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most people in the planning website profit model, always like to own website profit model very strange, very complicated, because they think profit model is more complex, the better. In fact, this is a serious wrong concept.

, Google, Baidu and other search engine model is simple, sell advertising;

online game profit model, Russia is very simple, selling cards or selling equipment;

, Dangdang, and Joyo are also very simple e-commerce sites, selling books and DVDs;

why is a simple model easier to succeed than a complex profit model? There are 2 main reasons: read more

How to design website registration form which is convenient for users

registration page is the main way to obtain user data, definitely not the simpler the better, the design should provide users with experience convenient, rather than lower the threshold of registration. Rookie blogger combined with previous articles on form design and some of their own shallow experience to do a summary:

(the following is biased towards B2B’s Web site)

What does a

registration requirement include,

?The requirements of

registration can be divided into four steps: classification of user types, transforming visitors into members, obtaining data of users, data perfection and value-added, and guiding read more

How to operate in order to maximize the content of its effectiveness marketing strategy is the key

It takes a lot of time and effort for

to create valuable content. Of course, anyone who writes a few words together can be called content, but something that is shared can really be valuable to your business.

good content can strengthen your business and build a reputation for you. In order to create valid content, you need to make sure that content is accessible and shareable.

is the key to marketing strategy to maximize its effectiveness. So, if the content is good enough, how do you let the audience share it? read more

Analysis of the collection of class electricity supplier website four problems


electronic commerce although the earnings are not as good as before, but the collection of electronic business profitability is still quite good, but also a part of the fastest growing, this and our country to the collection of common hobbies has an important relationship, a lot of things can become collectibles, such as cigarette box, once hot collection of IC card and so on, only you can not think of collections. In addition, the collection master has gradually become the favorite of TV programs in recent years, which has greatly stimulated the expansion of the collection market. read more

Let the actual site traffic P3000 dari method

for a long time did not visit A5, think of this to the place where I grew up, I feel there are a lot of emotion, A5 let I learned a lot of knowledge network promotion, A5 is raising me today, Tu when Yongquan, this is my China to the ancient saying, today to take this opportunity to recommend a fast method of flow to the webmaster. But this approach is not for everyone. I have to have the following qualifications and be diligent. Do not say much nonsense, first take my own successful case to talk about. read more

A 9 million site construction project brings me some experience

5 months time, with a team of nearly 20 people, the implementation of a 9 million site construction project, the middle has experienced numerous ups and downs, but fortunately can be successfully checked and accepted. During this period of time, my understanding and summary of the project management were written below. I didn’t know where to write, but it was the most important practical experience.

1. comprehensive understanding of the situation,

2. plans to make a big plan, and have a number of task breakdown plans to confirm the Guan Jian points and milestones in the plan. read more

Local websites a reflection on communities and portals

although I created small town portal to finally with vigour and vitality of failure, but gained some practice in operation promotion in the experience, the experience may not be worth mentioning, but I believe that it will have some local station carries the dream venture webmaster friends a little help.

Comparing the

community forum with the portal, which one do you prefer,


I read most of the local sites from the establishment to the promotion, write some more passion, some thought is quite clear, and when I visit their website, that is the forum program (DZ, PW) when posting scanty found only a few spam posts alone in that, some popularity and user experience is very bad, there is a part of the site specific procedures, although the website looks more extensive content, but the user experience is still not high, which is why, then I think this problem has drawn two conclusions, first that is, although you are building forum, but not what the content of the post resonance, the natural recovery is less popular but cannot effectively gather all the loss And, in section division, just to get some entertainment gossip or literature video partition, like this forum is not let those very local users have a sense of identity, later we’ll specifically talk about this issue, and those selected portal friends, a portal framework we know with respect to the community forum it is also need to spend energy, even some initial column module we don’t need to, such as real estate information or some looks very atmospheric but not independent operation of the personal webmaster penned some other projects, so you start to their location, if it is alone in doing it suggestions, or the first operation of the community, such as strength or flow and team work. read more

Lu Songsong how long should blog posts be good

The optimum length of

in the blog article should be? 2005-2008 years before Lu Songsong blog is not independent, my article not only to 100 words or less; in 2009, my article in 500-800 words; with the development of blog writing more and more often in 2010, post about 2000 words, then I feel more and more post is too long, too few people can read complete. Many bloggers have argued for a long time on this issue, and we need to consider a number of factors in determining the length of the article. read more

How to do a website

How the

site planning? How to enter the specific production site? How to promote? In fact these three problems many website building tutorials including books are mentioned, but some webmaster friends have no heart to think, I put these issues to write today, intended to help the webmaster to pay attention to these basic knowledge.

website planning: the basic purpose of website planning is to point out a direction for website construction and website development. Before making a website, or before planning, you should think about these questions: read more

Fuxing tell me something about A5’s soft hair

"content is king, the chain for emperor", the most troubling is the chain, the original method my method is adopted by the forum with anchor text links, but the effect is not very obvious, most of the time, included a few days later, again, my mood with the chain up and down the ups and downs.

in doing the chain, met a friend, told me to learn to write soft Wen, he said in A5 hair soft Wen has two benefits:

1, A5 website weight is high, as long as the article through the review, Baidu basic seconds to collect, the quality of the chain is good. read more