Priscila: “I don’t see ethical or fair that the season ends like this”

first_imgAs for the season, Priscila hopes to finish playing it after overcoming this crisis. “I do not see ethical that the season ends thus. I do not even consider it. Without the World Cup and Absolute Europeans, it is viable for now to extend the League, which ends soon in May, and play in June or try to put two games per week. Nor do we have as many matches to play (nine, with the strike day included), “says the attacker, who dedicates his quarantine to staying in shape” to return in the best way “and studying the police opposition.” The most difficult is not to touch the ball, “he highlights.” This season I did not start very well physically either due to different circumstances and then I have reached a good level again. Now I am trying to stay home as best as possible and I am on the path of not losing shape. When I return, I hope to do it with more desire and more strength “, he maintains.“I compare Rosa Márquez with Iniesta”In addition, Priscila reviews the adversities she has overcome during her career. “I worked in a hotel in Sabadell, in a cafeteria in Badajoz or in a school and in a bakery in Madrid. It has not cost me, but it is true that I highly value not having to do it now to play soccer,” says the Betis striker, who never expected to be in the First Division for so long: “When I started playing I did not expect the results or spend so much time in the First Division. The League has changed a lot and has suffered from everything, format changes and bad streaks. Now at last it seems that everything is settling down, with the agreement and with perfectly regulated contracts. It is a joy to see how all this has changed. “AFE ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Priscila talks about the agreement during the players’ press conference at the AFE headquarters.AFE About the agreement he also expressed his opinion. Priscila believes that “it has taken a long time” and that the most important thing for her firm is to regulate the price and injuries. “LOr more importantly, the agreement is that if I have started working at the age of 20, I have been listed since then and not only for a few years. Me because I have been fortunate enough to contribute with the different jobs I have had, but another person would now be 35 years old with hardly having contributed for his retirement, “says Priscila, who also remembers the bad years she spent without collecting in Sabadell, the problems with the flat in Huelva or how he has had to sacrifice himself and be away from his family for fourteen years. “What I value most of all that is that I never lost hope. “ sentenced the Andalusian forward, who despite not having had many references points to the attacker Auxi Jiménez as her greatest example to follow and highlights the great talent of teammates like Rosa Márquez :. “I compare Rosa Márquez with Iniesta. She has a more than promising future and we will surely see her winning titles.” Priscila Borja is one of the veterans who lead the First Iberdrola. The Betis striker and top scorer, who has completed twenty seasons in the top flight, attended AS by telephone in the midst of the health crisis that the whole country has stopped to assess how this campaign has been, which he described as “roller coaster”. “I see everything positive and I believe that these adversities are going to make us grow both personally and athletically. I really want to see the faces of my teammates and embrace them. We have a very nice goal ahead and we must go for it”, exposes.At 35, Priscila remains at a great physical level, being the undisputed starter at Betis, and has not yet decided whether to hang up his boots or continue another year as a green-white. In the past season the same thing happened to him and the Seville ended up renewing for another course with the Heliópolis painting. “It was clear to me to retire this season and now between the strike, the agreement or the health crisis, among other things, I am rethinking everything. What I miss the most is playing football, “highlights Betica, which reveals the secret of being so well after two decades playing at the highest level:” There are several influencing criteria. One is work, both physical and mental, then there is a bit of genetics and luck plays an important role in terms of injuries and having the confidence of the coach. You also have to feel young. For example, I’m still very excited to play soccer. ““Pier gives us responsibility and freedom”For her part, the Andalusian attacker regrets that the break has come at the best time for the team. “This crisis has come when we were better, in a crescendo improvement of the team. But well the same is a new opportunity, “he highlights, shortly before evaluating Pier’s arrival on the verdiblanco bench:” All the changes are good and we came from a dynamic of not being comfortable with the game and the results. We were not having results. When Pier arrived we started to score some points and that encouraged us a lot“Of the former Betis player, Priscila states that he is a coach who gives you” responsibility and freedom. “” He always gives us freedom on the field and that implies responsibility. Play with that double-edged sword and the players have welcomed it very well. At the end he has been a player and he knows perfectly what the players feel“he assures. Betis’); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Priscila hugs Pier after a First Iberdrola match.Betislast_img read more

Can Chief Karwor Resolve Stalemate on Capitol Hill?

first_imgHouse Speaker J. Alex Tyler along with Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, presiding officer of the ‘renegade’ members, including top officials, are expected to face-up in the Traditional Palaver Hut in the headquarters of the National Traditional Council of Liberia (NTCL) on 24th Street Sinkor, this morning.The NTCL, under the leadership of Chief Zanzan Karwor, which statutorily promotes unity, good governance, peace, reconciliation and traditional healing, is expected to host members of the divided Lower House in an attempt to break the stalemate on Capitol Hill.Chief Karwor announced the convening of the meeting on Tuesday, August 16, after the Council met the two parties, during which a kola nut of peace and reconciliation was extended.Traditional CouncilLegislation has transformed the composition of the traditional council to provide to it elements of democracy, opened up an opportunity for such councils to achieve cooperative governance and have a strong voice in development matters, including entering into partnership and service-delivery agreements with the government.Many believe that while the country awaits the ruling of the Supreme Court this would be the final bid to break the deadlock in the Lower House.At the end of today’s meeting, many Liberians are hoping that either Speaker Tyler would recuse himself or the renegade lawmakers would be convinced to go in Chambers to use procedural voting to get Tyler to recuse himself.Either of the two means that a parallel session will definitely cease and work on the Expenditure Component of the 2016/2017 Fiscal Budget will resume as well as other normal business at the Legislature.Power of the LegislatureThe beginning of the parallel sessions in the Lower House on Thursday August 11 created a stalemate in the Legislature. According to Article 29 of the Constitution, ‘the Legislative power of the Republic shall be vested in the Legislature which shall consist of two separate Houses.’Parallel SessionsThe emergence of parallel sessions on August 11 saw one group led by Speaker Alex J. Tyler, with the Chief Clerk and the Sergeant-At-Arms in attendance, and the anti-Tyler bloc conducting its own session at the William R. Tolbert Joint Chambers.Physically, there have been an increasing number of lawmakers present at the Joint Chambers, while the Tyler side has seen a considerable defection of allies.Tyler is reported to have said that he will not recuse himself or resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives once the call for his recusal or removal is based on what he described as an inducement from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.At a news conference last Thursday evening after another occurrence of parallel sessions by members of the House of Representatives, the Speaker maintained that there is no law in the Liberian Constitution or standing rules of the House of Representatives that calls for recusal.“It is dangerous for our country. Those who claim to be standing on moral grounds are doing the same things they are accusing others of doing. Nobody is going to frighten anyone. We are trying to avoid conflict. All of you know what is obtaining. I know you have to do your job, but that needs to stop,” Speaker Tyler contended.Government BreakdownThe Daily Observer has observed that the Executive has resolved not to recognize either side owing to letters from the anti-Tyler bloc to the Executive as well as the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning and the Central Bank of Liberia placing a freeze on ‘certain line-items’ on the bank account of the House of Representatives.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more