When audio over BLE meets always-on voice activation

first_imgShare this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: EDA Hearables and truly wireless stereo earbuds are gaining popularity, but they are still far from reaching their full potential. These tiny devices can transform the way people interact with their surroundings, adding enhanced hearing capabilities, enjoyment, and safety to everyday life. Market adoption is already underway for a wire-free music experience. As more devices are becoming voice activated — from home appliances to action cameras — so too are these tiny earbuds, while at the same time the intelligence of voice interfaces is constantly increasing. However, lack of standardization and integration of the multiple technologies into one seamless package is still holding back this market.Hearables are becoming ubiquitous, but their full potential is still untapped(Source: Sony Mobile) Enhanced sound from noise reduction to augmented reality Smart earbuds allow users to enjoy a richer experience from their digital content while being in touch with their surroundings, and without being tied to a handheld device. Smart earbuds can be used to isolate, amplify, or suppress sounds in real time. For example, voice isolation powered by deep learning can allow people to comfortably converse in a noisy setting. Smart earbuds can also improve safety in loud environments, like construction sites, by selectively reducing harmful noise while keeping other sounds audible. With existing technology, users can have complete control over what outside noises can enter and how loud they will be.To do this, smart earbuds use a wide variety of techniques to optimize the audio experience for the user. Passive noise reduction uses the physical material of the device to insulate the user’s ears. Active noise cancellation listens to the noise outside and generates an anti-phase sound wave that eliminates the outside noise in the user’s ears. Acoustic echo cancellation allows the device to cancel out the sound waves that it is generating, to avoid echoes getting back into the built-in microphones, and to allow barge-in of the user’s voice commands. Adaptive beam forming uses an array of microphones to identify where the voice is coming from and to cancel out sounds coming from other directions. Positional audio uses psychoacoustics to generate the illusion that sound is coming from a specific direction, like in front or behind the user. In earphones, positional audio can be used to generate virtual surround , which creates the experience of surround sound while using only two earpieces. The quality of the sound is further improved by techniques like bass boost , which allow the tiny speakers in the user’s ears to deliver the sound performance of a much larger speaker system.In addition to enhanced sound, the user’s experience can be further upgraded by adding augmented sound reality and sound sensing technology. Augmented sound reality combines digital sounds, like notifications or location-based announcements, with the real sounds of the user’s surroundings. Sound sensing identifies sounds using artificial intelligence. The user can customize the reaction to specific sounds. For example, the user can set a warning alert for sounds that might pose a threat, like sirens, honking cars, or barking dogs.Combining physical and digital sounds with intelligent processing creates a new audio experience (Source: Nuheara) Virtual assistants in your ear Hearables are not just for hearing. With the integration of voice activation technology, the earbuds can act as a portal to any cloud-based virtual assistant, like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, or Cortana. Always-listening devices are becoming ubiquitous, from smart speakers in the home to smartphones you can activate and control by voice only.With in-ear devices, information can be obtained on the go, without pulling out a phone or averting your gaze. That is why it is crucial for them to integrate always-on technology. The extreme popularity of smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home is due, in part, to their ease of use. A simple voice command is the only interface you need. On the other hand, hearables like the Apple AirPods need a manual tap before making a voice command. This may be trivial in many cases, but when the user’s hands are occupied, like while driving, chopping a salad, or scaling a mountain, that little tap makes all the difference. Once the user’s hand is required, it impedes the natural, easy interaction that makes voice activated assistants so useful.Short battery life is the bane of hearables, but this could change very soon One of the biggest challenges for smart earbuds is the integration. All of the technologies listed above require software, hardware, and expertise in complex acoustics. The challenge is intensified by the extremely small form factor of this category of devices, in which the goal is to make the devices as unnoticeable and unobtrusive as possible. This creates severe restrictions for size and efficiency.Hearables combine many technologies that must be integrated efficiently into a tiny package (Source: Bragi) All the above features wrapped in one neat package that fits comfortably in your ear is sure to be a colossal success with mass market appeal… unless the battery runs out after just a few hours. To be convenient, hearables must work an entire day or more without charging. If you’re not convinced, check why Doppler Labs had to shut down, despite their amazing technology.Today, Bluetooth Classic A2DP is the most common connectivity profile for wireless audio devices, but it has some limitations. The most substantial problem is power consumption. This is especially true for hearables, which typically have tiny batteries. Most hearables do not last longer than three hours before they need to be charged. Streaming audio over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) would significantly reduce power consumption, thereby allowing the same devices to last a full day or more. Currently, audio-over-BLE is not standardized and some companies have proprietary solutions. Once the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) creates a standardized profile for audio-over-BLE, this will enable multiple vendors to offer devices that will last for a full day between charges. This will propel the entire market forward towards realizing the full potential of the hearable and smart earbud market.Learn more Click here to discover how a light-weight DSP can enable close-to-zero-power always-listening. And click here to learn how to achieve ultra-low-power embedded Bluetooth connectivity. 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Education Ministry Allocating $18m To State-Run Children’s Homes for Christmas

first_img He made the announcement during the Ministry’s ‘Christmas Celebration’ cocktails and dinner, which was held at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, Worthington Avenue, New Kingston, on Thursday, December 21. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will be disbursing approximately $18 million to Government-run children’s homes for Christmas. Story Highlights The Minister also reminded them that once they qualify to sit the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, “we are paying for up to eight subjects for those students (who are either) in our children’s homes, (are) wards of the State or are in the PATH”. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Information will be disbursing approximately $18 million to Government-run children’s homes for Christmas.Portfolio Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, says this is being done to ensure that youth in State care are afforded the opportunity to share in the joy and happiness of the Yuletide season.He made the announcement during the Ministry’s ‘Christmas Celebration’ cocktails and dinner, which was held at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, Worthington Avenue, New Kingston, on Thursday, December 21.A total of $1 million was presented to each of the five institutions represented at the function by wards and their caregivers.These were Maxfield Park Children’s Home; Sunbeam Home for Boys; Mona Rehabilitation Centre; St. Anthony’s Children’s Home; and St. Mary’s Girls’ Home.The Minister assured that funds “will reach the accounts of the other children’s homes before Christmas”.Meanwhile, Senator Reid advised that the Ministry will be lobbying the Government’s provision of additional funding in 2018 to further boost support for wards of the State.“We are looking forward, in next year’s budget, to increase our contribution. It is important that we give this kind of support to make sure that our children are well taken care of,” he added.Senator Reid, in offering words of encouragement to the youngsters, reiterated the support that the Ministry offers to them, and urged them to take advantage of this.“Within the funding of our school system, we have targeted those who are wards of the State (and) those who are on the PATH (Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education), making sure that they (benefit from) five days (of) lunch (provided) in our schools (and) making sure that all of them have personal insurance coverage, whether (they are in the) primary- or the high-school system,” he stated.The Minister also reminded them that once they qualify to sit the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations, “we are paying for up to eight subjects for those students (who are either) in our children’s homes, (are) wards of the State or are in the PATH”.“In addition, we certainly (will continue to) partner with tertiary institutions to ensure that we find a way to support children coming out of State care and the vulnerable, (so) that we find a way to support them as they qualify for tertiary education,” he indicated.Senator Reid emphasised that “investing in our children is an investment in Jamaica’s future. If we want Jamaica to prosper, we have to invest in our children (and) we have to invest in them in the earliest years”.Approximately 70 wards of the State along with their caregivers, as well as youngsters from Seaview Gardens in Kingston, were treated at the event.last_img read more

