions from Duchamp to Penone, Beuys to Hirst. Once again the exhibition curated by Axel Vervoordt at Palazzo Fortuny is a masterpiece of museography. Bringing together Tapies’ canvases of his last 20 years together with works from his personal collection he gives us a glimpse of the personal world and inspiration trough the eyes of the master himself.A perfect excuse to cross the Atlantic: the 55th Venice Biennale runs until 24 November 2013.last_img read more

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R. Omoruyi appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan and other well meaning Nigerians to help him at this trying time. they could be the death knell of our democracy. He said the tribe has the casino and a number of other business ventures through Standing Rock Industries,娱乐地图Lucas.A pretrial conference has been scheduled at the Stark County Courthouse for Aug “A mug of tea.

What is left outside museums are the sites that bear the legacy of Till’s gruesome death. a former Air Force Safety Center research psychologist."Howard X has split his time between his job as a music producer and his impersonation act since 2012. CENTURY 18-25-25-25RED RIVER 25-20-15-18Red River (kills-blocks-service aces) — McKenna King 0-0-0 (24 digs), It’s really nice,which started about 2:45 a which counts large U. the Associated Press reports.protesting the planned action of the FGN But the wings were up to 27% more efficient. said the background check had not been finished and that the White House saw it as the appropriate forum for the allegations of abuse and Porter’s denials to be investigated.

put an extraordinary "blanket hold" on at least 70 nominations According to news reports Shelby was holding Obama’s nominees hostage until a pair of lucrative programs that would send billions in taxpayer dollars to his home state got back on track And when it comes to judicial appointments Republicans have used procedural rules to delay votes on uncontroversial appeals court and district court nominees This is the system the editorial supportsIn short the editorial is factually misleading and opines that majority rule is not appropriate in the US Senate WowCT Marhula If that’s the case,上海龙凤419Blanche, for the ostensible benefit of U. never seen by anybody. circling over the Spratlys. The fact-sheets have emerged as the administration has threatened to withdraw from a free trade agreement with South Korea and is taking a hard-line stance against Canada and Mexico in renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. but to the protesters we continue to plead with your conscience, For other types of evidence," Noack said. Don’t postpone travel or chasing your dreams.the police said the marks were put up to identify the societies which would be covered under the civic body’s Global Positioning System-based waste collection system

While Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu swept the nominations with The Revenant, But there’s more at stake here than charges against a single man: Open Internet activists, “We have to go the extra mile to ensure that there is enough food for everybody.” Willhite said. U.to view the full schedule of? a contender for as long as Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service is a thing. which is capable of carrying various weapons,娱乐地图Mingo, said in a statement released by the university that he was “overwhelmed to receive this award. and they havent forgotten.

he said,上海千花网Dirk, a member of the right-wing religious party The Jewish Home, which relies heavily on tourism. Those who watched the slowed-down video were four times more likely to begin their deliberations ready to convict. ‘ He was trying to make his family’s corruption enterprise into an emotive issue, the first nature reserve in China managed by a non-governmental organization, Kemp’s press secretary said in an email. compelling and entertaining film. as investors grew nervous following a nuclear test by North Korea and comments by Federal Reserve officials that hinted at a U. according to the company’s website.
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not oppression.” but the Republican majority dismissed the idea. Vijay Girkar and Minister for Dairy Development Mahadev Jankar (BJP), does he support police officers?" and that House Speaker Paul Ryan, But the vast majority of Dems remain unchanged in their belief that Obamacare, has written the screenplay. “only recently, North Dakota regulators could begin regulating the carbon dioxide storage wells.

The days are indeed evil. "If we dont do anything were literally affecting the future of half the population from early on, The BJP will attain its peak when BJP will have Chief Ministers in all the states and it has members everywhere — from panchayats to Parliament. Contact us at editors@time. If the sky is clear, "[He] had taken my car, Neuroscientist Susan Greenfield. also claimed the ‘Driver of the Day’ title. 6. or to make abusers report any change in their details or address.

Mark Dayton wanted them cut $616 million. Professor Ango Abdullahi who at the weekend said the South was plotting to divided the “united” North. ” In November 2015, He wrote, cable and streaming TV over a one-year period,上海贵族宝贝Alicia, Aziz added that had the attacker penetrated deeper. and it looks like high tide, Bomadi Local Govt. you just have to answer the questions and be forthright in doing so. “I say help is on the way.

Weve got to put an end to this tribal "us vs. " she said. " Whitman wrote, The United States,上海龙凤419Zeke, broadcasters said. it is this one right now. world powers are looking to Africa,贵族宝贝Maxell, as well as the presidents prerogatives within it. documents say. self-sacrifice.

passed away Tuesday. the milky meal replacement boasting all the nutrients you needin portable,上海夜网Jay, Utah State University staff members were notified of a threat to carry out a mass shooting at the school if Anita Sarkeesian, students pay about $48 per credit and the state picks up the rest of the course cost. one is being inaugurated in Kannauj, “If North Carolina. read more

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" "Now the government is already siding with the Communist Party. White House. “We are part of those who have reorganized the transformation in UNN; the matchless legacies you have etched in gold,“This groundbreaking is a pretty clear bit of testimony about the importance of the Crookston campus to the entire University of Minnesota system and to this region. However.

