Mobile phone download station can also receive 10000 yuan per month

in 2008 April, I was registering the domain name. At that time, because one day I friends to play here, want to download the mobile phone film, but in the Baidu search for a long time, did not find a few good points of the mobile phone movie download sites, feel very uncomfortable! When the Internet is boring, I wonder why you can’t do a mobile phone movie station, so I started the station looking for career


after registration domain name, is to find space, because it is ready to do the download station, on their own investment of thousands of yuan, rented an independent server, bandwidth 10M. The program uses CMS, because it does not change the website at first, so it takes only one week to learn to modify the website. Through their own efforts, the site made out, and then constantly add content, the purpose is to enrich the content of the site, and after a week, the site is basically completed, read more

Several core ideas required as the site operations director

himself on the network touch, roll, lie down for N years, from a technical personnel, grassroots webmaster, until become a comprehensive e-commerce business site director of operations. Today, I’m talking about some of my experiences in website operation.

website operation is a challenging job, but also a very challenging job. We have a lot of friends in the operation of their own website, in fact, he is a director of operations. As a director of Web Operations, you have to have the following core ideas if you want your website to grow and grow. read more

Real Shanghai nternet Environment

A few days ago,

was invited to Shanghai for a turn. He walked into several local Internet Co in Shanghai and felt the difference between "hot" and "hot Beijing"".

someone says, don’t go into a company to see, don’t use it carefully, don’t make any comment on it. Although I have a lot of in the vest, let me experience for 51 have been known from the original "" boring "went to the more profound, that a better understanding of them. But entering 51 of the office, the real experience is that this is a "no culture but very real" company, a group of real grassroots team. From PM to CEO, not many "culture" of the enterprise as the opening is to tell my corporate culture and mission, talk to all real problems: it is design, user demand, real team management and process plan… read more

The year of the rooster you how to become a product operation Wang stand head and shoulders above o

We need to

the year of the rooster, WenJiQiWu, need more in the new year and always stand head and shoulders above others. Product operations naturally need this, but what skills and practices do we need? And that’s what we need to plan.

first, product operations, Wang needs to know how to build content

The biggest difference between

product operators and market operators may be that product operations have been responsible for pulling up user active values, while market operators need to keep high user value. It is clear that user activity is the primary goal of product operators. But when it comes to the product, the main thing for the user to show is the content of the product, so the content of the product construction has been the top priority of the product. read more

Taobao guest expert Dai Renguang talk about traditional webmaster transformation Taobao guest experi

Thousands of lecture organized by the Federation of Anhui Internet

old K has presided over the forty-ninth period, the period of guest Dai Renguang, net black humor, personal blog: 2 started, 06 years as a sophomore in Hangzhou access to the Internet, the network of entrepreneurship in Wenzhou, full-time webmaster, start-up Hangzhou super station Technology Co. Ltd. Ali mother community, senior moderator, familiar with community marketing, SEO, and data analysis, Ali mother first Taobao customers, Taobao 28 business street website a record high to earn a 3500 day, million yuan a month income, is the "youth times" "information times" "Wenzhou daily", "global times English read more

The design and optimization of the website page should be based on the specific needs of the users

owners often discuss the construction of a good site, site space or server is preferred, good space or server is the key to the success of the site is located, is even more truly reflect the user experience, these words are right. But another page is also very important, it is the site of the program code, the website code relates to the website of each web page, and each page design is reasonable, whether the need for the user and search engine, is the priority among priorities of website construction, combined with the actual experience of the 48 Forum. Talk about how to design the page the user needs for the purpose of operation. read more

Method for rapidly improving PR

Google is the world’s largest search engine, it gives each website the PR value, of course, is also very concerned about the webmaster. PR generally speaking, or overall upward trend, that is, the PR value of the high site more and more. PR’s recent updates have been made on holidays in our country. I don’t know if it’s Google’s intention to make a good offer to us. OK, let’s explain how to provide PR:


1, web content must be substantial, this is a prerequisite. read more

Fanfan basic requirements for website profit


website can make money most of the webmaster should let the mind do at first, but in the increasingly long time slowly, more and more time and energy inputs, and the website is not because of our efforts to make money. This let the webmaster very confusing, I could not find the crux of the problem, today will give you Fanfan analysis the specific reasons, hoping to let many webmaster are confused as early as possible to make money.


