How should tourism industry use pictures to attract consumers

visual content is the champion of almost all the best marketing practices in all industries. In tourism, in particular, this way, because travel pictures are very powerful marketing elements.

Social media website

today’s most popular are the pictures as the main (such as Pinterest, Instagram); and there are many hotels have played a key role in these platforms, because they know the importance of visual penetration and interaction.

but most of the time, these visual effects are bad on the hotel’s official website or on the OTA platform, resulting in a loss of sales. But do you know the reason? Here are some of the most common reasons: read more

Daily interaction over 500 thousand times secret WeChat promotion operations

/ Guan Peng (Sohu IT contributing author)

WeChat public

platform has become the hottest enterprise marketing platform, there are a large number of Internet Co and traditional enterprises in the daily use of public accounts through the mobile terminal and the fans can not only sending text, pictures, video, voice and other information, can also conduct in-depth communication on a.

is now WeChat public platform has become the industry’s preferred channel platform, the communication needs of the user to the strong tourism industry, but also actively joined WeChat as a mobile real-time customer service platform, providing reservation function, attractions tickets discount and other services, directly facing the 300 million WeChat users, bring new service experience. read more

How can raise the PR value to 4 in half a year at the beginning of my domain registration I wanted to be a mechanical filter website, I have done the operation, for a period of time, but no one to buy my goods, because of the need for strong enterprise post service and support, although I have the goods, but sales are not stable, no manufacturers are willing to in my body spend a lot of time, so angrily to this site to take the.

                when I do filter, this domain has a friend to take me, first built after the new update to PR 3, so I changed my blog when the PR value is 3, after a change in terms of the page direct updates do not come, I’m dying, so at that time I updated every day blog, after a month of time content update, and then find the chain of the same type, before many companies link removed, after the work of long-term update, more original has great influence the recorded and PR value on my blog link chain of high PR few, most of them are lower than me, did not expect that in the first half of the time, I insist on update blog, to find the chain, hard work pays off, the Google update, I blog pr The value finally rose to 4, ha ha, really very happy. I hope everyone will adhere to the original, adhere to the update, the only way the search engine will be very keen on your station! There are links to friends in my blog can see the requirements! read more

A heart of love embarked on the road of writing

I didn’t study well since I was a child. No teacher praised me. No one admired me.

, when I was 17 years old, I didn’t graduate from junior high school, but my primary school students already went to grade two. I, in order to avoid being bullied, like Hong Kong and Taiwan video in the "crash" like the fight all day, I want to be my hero.

result, I have almost all the county junior high school finished.

I can’t find any hope. I’m lost in the future.

then, in the winter of that year, I left my hometown and became a soldier. read more

Even after the campus 90 began to abandon everyone network decline no one error commercialization

, Chen Yizhou, and his Renren seem to be getting more and more elusive. But Renren’s 90 users seem to have no interest in Renren, because in their eyes Renren is already OUT.

, Chen Yizhou, and his Renren seem to be getting more and more elusive. $40 million investment guru Chen Yizhou shot again, this time is the social equity investment platform Motif Investing, just a few months ago, led to the domestic social investment platform, the same amount of the snowball C round of investment. read more

How do you tell a search engine what your standardized URL is


URL standardization" URL standardization "is a gerund, not good direct explanation, I put it in reverse.

what is a standardized URL? In many cases, we think the following links point to the same page (home page):

, but the process of sending requests and returning web content from URL looks different from one another in URL. For the above URLs, the Web server can return completely different content. When the content of these URL is the same (usually the same), Google needs to select a representative from the above URLs and ignore the rest. Well, URL, which was chosen by Google, is a standardized URL. The process of Google’s choice is called standardization". read more

Every day hundreds of pseudo original articles in fact very simple

site to flow, it is necessary to have a good weight, where the weight of my view is the original plus the chain. Not necessarily, but I do have a successful case.

for the chain, the webmaster may be more than I have the right to speak. So, I display slight skill before an expert. The chain of channels in accordance with priority, divided into the following: first, soft wen. A good soft Wen, you can bring more high-quality N outside the chain, this point is beyond doubt. Good soft text depends on the webmaster text and soft Wen skills. Two is the friendship link. This depends mainly on the webmaster’s EQ, my EQ is too low, so the chain is doing very well failed. Later, simply gave up the link to do friendship. Three is Bo Fu station. Mainly depends on the degree of diligence of the webmaster, blog done, the effect is still obvious. Four is the BBS signature. Now the weight of the forum, personalized signature is a certain level, the first forum ID level up, and then you can once and for all. Personally think, BBS signature for spider or effective, but to improve the weight, as if the effect is not obvious. There are other black chain, buy links and so on, no longer enumerate. read more

Be sure to do the analysis before you do the website

some time ago in the aspects of planning a yam industry website, before doing this website, I carefully analyzed the current form, and the site of the mode of operation and development, eventually abandoned the plan, put the plan released today, hope that the webmaster brothers do stand in the future, more pay attention to analysis, or when you put half of the station, found no future, you’re wasting too much time to do before I want to do:

1. do the station, the most important thing is to figure out why to do this station, this idea can really make money read more

American mission to visit four high level talk about the development of the United States Mission

Wangjing is rare in Beijing a few small car air quality is relatively better, but the Wangjing people do not think so, because we haven’t seen commuting time in Wangjing, when several enterprises commuting time here with the staff will immediately make the streets become heavy traffic. Not surprisingly, the original small administrative area is now the U.S. group, Qihoo 360, Motorola and other technology companies rooted in place, according to the Alibaba said in 2016 will move to Wangjing science and Technology Industrial Park, the family moved to Ali or partial migration, still can make nothing of it. read more

A feeling of being a little girl in a 51 space station

looked at so many QQ space stations, are very hot, very envious, so there is a want to do an idea. But calm down and think, everybody’s doing it, I’m doing it, and what do I mean, so I’ve got my eyes on

51 is our station elder brother Pang Shengdong founded, the user volume with QQ has almost, and 51 of the home page custom function is very tough, user active degree is very high. After a few days of observation and conversation with 51 users, so firmly made the idea of the 51 space station. read more