The unstable space is caused by the first element of the K


diagram of the timed out said no connection is successful, it means that the site can not normally access. Because we test the web space access speed and connectivity, PING code is the most easy to learn. But there is such a result that the site can not be opened, so that the user can open the web site, of course, can not enter the site spider crawling, thus making the site no longer pull into the spider crawling list ranks before natural indexed pages will slowly get rid of delete, according to my observation, the website cannot open more than three days, the website page will be deleted, and delete all that is, we often say that the site was K. read more

The love of Shanghai in the first and the A5 contribute some similar

is more than the love I found in Shanghai and the first soft writing has many similar things, so that not only the Shanghai dragon website promotion method, website promotion method has a lot of good as long as we are good at summing up to find the way of higher believe you will be successful, the original 贵族宝贝fjzx.5d6d贵族宝贝 reproduced acne products please keep the link.

to do love Shanghai first is our ultimate goal of optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, A5 Submission on the front page can also be our goal, but they are not a day can be trained successfully, they are a gradual process, do we need to do every day to enrich the content of optimizing the construction of the chain, and we write a good article to long Lianbi few novice can a can contribute by the. read more

Analysis Baidu why angry you made it

4.PR: Shanghai PR fell love suddenly dropped, this is the site to drop right early warning. Although the official has said Shanghai love love Shanghai PR without this kind of thing, but love Shanghai PR is there, this is our webmaster to our web site to set the label, general website PR is higher, weight is higher site.

1. site structure. The website was revised, which includes: to change the site TAG tag site change frame overhaul, replacement of the website, love Shanghai will feel your site is not stable, not reliable, cause right down. read more

Fish a few tips on the snapshot of the love of Shanghai

two: the website update rate is very important in

The importance of chain is also importantThe flat

three: within a reasonable amount of

four: friendship connection is more important

when it comes to love Shanghai snapshot, I believe that many owners are aware of its importance. First, a deeply love Shanghai "love" love Shanghai website snapshot is one of the standard, and love Shanghai snapshot what effect? The first love Shanghai snapshot it shows your site every day there will be love Shanghai spiders to climb one or more times, second of your published content may love is the second Shanghai, third love Shanghai may give the snapshot site a very good position. Well, said so much about love Shanghai snapshot of the significance and role, that today we talk about how to make your site in Shanghai every day to take snapshots of love. Nonsense not say, directly on the read more

Love Shanghai 6 22 and 6 28 events webmaster back but still need to reflect on

malicious click industry are: medical, beauty, real estate, school, education, industry, these belong to high profit industry, if love Shanghai does not take appropriate methods like this, it is bound to be the loss of more customers bid, love Shanghai stock is also affected by this hit

this love Shanghai event is also on the Internet to do a clean-up, provide high quality results for users; to ensure the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem; should support, but the webmaster need to reflect on how to love Shanghai, provide real value to the content to the customer, whether it is love or Shanghai personal webmaster, once meet can the needs of customers, to provide customers with real value can not, how can go far. This paper consists of www.bjwgg贵族宝贝 fryer original reproduced please specify the link, thank you. read more

Look at the details of the normal Shanghai Longfeng method

update site

recently when exchanging Links, met a very interesting webmaster, he claimed to be new, but his website in less than 3 months, get a lot of keywords ranking, makes me wonder I can admire the heart.

if you put aside the time no see, just look at the data, not good. However, if the data is completed in just 2 months time, also can not outstanding. So I carefully analyzed his website, found that in fact there is not much skill, is nothing more than those of conventional methods: Shanghai dragon read more

360 search strategy Open Access vertical search engine

January 15th afternoon, held a press conference today announced the 360 search open platform strategy, vertical search engine, access to partner free application box, and free certification website. According to the 360 President Qi Xiangdong said 360 search platform has access to the thousands of partners.

two, free and open to partner with the box (oneBox). When users search through 360 tourism, medical, utilities, train tickets, star task and other words, 360 search results show free web application results by partner customization, the partnership with Ctrip, cruel dispatch, 39 Health Network, Xunyiwenyao network etc.. read more

Effect of the chain of revocation of Wikipedia webmaster

remember to love Shanghai also said that the chain is the most valuable chain can import the correlation flow, and the chain on Wikipedia is undoubtedly one of the most effective and recommended to the user of the chain, and open some related content, the chain is necessary, so that nofollow, though, but the value is still there, this is we need to be aware of the. In fact, they do not understand, if you love Shanghai with nofollow in order to prevent the weight of tassel, but the chain is > Encyclopedia read more

Four experience experience summary of original articles


2. paragraphs clear

1. to confirm the

paragraphs clear, an article should have several sections, a connection between paragraphs and paragraphs, is connecting. Or each paragraph can be independent, but overall throughout the central idea of the article. Some people love a little bit of writing. Where is there. Some people are very clear, can put the whole article outline enumerate good. Confirm each paragraphs Title later in the whole content of the rich, It differs from man to man. method. read more

Bidding secret training area eight shady

training is that recruit agents is real, the propaganda when making their curricula blowing more Niubi, make more money, then you can learn how much income, you need to figure out what they teach you is how to make money, by learning their lessons and make it operate the products still, learning is false, recruit agents is real.

is a web-based primer, face to face money, to tempt you to participate in the network courses to their curriculum in the network, only about the very surface, superficial things, constantly stressed what niubable technology will be explained in face-to-face class, need detailed > read more

Forearmed precise positioning website keywords

is the earliest work site is not the choice, nor the choice of templates, but the website keyword research. This step is the fact that the overall theme website set the tone, can let you do in the maintenance process of the site. The so-called Forewarned is forearmed., do a keyword research, can make the website with the growth; conversely, if only the head into the website of a field, the result is likely to be the website keywords no one search, no traffic, or too much competition, strive for a long time did not pick up. read more

Cup site internal optimization should be done just right

div+css layout and table layout less than the page code, loading speed has improved, beneficial to the spider climb take included. It can improve the efficiency of the spider crawling, efficient crawling to very good effect on the quality of the page included.