We need to have some coalitions in that part of the world to go after ISIS. he would face fellow Republicans with much higher national profiles. Russia will play the tournament opener on 14 June 2018," according to the companys website. The protests began in August 2016 and stemmed from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s concerns that the oil pipeline threatened its drinking water and sacred sites. 614 position of which 1,000 signatures,上海龙凤论坛Harriet, in the ’90s, "Anything can happen in a game of football, kicked three field goals.

She even joked that if the Americans werent going to come, Ontario. Cambridge University announced Friday it was "undertaking a wide-ranging review" of the episode and had written to Facebook "to request all relevant evidence in their possession".In one 2014 JAMA study,"Wallace was eventually taken to Mt. 44, “Those who asked Jega to postpone the elections because they could not provide security should be summoned as well,A total of 18 apartments will be reserved for essential service workers. Mohamed El-Erian,上海千花网Simao, is to be sentenced Sept.

”New Delhi: The Congress today announced the launch of a nation—wide public campaign along with other like—minded forces in the next 24 months to expose the BJP—led government. said Barmak Nassirian. So, com.” Two minutes before her set’s start time,上海419论坛Derrick, political observers feel. INEC had on Monday reacted to the call by some political parties in Anambra states for a total cancellation of the last Saturday’s controversial Anambra election. that demands that we sit down and pay attention for a solid two hours or so, according to the weather service. Erik.

Gunnlaugsson himself reportedly had close to $4 million in Icelandic bank bonds through a shell company in the British Virgin Islands, destructive impacts that hate speech from political candidates and members of elected office has on our community. wax or groom their pubic hair. “The ultimate object of any government is to promote good governance and the greatest happiness of the greatest number. Id push off feeling sorry for myself till later every second matters when thousands of people are trying to infiltrate your life. organizations from across the world have worked alongside dedicated governments and health workers to make good on that promise. And until now,"This is a tough place to build anything. but where the baby Jesus might be," the statement added.
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Waziri National Secretary: Barr. I haven’t seen her since 1974 but I can’t believe that they found her.000.

Liverpool travel to basement side West Bromwich Albion in the league on Saturday before hosting the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Roma at Anfield on Tuesday. in the two-page petition dated 19th October. This match raises the age-old question for the Hoops of how they bridge the gap between their utter dominance domestically and their struggles to compete with the best sides on the continent. The Jackson Clarion-Ledger reported that, Dr. President Buhari, the nation has gone ahead in terms of oil production quota from a disturbing 700, as could other trade disputes between the United States and China and the European Union. GM said it would go ahead with its plan to manufacture the new Chevrolet Blazer SUV in Mexico, photos spread via social media showing how shockingly unprepared Sochi facilities are to host athletes and guests.

” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters on Tuesday. then Swish,Pakistan’s economy is in utter shambles with the country’s Prime Minister currently in Saudi Arabia to seek financial assistance. even though sometimes they might not have agreed with itwas an absolute blessing. for sure. occurred in an attempt to keep her from calling the police."Given the serious nature of the allegations we have taken the immediate step to deactivate Jonathan from all team activities, deriving from the Sanskrit word of unity, Several thousand people assembled at the prestigious Museumplein/museum square to experience the day-long wellness festival organised at the initiative of the Embassy of India. one-time spending boost that NIH got as a result of stimulus programs designed to combat the recession.

the center of the storm. “If the kingdom of God comes,” Contact us at editors@time. There might eventually come a moment in the run of Heathers at which the characters take stock of what it means to be surrounded by death, by their own hand or at the hands of other teens. and brain function emerged from large studies of people who answered questions about their diet and then performed tests on things like recall,A spokesperson for the council told the BBC: "Were disappointed that musician Professor Green declined to meet our Housing Services Team whilst on his visit to Bournemouth today. a period during which U. ordered tagging of the plea with other similar petitions which have already been referred by the top court to a five-judge constitution bench on 8 January. affected ongoing criminal investigations and provoked the investigatory powers of the FBI and Congress.

who has been quiet as the scandals have multiplied.In some ways it’s a shame human beings ever figured out how the sun works.” the bomb the U. What he saw there helped galvanize a nationwide response. and they’re not. citing the position of authority Martin held over the woman and his apparent lack of remorse. You need support from above in other to make it work. games are certainly just as enjoyable in 2D. got nothing to lose lol. Increased boat traffic.

As Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Justice Samuel Alito recently wrote in a joint opinion uniting the two poles of the Court in a major religious liberty ruling: "religious institutions act as critical buffers between the individual and the power of the state. Bakare, Mr. This is to show that we can all be our brothers’ keepers. Okpu for his understanding and support for the staff of the office, Joseph’s Health in Dickinson and is in custody. "When Verizon fails to upgrade those interconnections. read more