Service dog nonprofit helps veterans

first_imgA national nonprofit group that provides service dogs to military service members and veterans has opened a new training facility in Fairbanks. Paws for Purple Hearts involves service members and vets in the dog training process.Listen NowA Paws For Purple Hearts service dog greets visitors during an open house at the group’s new training center in south Fairbanks November 12th. (Dan Bross, KUAC – Fairbanks)The atmosphere is upbeat as people and dogs mix during an open house event at Paws For Purple Hearts new Fairbanks facility. The young dogs, labrador and golden retrievers, wearing blue vests, calmly interact with visitors amidst the distracting party atmosphere. They’re young and and still in training, but obviously special animals.In Fairbanks for the open house, Paws For Purple Hearts national President and CEO Greg Sipple, emphasizes that his group’s service dog program is different and his dogs are “the most sedate, calming and mellow dogs that we could find.””A lot of places will try to have that dog keep the world away from the veteran,” Sipple said. “Our philosophy is help the veteran get through and integrate back into society. So we’ll have the dog come closer to comfort them at times when their anxiety is high- even when they’re sleeping. The dog can sense the dreams, the emotion and the cortisol being emitted, ad the dogs will comfort the veteran.”Sipple, a former Navy pilot, also points to another unique aspect of the program: use of active duty service members  and veterans suffering a  range disabilities, including PTSD,  to help train the dogs.”Right now the demand for service dogs is far out-stretching the capacity of every organization combined. So what we’re trying to do is make a force multiplier,” Sipple said. “By having the veterans come in, training with the dogs once or twice or three times, as many times as they really want to — something about that magical connection between a dog and a human being and their ability to read and understand our emotions is really what is the magical part of the organization.”Fairbanks is one of five locations in the US where Paws For Purple Hearts operates, and the first to get a purpose-built training facility. With a large veteran population and three military installations, the interior Alaska location makes sense, but Sipple credited two local residents with bringing the organization to Fairbanks: Betsy Jacobs, the program coordinator for Paws for Purple Hearts and Nathan Colin, the director of Paws for Purple Hearts.Jacobs and Colin, both longtime Fairbanks residents previously involved in therapy dog work, say they saw the need for service dogs.”I would often be asked, ‘How do I get a service dog?’” Jacobs said. “I didn’t have an answer for them. There was no place in town where you could get one.”So the couple got trained by service dog pioneer and Paws for Purple Hearts founder Bonnie Bergen in California.”Once Betsy and I both went through her program, she seemed to think we were good candidates,” Colin said. “She asked us if we could open up a Paw for Purple Hearts here in Fairbanks.”Since March Colin and Jacobs say the fledgling Fairbanks branch of Paws For Purple Hearts, has worked with 4 dogs and about 25 service members and veterans.“Positive dog training — Susan Sampson has allowed us to use her facility free for the entire  time, March until now,” Jacobs said.“Until we got our own facility now,” Colin said.“So we’ve only been meeting twice a week, but now that we’ve got our own place, we’ll be able to expand our service immensely,” Jacobs said.“And the neat thing snout our services – all our classes, all our events, everything for the servicemen and veterans – are free,” Colin said. “And if any of them want a dog, the dog is free.”That’s a big deal as the couple said trained service dogs can cost as much as 75 thousand dollars.  Paws For Purple Hearts CEO Sipple said the organization is entirely funded by private donations and grants, noting that Alaskan people and businesses have been generous in helping the organization get started and he aspires to expand into Anchorage and Juneau.last_img read more