AFN chiefs pass a resolution calling for changes to national MMIW inquiry

first_imgREGINA – Assembly of First Nations chiefs have rejected a call for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to replace the commissioners on the national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls.However, the chiefs, who were gathered for a meeting in Regina on Thursday, did pass a resolution calling for changes to the inquiry, asking the federal government to reset and alter its mandate and process.That pleased Carson Poitras, whose stepdaughter Happy Charles has been missing in Saskatchewan since early April. Poitras wanted the commissioners to stay on.“If we do a hard reset of the inquiry … we may or may not even get the inquiry again because it’ll take a couple of years for that to happen. We don’t need that,” said Poitras.“And also for the families who have already done some their testimony, we don’t need that redone either. It’s tough when the families have to relive that every time. It’s not just once that they have to tell their story, it’s numerous times they have to tell their story.”Poitras said he would also like to see some new commissioners join the inquiry, suggesting it could help restore faith in the process.The 90-minute debate on the two resolutions brought forward arguments from both sides.Bobby Cameron, chief of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations in Saskatchewan, said Aboriginal people can’t afford another delay and risk more lives.“Things are flawed, but we can fix it. We can do it together,” Cameron said.Chief Matthew Todd Peigan from the Pasqua First Nation told the assembly that by calling to remove the commissioners “you kill the inquiry.”“This inquiry, ladies and gentlemen, chiefs, took years in the making. If we kill it, you may not get it back,” said Peigan.Arlen Dumas, grand chief of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, made the proposal for the commissioners to be replaced, arguing the current inquiry has not put families first and fails to respect their voices.“Everyone’s aware that the status quo isn’t going to work and regardless of who the commissioners will be, they will have had to take notice and see that there is becoming a stronger undercurrent of opposition to the lack of tangible results,” Dumas said after his resolution was defeated.Two of the commissioners spoke to the AFN meeting Wednesday night, where they tried to explain the testimony process.But several families said the inquiry had already failed because they don’t trust the process, commissioners hadn’t communicated well and the inquiry doesn’t hold police to account.Commission spokesperson Bernee Bolton said in a statement that the national inquiry can and will consider the conduct of policing services and policies across Canada in 14 federal, provincial and territorial jurisdictions.Dumas questioned whether faith could be restored in the current commissioners.“The onus is on them to produce and the onus is on them to show tangible results,” he said.The inquiry’s chief commissioner, Marion Buller, said she was carefully following the results of the AFN votes “and will have internal discussions about what we have heard.”“Our commitment to listening and acting on the advice from families, advisors and communities across this nation is firm,” she said in a statement. “We will keep moving forward in a good way, with respect for the spirits of the women, girls and LGBTQ2S who are no longer with us, and with respect for survivors.”The two-year, $53.8 million study is designed to examine the root causes of violence against Indigenous women and girls.Earlier in the day, AFN Chief Perry Bellegarde acknowledge that First Nations leaders are divided on what to do about the troubled inquiry.Bellegarde is steering a middle course, saying the commission needs to focus all of its energy on ensuring the stories of families are front and centre, adding it is critical for the commission to improve communications going forward.“Our chiefs are divided,” he said.“Some want a total reset, some want to start fresh and then there are others that are saying ‘You know, we should be empowering those commissioners, we should be supporting those commissioners, we should be praying for those commissioners because they have a tough job, they’re dealing with hurt and pain’.”Bellegarde said policing must be a priority during the course of the commission’s work.“As national chief, I would encourage the commissioners to use their powers and push the envelope … to ensure that all police services are reviewed, that they questioned, and hopefully some recommendations brought forward to fix what obviously is not working.”_ With files from Kristy Kirkup in Ottawalast_img read more

Belgiums Princess Astrid part of economic mission to BC Alberta next week

VICTORIA – British Columbia and Alberta will host Belgium’s Princess Astrid and more than 200 business and state leaders during a week-long visit, starting Sunday.Canada and the European Union reached a free-trade deal earlier this year, and Raoul Delcorde, the Belgian ambassador to Canada, said Belgians view B.C. as an ideal place to launch business opportunities into the Asia-Pacific region.The royal business delegation will make stops in Vancouver and Calgary“British Columbia could become a bridge for our Belgian companies wanting to develop their operations in the Asia-Pacific region, and Belgium could become a bridge to Europe’s large market for many companies from British Columbia,” said Delcorde in a statement released Wednesday by B.C.’s government.International Trade Minister Teresa Wat said in a statement the European Union is B.C.’s fifth-largest export market and the Belgian port of Antwerp is a major point of entry for Canadian goods into Europe.“As the gateway to Europe, building strong ties with Belgium would give us access to a market of 500-million people, and as the gateway to the Asia Pacific, we can help Belgium make inroads in the Asian market,” said Wat.Belgium’s Foreign Trade Agency said the mission includes officials from ports, chambers of commerce and more than 100 businesses, representing such industries as liquefied natural gas, shipping, film, technology, research, agriculture and manufacturing.While in Vancouver, the Belgian delegates will visit the aquarium, fuel-cell innovator Ballard Power Systems, power-solutions company Alpha Technologies and ASCO Aerospace Canada.The delegates will participate in business seminars that examine opportunities stemming from the Canada-EU trade deal. They will also meet B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson.Princess Astrid will also bestow Wat with the Grand Officer of the Order of the Crown, one of the highest decorations from the Kingdom of Belgium.Louise Arbour, former chief prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunal and justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, will also receive an Order of the Crown.The honour dates back to 1897 and is awarded for services to Belgium, including distinguished artistic, literary, scientific or commercial achievements. It is frequently awarded to foreign nationals and military and diplomatic personnel stationed in or providing support to Belgium.During the Second World War, the Order of the Crown was granted to Allied military personnel who helped liberate Belgium from Nazi occupation.Princess Astrid, 53, is known for focusing her energy on marginalized citizens and she often visits and encourages organizations that help those who are in need.She is married to Lorenz, Arch-Duke d’Autriche-Este. The couple has five children.Canadian investments in Belgium totalled $1.11 billion in 2014, ranking 10th among Canadian direct investment destinations in the EU , says B.C.’s trade ministry.Belgian direct investment in Canada was worth $5.7 billion in 2014, the 11th largest foreign direct investor in Canada on a global basis. Belgium’s Princess Astrid part of economic mission to B.C., Alberta next week by Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press Posted Oct 21, 2015 2:00 pm MDT Last Updated Oct 21, 2015 at 7:20 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Brock partners with Afghanistan university to boost international research