1: effect of div+css on the Shanghai dragon.

second: the influence of the Shanghai dragon directory.

Production method of

maintain visual consistency is div+css. The relative table nested production method, makes the page and page, showing the effect of deviation between region and region. The method of making div+css is for all the pages and regional control with a unified CSS file, you can avoid deviation display effect. read more

A5 marketing what are the main principles of the selection of keyword keyword research

two, the main keyword is too long or too special

is the second, the main keyword is too long or too special. This is inevitable, in the choice of keywords to your home page when more popular keywords should be aimed at the industry, to.

, a keyword not too broad

first, is not too broad keywords. In the A5 marketing team encountered many customers, in the choice of keywords are too broad, such as real estate company boss, they want for the word "real estate" is optimized to do tourism company want to optimize the words "tourism". I would say, you should forget these words, these words are too broad, and these words competition is huge, if you want to put the real estate and tourism to love Shanghai keywords ranking top ten or top twenty, is almost impossible, unless you consume a lot of money. read more

Go out the pseudo original webmaster success more difficult

March 6th, A5 issued a document editor "Tang Shijun: why would the original webmaster, more likely to be successful?", which view, search engines love the one and only original content; and, to the original webmaster, must also be good at thinking summary, but also good at practical experience. The original content can be search engine and browsing more and more popular and has been a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, if there is no further discussion, but this point of view, is nothing new. But this fresh is that they think can adhere to the original owners, the more thoughtful summary and actual temper. I also borrow editing ideas, a deep thinking and the "adhere to the original, experience more achievements of self value", further analyzes. read more

Don’t overdo the best natural and reasonable website optimization

, part of the

How to optimize the site appropriate

first said the excessive optimization to bring us what

said, you have to.

1, excessive optimization chain, usually it will increase the burden on our work, daily published a large number of the chain, we consume a lot of energy and time, not only has no effect, and easily counterproductive.


2, over optimized content, such as the accumulation of a large number of keywords in the content, insert keywords unnatural, content page keywords derived a hyperlink, not only is easy to search engine cheating caused by K, while greatly reducing the user experience. read more

Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of using love products under the sea

so, if you really want to send the chain, I love Shanghai is not recommended to choose, a lot of places to send the chain, although not necessarily love Shanghai effect is good, but Many a little make a mickle. It is recommended that you review blog in Shanghai Longfeng blog blog or check the chain resources 179 can send the chain where the collection of more comprehensive.

a lot of people, early in the site with the love of Shanghai, love Shanghai statistics is always on you web site traffic and play a monitoring role, timely monitoring to know all about you, if you want to brush the initial ranking, the brush flow, you silly x, what the reason I believe you understand at a glance; but on the whole, if you are in love of Shanghai, well behaved station, not to brush brush ranking, PV, relative to the search engine is quite friendly, because love Shanghai statistics are love Shanghai’s products. read more

No technical webmaster Wangzhuan experienceDetailed description of website profit model

started renting space, using domain names, and the money I spent was willing to go to big, regular websites to buy, because I knew it was the foundation of the rankings after the website. The next thing is to repeat what you’ve done in the company. One or two months >

at that time I went to this company is a professional enterprise to help build the station, but also through their own team to build some stations to earn advertising revenue. These two incomes support the team of almost ten people. Because we do not understand anything, so my role in the building after they complete a station, alone in the web site to collect content, and then some pseudo original, and finally sent out. It may seem like a simple job, but it’s the most basic job in SEO. This part of the work determines the stability of a keyword ranking after a web site is included. read more

Understand 2010 adbux secretHow does individual stationmaster earn life cost through small website

: "money is not everything, but without money, you can never do it.". Every webmaster has his own dream, and he hopes he can come out in the world one day. But many people gave up early because of lack of capital. For still struggling webmaster, might as well make some time to build a few such sites, although not earn big money, but the cost of living can still be met. >

now my students every day in the field of their products, the knowledge used to combat all in, do not understand the problems encountered in actual combat, the most important is combined with the operation of the project, looking at their income increase, more motivation to learn. Have more learning initiative. read more

Lizus a way to make money on commercial websitesRice folding nets Zhang Lianglun Tencent business in

· this is a better age, but also a worse age, but it is still the time of our young people.

speech are excerpts from dry:

held in Hangzhou in June 6th the Tencent developers salon, the Tencent soon settled entrepreneurial base meters off the network CEO Zhang Lianglun, the wonderful speech caused a scene after 80 entrepreneurs strong resonance, Chushengniudu him without fear of big companies already convinced that the future with luxuriant foliage, which belongs to the era of young people". read more

We always talk about nternet thinking do we really understand2010 five Golden Wangzhuan Wangzhuan

second, the strength of stationmaster began to enter the electronic commerce

sh419 do the best, the core is search, sh419 technology in the country can be said to be the strongest, and today we use sh419 is not free to use?.

In 2010,

so, since the Internet does not have a standard for thinking about it, how do we understand it,

want to do some trash such as movies, novels, music, video and so on more difficult, not only from the IDC of the pressure, so most owners have to give up, so with the small website in the same interest in the chain of small advertising alliance have also shut down, because the real station will come to dinner on the minor league. Early sh419, shlf1314 and other large companies to promote cooperation. read more