Here is every single way that Costa Rica can qualify for the

first_imgUPDATE:Costa Rica did it the easy way. The Ticos beat Italy, 1-0, on Friday. Costa Rica is in the knockout round for only the second time ever, matching the success of the 1990 team.La Sele, thanks to its six points and large goal differential advantage, likely will top Group D and face the second place team in Group C on Sunday at 2 p.m.Before that Costa Rica will play England on Tuesday at 10 a.m. That match is almost meaningless, with England eliminated following Costa Rica’s win and La Sele needing to suffer a huge collapse to not claim the top spot in Group DOriginal story follows below:Costa Rica has Uruguay’s star striker Luis Suárez to thank for the team’s good fortune. After sitting out the Costa Rica match (due to a knee injury), he scored both goals in Uruguay’s 2-1 victory over England on Thursday. That victory has the Ticos sitting pretty atop Group D heading into the Italy match and for the final group stage matches next week.Costa Rica-England and Italy-Uruguay play simultaneously at 10 a.m. on Tuesday. The winner of Group D takes on the second place team in Group C (currently Ivory Coast). The second place team in Group D will play the winner of Group C (likely Colombia).Here’s how a win, draw or loss against Italy and England would affect Costa Rica:Scenario breakdown for qualification:IF COSTA RICA BEATS ITALY: Costa Rica advances. This almost guarantees the Ticos the top spot in the group, thanks to their large advantage in both points and goal differential.The Ticos likely would win the group even with a loss to England, thanks to holding several tiebreaker* advantages over Italy and Uruguay.IF COSTA RICA DRAWS ITALY AND BEATS/TIES ENGLAND: A tie with Italy and a win against England obviously puts Costa Rica through. The Ticos would win the group, too, if they maintain their tiebreaker advantages over Italy.If Costa Rica ties its final two matches, the Ticos would advance to the second round. Whether Costa Rica wins the group would depend on the result of Italy-Uruguay.A tie against Italy eliminates England, likely demoralizing the English for its final match against Costa Rica.IF COSTA RICA DRAWS ITALY AND LOSES TO ENGLAND: Costa Rica still would qualify in this situation as long as Italy beats Uruguay.If Uruguay wins or ties Italy, then this gets a bit tricky. Costa Rica would be eliminated in this situation, only if an already-eliminated England beat the Ticos so badly that they lost their goal differential advantage over whoever finishes second out of Uruguay and Italy. Currently, Costa Rica maintains a one-goal advantage over Italy and a three-goal advantage over Uruguay.There’s also a possibility of Costa Rica tying in goal differential with the second place team in the group. Then everything gets really complicated, and possibly the team that advances could come down to a coin flip*. We won’t get into that here, since it’s an extremely unlikely scenario.IF COSTA RICA LOSES TO ITALY AND BEATS ENGLAND:  Costa Rica advances as long as Italy defeats or ties Uruguay. La Sele would finish second in the group.A three-way tie at the top of Group D is possible if Uruguay beats Italy in this situation. But Costa Rica likely would advance in this situation too, almost certainly maintaining a tiebreaker over either Uruguay or Italy.IF COSTA RICA LOSES TO ITALY AND DRAWS ENGLAND: Costa Rica advances as long as Italy beats Uruguay.If Uruguay and Italy tie, Costa Rica advances as long as La Sele maintains its tiebreaker advantage over Uruguay.If Uruguay beats Italy, Costa Rica would be eliminated in this situation.IF COSTA RICA LOSES TO ITALY AND LOSES TO ENGLAND: Costa Rica could still advance! With Uruguay’s defeat of England, Costa Rica could qualify even if La Sele lost its final two matches. First Italy would have to beat Uruguay, then Costa Rica must maintain its tiebreaker advantage over England and Uruguay in the three-way tie for second place.A team with only three points last qualified for the knockout round in 1998 (Chile thanks to three draws).Of course, La Sele doesn’t have to worry about any of that if the team can just beat the Italians.*Tiebreaker scenarios:1) Overall goal difference2) Overall goals scored3) Head to head in games between those teams4) Goal difference in games between those teams5) Goals scored in games between those teams6) Drawing of lots Facebook Comments Related posts:Joel Campbell and the Ticos against the world: Dates and local times for every group stage match World Cup upsets focus fans on football instead of protests In Costa Rica, one big party following spectacular World Cup win A rebuttal to Wall Street Journal editor’s call for US World Cup fans to ignore Costa Ricalast_img read more

Amadeus partners with Expense8

first_imgAmadeus, today announced a partnership with Business Information Services (BIS), a local provider of expense management solutions to Australian organisations.The partnership agreement will see the integration of BIS’ expense management automation tool, Expense8 with Amadeus’ leading online booking tool, e-Travel Management.Corporations will benefit from improved efficiency and compliance by managing their travel approval, booking and expense management as an automated end-to-end process.For the first time, users see real-time travel costs in the pre-booking approval process, rather than basing itineraries on estimates that can change.Expense8 managing director Zoran Grujic, said that it is very exciting to partner with Amadeus.“We are very excited to partner with Amadeus, a global travel technology leader. It is an important strategic partnership for us and helps us to deliver an end to end solution for our expense management clients,” Mr Grujic said. Amadeus IT Pacific managing director, Tony Carter, commented said that Amadeus is always striving to improve booking solutions and this will help make the process smoother.“Amadeus is focused on investing in the corporate online booking experience to provide end to end value for customers. That’s why we are so pleased to be partnering with an innovative partner like BIS to deliver the Expense8 expense management solution integrated within Amadeus e-Travel Management,” Mr Carter said. Amadeus collaborates with expense management solutions in a number of markets, as well as a worldwide partnership with global market leader SAP.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more