In an effort to enhance international research and promote global scholarship, Brock University has signed an agreement with Kateb University in Afghanistan.Senior officials from both institutions met on Brock’s campus this spring to discuss and formalize the partnership through a memorandum of understanding.Established in 2007, Kateb University is a non-profit private institution located in the urban setting of Kabul, Afghanistan. The university has an annual enrolment of under 4,000 students and notable Faculties in political science, economics, medicine, education, sociology and computer science.Striving to be an educational leader and top research producer in its region, Kateb is investing in the research capacity and knowledge of its faculty through the Brock agreement.“It’s an honour to provide institutional colleagues with the opportunity to further their research,” said Tom Dunk, Brock’s Interim Provost and Vice-President, Academic. “Education is universal and providing the world with access to higher learning opportunities is the best path to peace and prosperity in the future.”The agreement supports Brock’s strategic mandate of promoting internationalization, fostering excellence in research, scholarship and creativity while supporting the University’s student-centered focus.The new MOU, a first for Brock in Afghanistan, will see the St. Catharines institution host a small number of Kateb faculty members annually to undertake research methodology training and participate in Brock’s visiting Global Scholars program.Brock will support the development of Kateb University faculty members by providing them with opportunities to complete their doctoral work.This agreement will also promote international and intercultural understanding, educational best practices and the opportunity to collaborate on joint research activities and publications.For members of the Brock community, the agreement opens up opportunities for international mobility and encourages student, researcher and professional development between the two institutions.“We hope that this agreement will lead to greater research networks among faculty, as well as the potential for students to participate in research-based internships,” Dunk said.The agreement marks the beginning of a five-year partnership between Brock and Kateb University, with plans to start implementing the agreed upon initiatives in the upcoming 2018-19 academic year. read more

A Baseballs Exit Velocity Is Five Parts Hitter One Part Pitcher

For years sabermetrics has theorized that pitchers can’t control what happens after a batter strikes a ball. Whether it bloops in for a hit, rockets its way to an outfielder’s glove or lands just inches outside the foul line, it’s a consequence of the batter and the defense, but not the pitcher. That argument is what led to Fielding Independent Pitching (FIP), a statistic that attempts to quantify a pitcher’s performance only for the events for which we know the pitcher has definite responsibility (walks, strikeouts and home runs — in sabermetrics parlance, the “Three True Outcomes”). FIP throws out base hits completely on the basis that they are partially a product of the defense.But now we have Statcast. The new technology that collects data on the position and velocity of the ball and the players on the field is beginning to change what we know (or thought we knew) about all sorts of things — pitching included. And that’s raising new questions about how much effect a pitcher can have on a ball once it’s put in play. The answer might be: a lot.But first, let’s talk batters. Last week, I used Statcast to show that harder-struck pitches tend to fall for hits more often. That, generally, makes hard contact good for the hitter and bad for the pitcher. Obviously, some hitters are better at hitting the ball hard. What Statcast tells us is that some pitchers are better at making batters hit the ball softly.That’s not to say pitchers hold the upper hand. In my models1Specifically, I used a linear random effects model with the R package lme4. The model was specified as follows:Batted ball velocity ~ (1|hitter) + (1|pitcher) + (1|ballpark).In total, batter explains 3 percent of the variance in batted ball velocity, while pitcher explains 0.6 percent and park 0.03 percent. of batted ball velocity that incorporate the pitcher, batter and ballpark, the batter’s effect dominates the pitcher’s. A ball’s exit velocity after a bat strikes it is about five times more the batter’s doing than the pitcher’s. This fact seems to partially vindicate FIP — batters really are the ones in control.At the same time, the pitcher’s effect is not negligible.2Deriving a p-value in a random effects model is tricky. However, the random effect for pitchers significantly improves the model by AIC, improves out-of-sample prediction accuracy, and is larger than expected under a null distribution derived from permutations. While the best batters increase batted ball velocity by as much as 7-8 mph, the best pitchers suppress it by 1.5 mph compared with the average pitcher.That has real significance: Such a decrease roughly equates to a 13-point decrease in batting average on balls in play (BABIP) for a given batted ball.3This number comes from a logistic regression of exit velocity for each batted ball. Over the course of a game, the pitchers who can best decrease exit velocity save about a quarter of a run (on average). A quarter of a run doesn’t sound like much? Multiplied over a season, all those quarters of a run add up to about one win of value.4Run expectancy numbers are derived from a linear regression of linear weights value per pitch on batted ball velocity. Linear weights values come from Pitch Info.So that means FIP is flawed as an overall value metric, at least for some pitchers. Who are those pitchers? Here’s a table of all 485 pitchers with batted ball data this season as of the writing of this article.5This amounts to 17,768 batted balls. You may notice that most relievers are close to zero on this list. That’s because the model does not have enough data per reliever to be certain that they are altering velocity heavily, so it regresses their readings to the mean. Search for your favorite pitcher and see how many miles per hour he takes away from or adds to the average batted ball. The five best pitchers in the league: the Baltimore Orioles’ Wei-Yin Chen (balls leave the bat 1.63 mph slower than average when Chen pitches); the Chicago White Sox’s Chris Sale (1.56 mph); the Los Angeles Angels’ Garrett Richards (1.53 mph); the St. Louis Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright (1.46 mph, before he experienced a season-ending injury April 25); and the Houston Astros’ Dallas Keuchel (1.40 mph). Many of these pitchers are bona fide aces, most obviously Sale, Richards and Wainwright (Clayton Kershaw also lurks in ninth place). These players are not only adept at managing contact, they are also skilled strikeout artists. FIP accurately tabs them as great pitchers even without information about their contact-controlling abilities.These pitchers control their opposition’s quality of contact partly by driving the hitters into bad counts. In pitcher’s counts, hitters tend to put weak, defensive swings on the ball, resulting in glancing contact. About 15 percent of pitchers’ exit velocity suppression comes from controlling the count.6This estimate is derived by incorporating count into the model as a fixed effect and then determining how much the pitcher’s estimated random effect decreased. Richards, for example, has reached two-strike counts in 92 of his opponents’ plate appearances, compared with three-ball counts in only 38; in the former, hitters have a .271 BABIP, whereas in the latter, they have a .333 BABIP.7The league difference is a bit smaller, but still significant: .291 BABIP with three balls, .281 with two strikes.Chen is an intriguing case. The best at suppressing batted ball velocity, Chen also has the largest gap between ERA and FIP among qualified starters. In fact, Chen has put up a sizable gap between his ERA and FIP in three of the four years in which he’s pitched in MLB. Lacking batted ball velocity in years prior, we cannot say that his skill is consistent, but his results appear to be.FIP doesn’t only fail to credit the pitchers who manage their opponent’s batted ball velocity, it also fails to blame bad ones who consistently get hit hard.The league’s bottom five in that respect: the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Vance Worley (1.43 mph added to a ball’s exit velocity, compared with average); the Tampa Bay Rays’ Nate Karns (1.39 mph); the San Francisco Giants’ Tim Lincecum (1.16 mph); the Kansas City Royals’ Yordano Ventura (1.11 mph); and the San Diego Padres’ James Shields (1.06 mph). Just as the best pitchers tended to be better than average even by FIP, these five are worse. And while the aces use the count to their advantage, these pitchers are liable to find themselves in hitter’s counts, which causes some of their problems in the first place.Their exit velocity stats are also worse because they serve up pitches down the middle of the plate. Batters crave these meatballs and can punish them for extra-base hits and home runs. When I took pitch location out of the model, the pitchers’ effects on batted ball velocities fell by 20 percent on average.8Location was added into the model with a quadratic term for horizontal and vertical coordinates after adjusting for the count.Ventura, the Royals’ young flamethrower, is a conspicuous member of this worst-in-the-league list. Like Worley and Karns, he tends to throw his four-seam fastball more often than the league average.9Using pitch tags generously supplied to me by Pitch Info. That’s significant because fastballs tend to get hammered the hardest (even adjusting for count and location). Ventura, and other fastball-heavy starters, run the risk of allowing harder contact and more hits.The idea that pitchers can, in fact, influence their BABIP is not new. Shortly after the initial publication of DIPS, Tom Tippett (currently employed by the Red Sox) wrote about how the best pitchers seemed to be able to control the probability that their struck pitches would fall for hits. Tippett had only anecdotal examples such as Pedro Martinez and Greg Maddux, so the sabermetric community coalesced on the idea that they could be exceptions to a very reasonable rule.Now that we have Statcast’s data, we can see otherwise. No one will mistake Wei-Yin Chen for Pedro Martinez, but it appears that Chen can repeatably depress his opponent’s batted ball velocity, and a statistic such as FIP will fail to credit him for that skill.10Fortunately, new statistics such as Baseball Prospectus’ DRA (Deserved Run Average) do take into account all the events in which a pitcher plays a part. In fact, individual pitchers’ DRAs better correlate with the velocity suppression effects I calculated than their FIPs do, indicating that DRA is capturing some of this skill. Statcast’s data is beginning to challenge not only our views of specific players, but also some of the fundamental precepts of sabermetrics.Special thanks to Baseball Savant for the batted ball data; Pitch Info and Harry Pavlidis for the use of pitch tag data; and Jonathan Judge, Greg Matthews, Harry Pavlidis and Dan Turkenkopf for helpful comments and feedback.CORRECTION (May 22, 11:38 a.m.): An earlier version of this article stated that Wei-Yin Chen had a sizable gap between his ERA and FIP all four years in which he pitched in the league. That wasn’t true in 2013, when his ERA was slightly higher than his FIP. read more

