Dolores Park Follies SF Mission Pissoir Passes Muster

first_imgA San Francisco Superior Court judge has ruled that the much-ballyhooed pissoir in a corner of Dolores Park doesn’t break any of the laws implied by the suit, effectively ending the case.“Plaintiffs have failed to allege any claim for which they would be entitled to the relief they seek,” wrote Judge Harold Kahn in his order. Those who seek relief at the corner of 20th and Church streets, it would seem, may continue to do so.“Plaintiffs” in this case are the San Francisco Chinese Christian Union, but backing them is the Pacific Justice Institute, a nationally active conservative Christian legal group that the Southern Poverty Law Center has called an “Anti-LGBT hate group” (you can decide for yourself where they stand on by watching some of their testimonials).The suit alleged that the pissoir was discriminatory toward people who need to squat to pee, and that it encouraged indecent exposure to innocent passerby. The latter is somewhat up for debate – some nearby residents told Mission Local in February that the pissoir’s design left much to be desired in the modesty department, while others noted that it at least offered an alternative to urinating on people’s doorsteps. The suit raised plenty of eyebrows – even the City Attorney’s office fired back with a tongue-in-cheek blog post noting the park’s “vibrant counter culture, immodest sunbathers, pot brownie vendors, spectacular city views, and famously irreverent ‘Hunky Jesus’ contest.” As one neighbor accurately noted in February, “There’s a lot of penises flying around on busy days.” Tags: dolores park Share this: FacebookTwitterRedditemail,0%center_img 0%last_img read more