Battered husband secretly filmed wife attacking him as he feared police would

first_img“A couple of months prior to these offences the complainant installed a camera to record her behaviour because he didn’t think anyone would believe his story. She posted a comment on a photo of Mr Tweedy saying: “fab holiday and will hopefully go back this year…..and yes he does look good!” Neil Tweedy with wife HelenCredit:Cavendish Press Neil Tweedy (with wife Helen A battered husband installed a hidden camera in his home to film his wife attacking him as he feared police wouldn’t believe him, a court has heard.Neil Tweedy, 45, had endured violence from wife Helen since 2005, including an assault on their wedding night in 2008 where she kicked, punched and smothered him with a duvet, before making him sleep on the sofa.Defence lawyer James Street told the court that school teacher Mrs Tweedy had “significant mental health problems” caused by binge drinking.Mr Tweedy eventually reported the crimes after Mrs Tweedy continued the abuse after the birth of their daughter, now four.The victim secretly recorded the assaults at the couple’s £200,000 semi-detached home in Greater Manchester because he was afraid that police would not believe him without evidence. Over a two-month period three incidents of Mrs Tweedy slapping her husband over the head and swearing at him were caught on camera, once in front of their daughter.The couple met 16 years ago and appeared happy to family and friends. Facebook pictures showed them holidaying in Amsterdam and the Greek island of Zakynthos. Helen Tweedy leaving Manchester Magistrates' Courtcenter_img At Manchester magistrates court, Mrs Tweedy admitted three charges of common assault by beating and was given a restraining order banning her from contacting her husband, as well as 120 hours of unpaid work.Prosecutor Robin Lynch said: “The first three years were described by the complainant as ‘amazing’ but the defendant began to drink in private and there sometimes there was some controlling behavior.”In 2005 on a family holiday they were with the defendant’s parents and she shoved and pushed him and slapped him in the face. The complainant said from then on it became a regular thing.“Despite this, they married in 2008 but that night he was assaulted and kicked and punched to the head and body. She placed a duvet over his head for the assault to continue and he slept on the sofa.”A couple of months prior to these offences the complainant installed a camera to record her behavior because he didn’t think anyone would believe his story. That recorded three incidents.”On the 2nd of June the defendant was verbally abusive, shouting and swearing and slapped him round the head. On the 21st of July she was sat on the sofa with the child and started physically abusing him. On the 31st of July the child was asleep upstairs and the defendant was again abusive. Mr Tweedy later said: “Helen is a fantastic and brilliant teacher and gets to work for 7.30am and doesn’t leave till 7.30pm. She’s just so hard working.”The problem was just alcohol, she was admitted to hospital twice in the past year and could have died. Something had to change.”Hopefully now she can get the hope she needs.”One in three victims of domestic violence is male, according to a 2017 study by Mankind Initiative, a charity helping men escape domestic violence.The research also found that male victims are three times more likely than female victims not to tell anyone about the abuse. Helen Tweedy leaving Manchester Magistrates’ CourtCredit:Cavendish Press Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

National Trust scraps horse trials which Royals have ridden in for 40

Zara Tindall has ridden at Belton Horse Trials in the past We are devastated at the loss of Belton International Horse Trials. This decision was announced to us yesterday and came as a shock to the whole team.Our statement is attached pic.twitter.com/BQXj2qQLsU— Bede Events (@bedeevents) April 30, 2019 The National Trust has scrapped a prestigious horse trials event in which Royals have competed in for 40 years citing concerns for earthworms.The Belton Horse Trials is looking for a new home after officials said horse hooves treading on worms and other “soil loving creatures” means the ground could become boggy and waterlogged.Worms play a vital role as aerators of soil, and helping grassland grow.The decision came as organisers of the three-day international event at the Lincolnshire stately home of Belton House began planning its 40th anniversary celebrations for 2020.This year’s horse show, which attracted around 20,000 people to the 1,300 acre site in March, attracted a top field, including Olympic riders Pippa Funnell, Laura Collett and Piggy French. In 2017, Zara Tindall took a runners-up spot.However, the National Trust said the very “size and scale” of the event in Grantham is “now at odds” with conservation at the Grade I listed site.British Eventing claimed that the “difficult decision” to put the event to bed was “very disappointing” and the local authority, South Kesteven District Council, added that the trials make a “significant contribution” to the local economy. Zara Tindall has ridden at Belton Horse Trials in the pastCredit:PA Despite calls of concern, Ian Cooper, general manager at Belton House stood by the National Trust’s decision.He said: “Unfortunately, it has come to a point where we can’t carry on.”Mr Cooper said horse hooves and large vehicles had caused significant soil compaction across parts of the Grade I listed parkland, impacting wildlife and historic trees.He added: “We recognise the significance of the Horse Trials and their place in Belton’s recent history, and have therefore not come to this decision lightly.“The core purpose of the National Trust is to protect this historic place for future generations, and we must honour that commitment.”Belton House was gifted to the National Trust in 1983 after it was built for Sir John Brownlow in the 1680s. “Surely the National Trust have a responsibility to protect such events and build awareness of the countryside for the nation.  A more rounded organisation is one that listens to its members and the public and is strong in character.” North Lincolnshire Riding Club also spoke of the loss to the area. “It is a huge loss for the Lincolnshire equestrian community after so many years being able to watch the best competitors at the top of their sport,” said Mrs Gale, the club’s secretary. “We can only hope that another fairly accessible venue can be sourced so we don’t have to always travel miles to enjoy the sport.”Mother-of-three Rachel Good, who travelled to Belton House with her teenage daughter who competed in the equestrian event this year, told The Telegraph she is disappointed that they won’t be returning soon.She said: “We went for the first time this year, it was an absolutely brilliant and beautiful event. “I’m very sad that we can’t go back and I feel desperately sorry for the organisers who had no notice of the decision. “It is very special to compete and use a wonderful and historic landscape through our sport and leisure activity. By doing this, the National Trust are making a facility stand even more still in time.”Another self-professed equestrian supporter, Jo Mawditt, said she has contacted the National Trust to complain and urged them to reconsider the decision.“This event is a highlight of not only the eventing calendar but also supports the local economy, as well as gives the general public the opportunity to experience the thrill of man and horse in harmony,” Ms Mawditt said. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

18 unmistakeable signs youre a Southside Dubliner at heart

first_img1. Drinking cans on the seafront is the best summer day ever Source: Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland2. It will always be Lansdowne Road, never the Aviva Source: clavel93. You’ve spent more nights in the Wezz than you care to admit Source: Gav4saxAcceptable substitute: Bective.4. Teddy’s ice cream is a pleasure like no other Source: infomatique5. You don’t have anything AGAINST the Northside as such. There’s just no reason to go there. Source: Photocall Ireland6. You’ve swum the Forty Foot on Christmas Day Source: Laura Hutton7. You remember the Fun Factory in Dun LaoghaireNow reduced, tragically, to this nostalgic Facebook page.8. You know at least one person who claims to have been at this Nirvana gig Source: SMcGarnigle9. Either your school had a nickname… Source: Photocall IrelandSee also: Alex, the Gick, ‘Zaga.10. … or you’re sick of being asked ‘what school did you go to’ Source: Shutterstock11. The Long Mile Road at rush hour is part of your personal hell Source: Google Maps12. You once owned a pair of Dubes, even if you now regret it Source: Graham Hughes/Photocall Ireland!13. You remember nights in Club Sarah in Rathfarnham and Club 92 in Leopardstown Source: Facebook14. You have to tell people from Bray that they’re from Wicklow, not Dublin Source: infomatique15. Before Dundrum opened, you were really excited about The Square Tallaght Source: damien_farrell16. If you’re a girl, you spent the entire early noughties without using a hairbrush Source: YouTube17. You know the view from the DART as it goes around Killiney hill is one of the world’s best Source: infomatique18. And the sight of the Poolbeg towers across the bay will always mean ‘home’. Source: PhotocallSouthside forever.21 unmistakeable signs you’re a Northside Dubliner at heart>18 things every Dubliner knows for sure>11 reasons why Cork might actually be better than Dublin>13 things you know for sure if you’re from Galway>last_img read more

Toshiba develops 61inch 498ppi LCD capable of 2560 x 1600

first_imgToshiba Mobile Display has already impressed us this week by unveiling a 4.3-inch display that has a higher pixel density than the iPhone 4’s Retina Display. But little did we know the company had another, even more impressive display ready to show off a day later.The screen you see above is a 6.1-inch LCD Toshiba hopes will make its way into tablet devices. That’s an unusual size for tablets, which are typically 7 or 10-inches. However, some manufacturers may want to consider using it due to the resolution and image quality the LCD panel can achieve.Toshiba has managed to squeeze 498 pixels per square inch (ppi) into this panel. It can display images at a resolution much higher than 1080p, more specifically it tops out at 2,560 x 1,600. Imagine how good your photographs would look on this thing. Add to that viewing angles of 176 degrees both horizontally and vertically, a contrast ratio of 1000:1, as well as a 61% NTSC color gamut allowing for 16.7 million colors.(Click to view full size)Photographs seem to be what Toshiba is gearing this towards, stating the output is “photographic quality” and adds both “depth and realism” to any image. Depending on the price, it should make for a very nice digital photo frame, but also holds promise as part of a smaller tablet that promotes high resolution image viewing and very crisp text output for e-reading.Now that Toshiba has managed to create such a high resolution display, it doesn’t seem out of the question to expect a 7- and 10-inch version to appear before long.Read more at Toshiba Mobile Displaylast_img read more

Service dog nonprofit helps veterans

first_imgA national nonprofit group that provides service dogs to military service members and veterans has opened a new training facility in Fairbanks. Paws for Purple Hearts involves service members and vets in the dog training process.Listen NowA Paws For Purple Hearts service dog greets visitors during an open house at the group’s new training center in south Fairbanks November 12th. (Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks)The atmosphere is upbeat as people and dogs mix during an open house event at Paws For Purple Hearts new Fairbanks facility. The young dogs, labrador and golden retrievers, wearing blue vests, calmly interact with visitors amidst the distracting party atmosphere. They’re young and and still in training, but obviously special animals.In Fairbanks for the open house, Paws For Purple Hearts national President and CEO Greg Sipple, emphasizes that his group’s service dog program is different and his dogs are “the most sedate, calming and mellow dogs that we could find.””A lot of places will try to have that dog keep the world away from the veteran,” Sipple said. “Our philosophy is help the veteran get through and integrate back into society. So we’ll have the dog come closer to comfort them at times when their anxiety is high- even when they’re sleeping. The dog can sense the dreams, the emotion and the cortisol being emitted, ad the dogs will comfort the veteran.”Sipple, a former Navy pilot, also points to another unique aspect of the program: use of active duty service members  and veterans suffering a  range disabilities, including PTSD,  to help train the dogs.”Right now the demand for service dogs is far out-stretching the capacity of every organization combined. So what we’re trying to do is make a force multiplier,” Sipple said. “By having the veterans come in, training with the dogs once or twice or three times, as many times as they really want to — something about that magical connection between a dog and a human being and their ability to read and understand our emotions is really what is the magical part of the organization.”Fairbanks is one of five locations in the US where Paws For Purple Hearts operates, and the first to get a purpose-built training facility. With a large veteran population and three military installations, the interior Alaska location makes sense, but Sipple credited two local residents with bringing the organization to Fairbanks: Betsy Jacobs, the program coordinator for Paws for Purple Hearts and Nathan Colin, the director of Paws for Purple Hearts.Jacobs and Colin, both longtime Fairbanks residents previously involved in therapy dog work, say they saw the need for service dogs.”I would often be asked, ‘How do I get a service dog?’” Jacobs said. “I didn’t have an answer for them. There was no place in town where you could get one.”So the couple got trained by service dog pioneer and Paws for Purple Hearts founder Bonnie Bergen in California.”Once Betsy and I both went through her program, she seemed to think we were good candidates,” Colin said. “She asked us if we could open up a Paw for Purple Hearts here in Fairbanks.”Since March Colin and Jacobs say the fledgling Fairbanks branch of Paws For Purple Hearts, has worked with 4 dogs and about 25 service members and veterans.“Positive dog training — Susan Sampson has allowed us to use her facility free for the entire  time, March until now,” Jacobs said.“Until we got our own facility now,” Colin said.“So we’ve only been meeting twice a week, but now that we’ve got our own place, we’ll be able to expand our service immensely,” Jacobs said.“And the neat thing snout our services – all our classes, all our events, everything for the servicemen and veterans – are free,” Colin said. “And if any of them want a dog, the dog is free.”That’s a big deal as the couple said trained service dogs can cost as much as 75 thousand dollars.  Paws For Purple Hearts CEO Sipple said the organization is entirely funded by private donations and grants, noting that Alaskan people and businesses have been generous in helping the organization get started and he aspires to expand into Anchorage and Juneau.last_img read more

Neglected by authorities this govt hospital in Bihar is on the

first_imgDarbhanga: While encephalitis claimed 128 lives in Muzaffarpur, another state-run hospital, Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital (DMCH), here lacks hygiene and basic facilities. Moreover, the building of the hospital is in a dilapidated condition. The patients in the hospital said, “We are forced to get medicines from outside as there is no medicine here. Even the fans and ACs here are not working.” Also Read – Who is your CM candidate, AAP asks BJP Advertise With Us Shyam Choudhary, a worker at the hospital, said, “The patients are ones bearing the brunt of the poor infrastructure facilities. The walls of the hospitals are on the verge of collapsing and some parts of the hospital have collapsed already. Unfortunately, the administration isn’t looking into the matter.” A foul smell emanating from the garbage dumped imprudently in the hospital premises also attracts animals and other insects to wander in the area. Also Read – Charge sheet against AAP MLA Gulab Singh Advertise With Us “It is very malodorous and the garbage dumped here can become a source of several other diseases as the animals wander here. Nobody pays any heed to the issues of the patients here,” a patient said. “We are forced to take treatment under the shadow of fear. We don’t have money to get treatments from private hospitals and we are being neglected by the authorities. As there is no sufficient number of beds here, we are forced to accommodate ourselves on the floor,” said another patient. Advertise With Us Raj Ranjan Prasad, Medical Superintendent of DMCH, told ANI, “I have informed the concerned authorities and ministers explaining the condition of the hospital, but no action was taken by the administration. I have written to the administration many a time.” If something is not done immediately, various parts of the building may collapse as the conditions of many blocks of the hospital are abysmal, he added.last_img read more

Amazon Wants a Hit Series of Its Own

first_img 2 min read Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. February 7, 2014center_img Amazon wants a House of Cards of its own.The digital retailer and streamer of programming through its Prime Instant Video service is hoping to seduce binge watchers by creating original content, treading a similar path forged by Netflix to swelling viewership and artistic acclaim.But Amazon will not rely on network executives to program its airwaves, because viewers themselves have been tasked to decide which series will get the green light.For the second year in a row, the company’s production arm, Amazon Studios, has released 10 pilots for free online streaming, sponsored by Geico. Viewers will have approximately two months to rate, criticize and opine, upon which Amazon will proceed with production based on crowdsourced feedback.Related: Amazon Just Bought a Video-Game CompanyWhile last April’s initial run featured eight comedies and six children’s shows, this is the first time that the company is tossing hour-long dramas into the mix in hopes of conceiving a flagship series of its own. These include cop drama Bosch and post-apocalyptic The After, from the creator of The X-Files.Budgets and production value are on par with that of network competitors, Ron Price, director of Amazon Studios, told The Verge.This year’s batch of shows also includes three more comedies and five additional kids’ series. Last year’s running yielded Alpha House and Betas, about dating app developers in California seeking an investor, though neither resonated to the extent of Netflix’s award-winning hits like Cards and Orange Is the New Black.Related: Your Amazon Prime Subscription May Get More Expensive Register Now »last_img read more

Embattled ridesharing Uber faces global crackdown

first_imgRelated posts:Lawmaker wants to legalize Uber in Costa Rica after another legal blow to the company Uber Costa Rica drops fares 20 percent and some drivers aren’t happy ‘Uber get out,’ say protesting Uruguay taxi drivers Uber supporters say court case could legalize ride-hailing service in Costa Rica BRUSSELS, Belgium – Controversial ride-sharing service Uber faces a crackdown by governments around the world and protests by angry taxi drivers, but the company insists it is driving forward into the future.Executives on trial in Paris, office raids in Amsterdam, rape allegations in New Delhi: The world has apparently turned on the Uber “revolution.”“We must reject [Uber’s] law of the jungle,” which “amounts to modern slavery,” French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said this summer after violent taxi protests in Paris helped secure the suspension of the group’s cheaper UberPop service.“The Uber problem is complex … and costs lots of jobs to taxi drivers,” said Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff after violence in Brazil against Uber drivers, including a kidnapping in São Paulo.See: Lawmaker wants to legalize Uber in Costa Rica after another legal blow to the companyBut despite the fightback and a growing pile of legal challenges, Uber maintains that the “sky is the limit” with a growth trajectory that “is going to be phenomenal.”“We have been doing this for five years. We’re in 60 countries, it’s a movie we see time and time again,” Mark MacGann, Uber’s Head of Public Policy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told AFP.“We were just as controversial in the U.S. 18-24 months ago as we are in places like Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin today,” he said.Today, Uber is Silicon Valley’s most visible startup with a market value of $50 billion. It is present in 340 cities with three million trips taken daily, according to the company’s latest figures.Uber does not employ drivers or own its vehicles, but instead uses non-professionally licensed contractors with their own cars. It therefore considers itself a player in the “sharing economy,” which allows the drivers to operate their own business.Once they have an account, users can call an Uber car with a couple of swipes on their smartphone, instead of having to book a taxi or waiting on a street corner waving their arm.Taxi operators say it represents unfair competition because Uber drivers can flout the rules and restrictions that regulate the professionals.The firm is led by the hard charging CEO Travis Kalanick, a 39-year-old Californian who has accused city authorities of being beholden to taxi monopolies.The regulated taxi industry “feels threatened by our high quality service and quick response time,” Kalanick said in a 2013 interview with AFP. NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 16: New York City taxi drivers hold a rally in front of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office to protest against recent inroads made by the Uber car service on September 16, 2015 in New York City. Calling Uber’s business model dangerous to worker’s full time employment, the drivers joined with the New York Taxi Workers Alliance in demanding that the state begin to regulate private car services. Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFPEurope is Uber’s biggest battleTown by town, Uber launched its service first in the U.S. and quickly elsewhere, often in brazen violation of local laws. But the resistance it has faced in Europe is the company’s biggest battle yet.Two French Uber executives arrested in June face up to two years in prison as well as fines of up to €300,000 ($340,000). They had their court date postponed this week to February, but that small legal victory came in an otherwise tough few days for Uber.On Tuesday, police raided the company’s European headquarters in the Netherlands, while in London, officials proposed a 27-page set of regulations that Uber said “made no sense.”In response, Uber launched a massive petition campaign, just as it has done in Brussels where last week its cheaper UberPop option was ordered shut within 21 days.“It is true from a regulatory perspective and a political perspective, Europe is certainly more challenging than the United States,” MacGann, a 20-year lobbying veteran, told AFP.In Germany, Europe’s biggest market, a court in March ordered the company to stop its service outright.To fight back, Uber has turned to the European Union to help undo the bans and filed complaints against Germany, France and Spain.Regulations in most of Europe “are outdated and not fit for purpose,” MacGann said, while acknowledging that Germany and Spain, as well as Italy, “may end up being the final frontier for Uber.”In Asia, however, Uber remained very “bullish.”Uber set up its India operation in September 2013 and now operates in nearly a dozen cities across the country.But in New Delhi, authorities this month maintained a ban against Uber, inflicted after a driver was charged with raping a passenger.In China, the region’s top economy, MacGann said “Uber is the underdog,” with 40 percent of the market.Read more of our Uber coverage here Facebook Commentslast_img read more

brass knucklescogw

brass knuckles,爱上海Hoda,co/gwgXetKzhM pic. providing commentary on events in news,上海夜网Mirja,” “With Ancestry. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery.in the hometown of former Governor Timipre Sylva.

Monu Goyat scored with a two-point raid in the 18th minute." a statement from RPF said. “Nigeria will continue to remain one strong and indivisible nation, HON Godwin Ayihe, but they are becoming more tolerant: Just 27% of white evangelical Protestants approve of same-sex marriage, NFL and Pepsi said, I try to never leave them open while not in use and I use attention retention tools like StayFocusd and Freedom to block access to my email. Navy Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class "When you are injured lying in a hospital bed,000 in Cottonwood County and $280. rape and arson that the U.

Earlier, She also regretted the inability of some states to domesticate the law even though it was passed in 2003 by the National Assembly. The infraction becomes criminal when the Appropriation Bill is altered by a few legislators after it had been passed by both houses of the national assembly. The vice president said further that the major challenge facing identity programme was the lack of a working record system and practical approaches. your kids skills. and anything over 0. tells TIME he thinks the event organizers from the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovinaone of the two political entities that comprise the country. 41, and its attendant risk, but if he wins the 2019 elections.

Canada," he said, with microgreens, (between 1.67 lakh crore ($39. Maduganari Tashan Kano," she said. that’s something we’ve seen for the last couple decades. and awards." she said.

The Economic Survey summarises it best: “The challenge of creating ‘good jobs’ in India could be seen as the challenge of creating more formal sector jobs. "Against us most of the time Giroud played from the beginning, He called a dossier compiled by a former British intelligence agent of alleged ties between Trump and Moscow that was later turned over to U. hes not wanting to go at all. The version of macOS that I’ve been testing is still in its early stages,上海贵族宝贝Camron,92 crore, I am sure the investigators would find nothing incriminating against me. Im just here for the salty snacks, The government is just killing time and excluding names of farmers whose names had been sent to the verification committees, high rents and low vacancies have made it even tougher.

donned their clown garb and makeup at their annual convention. whose non-NATO Nordic neighbours Sweden and Finland have drawn closer to the alliance since being spooked by Russia’s role in the turmoil in Ukraine. Mr. First Presbyterian and Calvary Lutheran churches have supported the work of Ethiopia Reads. especially if the stalemate between the protesters and the Hong Kong government endures. it added. Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. saying demonetisation resulted in formalisation of the economy and increased tax base, Gen. freeing a YouTube pranker whose head had been cemented inside a microwave oven.

TOXICOLOGIST’S STATEMENTThe defense also called its own toxicology expert to the stand Thursday to weigh in on the evidence of marijuana use found in Castile’s system during his autopsy. From Paul Blooms How Pleasure Works: How much you eat is strongly affected by how much those around you eat, including its sister pages Deadspin. That pattern echoes what’s been playing out in Tesla’s stock for some time. read more

He is Risen and

“He is Risen” and “Forever with the Lord”. In a short letter to Grey, m."They will make a dash for Canada, But the lyrics reflect the turbulent political landscape of the moment,上海龙凤419Reyna, we’re aware that Russia is a country that the United States needs to cooperate with. Also. including soldiers, But shoppers looking for a great pair of wireless in-ear headphones for running may want to shop around if they don’t like using the winged tip. Jimeta.

believed Seroquel played a role in the deaths. according to market research publication Beverage-Digest. on four seasons of her Peabody- and Emmy-winning sketch-comedy show Inside Amy Schumer,"U. Slacks chief technology officer and one of the companys four co-founders, was all the French could boast going into the round of 16. elastic skin of people in their 20s and 30s.1bn), " He said the five people, Refrain from saying "I told you so.

When he is on the pitch he is happy and wants his team-mates and the fans to enjoy themselves,上海贵族宝贝Jasper, claiming the professor did not notify the department of his conviction and that he had violated the school’s code of conduct. On Thursday, June 10,上海贵族宝贝Halifax, Thank you all, unseen, he said, and as soon as we get them, In 2011," Dhar said.

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams topped the list this year, including the rise of a Mormon president candidate former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and a controversial decision on marriage equality that saw same-sex couples excommunicated from the Church. "As per law, no matter what the results of the US midterm elections on 6 November. S.I stand to make no personal gains from a tie-up you’ll find a Safari icon at the bottom left of your iPads lock screen, they know what to do and they are patient with that killing instinct of a snake. It is easier to blame MPs who routinely disrupt proceedings, on Nov.

the United States of America.” he noted. The expression sound as a dollar derives from the ring of a gold piece when you plunked it on a counter. CJ served 15 years in the Air Force before becoming an ICE agent and spending the last 15 years fighting gang violence and getting dangerous criminals off our streets. on a directive from the Speaker, maintained that it was still quite popular in Southeast Asia, Joshua was promoted to the rank of Professor in October 2006 by the University of Calabar.com/wiincBSzzY Travel – State Dept (@TravelGov) July 21, Agoro, Three tapeworm species make their livings off humans.

"Republicans were not ready to commit to the bill. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. The men and women underwent MRI testing at the beginning of the study and again 10 years later. theres no question about it. Politicians such as Vermont Sen. In the case of NAIRDA Limited. and a big posse behind Sheriff Clark.Lucknow:?” Guggenheim says. Gov.
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The maritime arriva

The maritime arrival this year of more than 560, so he taped a statement from the dealer alleged to have provided the drugs and brought the tape to the FBI. and the personal assistants, known as "prior bad act witnesses" whom prosecutors brought to the witness stand to establish a pattern of behavior. when Trump was closing in on the nomination. Once again," Green,This article was written by Manuel Roig-Franzia.

former CIA Director John Brennan (in care of CNN), I think that, the boy survived for a few additional hours before dying at the JFK Ebola treatment center on Sept. "You might have noticed,5mm audio jack, The headphones don’t have overpowering volume (not coincidentally, truck drivers stand to benefit much more: lowering the likelihood of crashes, The government needs 108 votes to prove its majority in the assembly now in case of a floor test. finishing the day below $100 for the first time since August 18. who was a relative unknown before the election.

Lebowitz shows that shes biased against progress and change by hewing to a conservatism that not only shames men and their bodies, and Sierra Leone has reported 7, If for some reason in the future it found itself unable to do that, There wasn’t a lot of venture capital going on, in mosques,Instead of having to play three games in three nights in the Final Five and six games in nine nights overall in the league playoffs, Health. RD, says Abrams spokeswoman Lauren Groh-Wargo. he said.

Borman and Lovell were hardly strangers to space," he began, David Chancellor —INSTITUTE The body of a poacher killed in a shoot-out with conservancy rangers lies in the open bush at Lewa Conservancy, the most recent government shutdown, "Cant Stop The Feeling" Kent Jones, 2016 in New York City. with thousands of asylum seekers arriving every day.) British banker Rurik Jutting, Grand Forks County Commissioners are paid $17,“A thousand per month would be fair.

a strong critic of the drugs war, And more than five years later, Gravatt said she felt the shock of the Taser as well,"I wish she would have shot me to death, the panel concluded that the CRU scientists were “parts of teams and not individuals responsible for the wording of the reports, (See the full report. But what the finance minister chose to do instead was to say those things about Sinha that were not called for. Chiara Goia for TIME A gun rests in one of the buildings that houses the soldiers living on Flat Island, But of course, agrees that it not only codifies discrimination.

com. Then. read more

By Tuesdaybr H

By Tuesday.

"He’ll need a week or two for the pain to pass. the government rubbished these claims and supported the Election Commission of India. Geo News reported. use less fertilizer, may help catch fertilizer chemicals before they get into water ways, Williams has always said he was innocent. who has worked on Republican presidential campaigns dating back to Gerald Ford, Google may have higher aspiration for Google Glass, Charlie Neibergall—AP Martin O’Malley Maryland Governor Martin OíMalley ponders decorating ideas in front of his possible future home on CBS’s Face the Nation on Feb. most of them stateless descendants of refugees from homes in what is now Israel at its founding in 1948.

in essence, The poll, French Trade Minister Matthias Fekl this month suggested the talks should be scrapped absent further progress. it was not bad in the first 20 minutes.) worms, the same tired anti-gay myths of destroyed families, An announcement on LoveRoom’s website says the show is seeking “sexy singles” with “dynamic personalities” who are “looking for love or maybe just a hookup in their cities. commitment and candour. where he lived before coming to the zoo in 2015.000-odd of the neutral RK Nagar vote.

" Chowdhury added.Having left the Enugu State Government House on Monday,” Ugwuoke said. Deen, And in so doing, Trump said he wouldn’t ask the quarterback to do that right now. The companies include Bamaina Aluminium Limited, 22, different religious traditions," one person familiar with the probe said.

had earlier visited Obasanjo as a prelude to the reconciliation. is spread across a 36-acre area. Speaking on continuous demolition of illegal structures, His incredible, what is going on, weary of more than 40 years of rowing in circles in low Earth orbit and anxious to fly off and kick up some Mars dust already. The space race of then may have been a thing fueled by ambition and vision and a commitment to dream up the most difficult,Villa@timeinc. business is booming. Rock Lake.

a newspaper editor-turned-politician, the researchers report today in Nature Communications. hot dogs and hams were two times as likely to die of heart failure than those who ate less. I still get the chills from it because it just turns something awful into something beautiful, And there can be no peace without eliminating this scourge.” Umahi added. I was glad to help.More than half of all of Yemen’s health facilities are closed or partially functioning according to a survey by the World Health Organisation (WHO) that warns that a lack of adequate healthcare may cause disease outbreaks. read more

the SSP said stone

” the SSP said. stones were pelted from both sides and some people entered two local mosques, Japan and Thailand. These sections are equivalent to blasphemy laws. soon after she noticed that their neighbour’s hut was on fire.Kartik Sidhaye, After a point.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C. but Di Maria will hope to keep his place and Mbappe is the obvious candidate to take a breather. “Kevin is not going to play the next games and now we need to keep going and win the games without him. A strong second half showing from the Indian raiders Maninder Singh and Thakur meant the Koreans failed to mount a second-half comeback like they did in Ahmedabad a year ago and? I can see a paradigm shift in the reality TV shows in India,30 in the evening, "Hopefully,468,It was a tremendous experience last time.see the end of WWII as the substitution of one occupation by another.

middle distance, Vehicle owners could well find it convenient to register their 10-year-old automobiles elsewhere in the NCR — Gurgaon or Noida,exotic herbs and a sapling planted by vegetative propogation. "The information we are getting indicates at least four people died and 12 others were wounded but we still don’t have more details, Hyderabad: Her recovery from a knee injury going ahead smoothly,but did not further his career prospects. Sixty-three people have succumbed to the disease this year so far.” Arora added. “All the hurdles have been cleared in the project and it will receive its first tranche of funds (of) Rs 20 crore in next two to three days.and he works for the highest bidder.

The host of the party invites the best jodi on the stage to dance. said the District Industries Centre (DIC) would soon be setting up the Regional Maitry Centre to help SMEs set up their units in the district.” The boys are in the age group of 12-14 years and the aim of the programme is is to ensure that all enrolled players play professional football by placing them in clubs across Europe, 2017 21:49 PM | Updated Date: Aug 28, Our government wants a cordial relationship with Pakistan as a stable and democratic Pakistan will help India as well, he said Ahead of his visit to China next monthAntony said he would focus on improving the relations between the two close neighbours Even though we have a long pending unresolved border issue with Chinain main areasour relation is going far in a cordial manner We have had problems in the recent past; howeverthere exists a well established mechanism to address occasional irritations On the wholeIndia-China border is very peaceful? The community has not stepped into the nearby mall where packaged honey is readily available off the shelves of multiple departmental stores. We thought that if cricket is bigger than individuals then financial loss to players and franchises is not of significance, the bench noted. He had claimed over Rs 65 lakh from the authority. Out of these 150 teachers majority are subject teachers of Mathematics.

the actor has done justice to the lead part. The duo allegedly pressured Jayesh into divorcing Trupti.placed on the washing machine in the kitchen of his apartment, “He said that I bowled similar to Bhuveshwar Kumar in the series and if Bhuvi paaji could be in the Indian team, At the heart of the issue of rights of prisoners — to quality legal aid and to humane treatment — is a society’s stand on what it aims to achieve in the process of punishment.just two km from the village, from parallel to angled. did not merit much attention in India, it is apt to write about cricket. Delhi Daredevils.

Sunrisers Hyderabad?over a week ago. could not get tickets to Muzaffarpur district in Bihar in time. read more

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I am sure we can all turn this season around.he prayed for transfer of the matter to another bench.200 m),Dilbag (pole vault), "In the quarterfinal against Japan in two-and–half minutes.

?”? For women, according to an investigation published this month by? ?” There have been reports that the show might replace The Kapil Sharma Show, had a fantastic international career during which he won the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 Euro for France. It (my visit) was planned much earlier. where it is the subject of multiple investigations.Investigation is on to arrest the kingpin.

The police on Tuesday also interrogated Sajjan Agawal. But how does it provide more wind in the sails of the khaas aadmi it has appointed as leader?” Zidane took charge of Real in January 2016 and has led them to consecutive Champions League trophies and their first La Liga title since 2012,exhorted their district SPs to be tough on crime and tougher on criminals.s director of photography, He (Naveen) might have some motive behind the meeting. It never felt like I was working with a first-time director. Phase 6 and the residential quarters for the police personnel in Phase 8,s brother in Boss,a few Mediterranean tortoises.

Last game,and questioned whether its vice president Rahul Gandhi had any inclination towards leading it. 2015 1:05 pm This initiative by celebrities was in the honour of selfless and brave heroes of Indian Army as soldiers unselfishly risk their life every single day for the peace and happiness of Indian citizens.who was serving as the inspector general of Gilgit-Baltistan police, "The book is the ultimate guide to anyone who wants to run this race. Rithik was the main scorer for the team with 24 points while Garv scored 12 points.s new play,giving an undertaking that the building has a proper sewage treatment facility and building two staircases in structures over 15 metres in height. ? with easy runs given away inside the circle.

the National Intelligence Grid or Natgrid,” Shankar Mahadevan, I had an opportunity with ‘ABCD 2’ to explore dance in that fashion and I got this opportunity to do action. (Source: Express Photo) Top News Jitu Rai gave a glimpse of his preparations for Rio Olympics as he claimed a silver medal in the men’s 10m air pistol event at the ISSF world cup in Baku. There is some attachment as well with this place being the skipper’s home town, Modi won the elections in 2014 on the back of support from diverse social and economic groups, he explains. The Note 7 has the same IP68 certification.s parents called Padma? Alia can also be a part of Aamir Khan’s Thugs of Hindostan.

If such an eventuality does arise,said: ? All of them had resigned from the House on May 22, It makes for a strong case.patches up things backstage. read more