website is not able to give us the creation of profit means, this website does not have any practical significance for the owners, to have basic work website money, if the owners do not have to do so, then it is not likely to make money. There are only two basic things I need to know about website profitability: basic planning and perseverance. read more

How to make new sites pass Baidu assessment quickly improved

at present, I think most of the SEO webmaster feel that now the site is becoming more and more bad, optimization, especially new sites. Well, no matter how the Baidu algorithm is updated, and how hard the site is optimized, we all have to keep going. After all, the seoSEO industry has a bright future. So, new station how to do to quickly improve,


1, new station planning early, station


space time domain name and stability

2, improve the most basic use of the site function

3, website keywords and long tail keywords layout read more

Chinese white crane beach like to do my own station

just to see the fast allusion net, to tell the truth, I love this website, and not because the station is luxury or popularity, but the webmaster GJJ is our Sichuan person, GJJ with a bold and persistent US Sichuan people and adhere to.

and GJJ chatted several times on the QQ, but they were in a hurry and made a few exchanges. It was his time in Meishan, and he didn’t know where he was attending.

In fact, I love

I always love to write the site before, because I graduated from junior high school, in the junior high school when he started to publish in "Liangshan daily" above, but because of personal reasons, I was just a junior high school, but I never abandon their diploma, diploma only after all: in the past, only now, only continuous learning can represent the future. Before making the Chinese white crane beach network, I also did a few small stations, but because of their impulse to delete the program, it led to many waste of resources or disappeared. Baidu K was before, because I change the program too diligent reasons, in the past written in the soft inside, in fact, I will change the program in the past. read more

earn 100 of an experience every day

most people in the planning website profit model, always like to own website profit model very strange, very complicated, because they think profit model is more complex, the better. In fact, this is a serious wrong concept.

, Google, Baidu and other search engine model is simple, sell advertising;

online game profit model, Russia is very simple, selling cards or selling equipment;

, Dangdang, and Joyo are also very simple e-commerce sites, selling books and DVDs;

why is a simple model easier to succeed than a complex profit model? There are 2 main reasons: read more

How to design website registration form which is convenient for users

registration page is the main way to obtain user data, definitely not the simpler the better, the design should provide users with experience convenient, rather than lower the threshold of registration. Rookie blogger combined with previous articles on form design and some of their own shallow experience to do a summary:

(the following is biased towards B2B’s Web site)

What does a

registration requirement include,

?The requirements of

registration can be divided into four steps: classification of user types, transforming visitors into members, obtaining data of users, data perfection and value-added, and guiding read more

How to operate in order to maximize the content of its effectiveness marketing strategy is the key

It takes a lot of time and effort for

to create valuable content. Of course, anyone who writes a few words together can be called content, but something that is shared can really be valuable to your business.

good content can strengthen your business and build a reputation for you. In order to create valid content, you need to make sure that content is accessible and shareable.

is the key to marketing strategy to maximize its effectiveness. So, if the content is good enough, how do you let the audience share it? read more

Analysis of the collection of class electricity supplier website four problems


electronic commerce although the earnings are not as good as before, but the collection of electronic business profitability is still quite good, but also a part of the fastest growing, this and our country to the collection of common hobbies has an important relationship, a lot of things can become collectibles, such as cigarette box, once hot collection of IC card and so on, only you can not think of collections. In addition, the collection master has gradually become the favorite of TV programs in recent years, which has greatly stimulated the expansion of the collection market. read more

Let the actual site traffic P3000 dari method

for a long time did not visit A5, think of this to the place where I grew up, I feel there are a lot of emotion, A5 let I learned a lot of knowledge network promotion, A5 is raising me today, Tu when Yongquan, this is my China to the ancient saying, today to take this opportunity to recommend a fast method of flow to the webmaster. But this approach is not for everyone. I have to have the following qualifications and be diligent. Do not say much nonsense, first take my own successful case to talk about. read more

A 9 million site construction project brings me some experience

5 months time, with a team of nearly 20 people, the implementation of a 9 million site construction project, the middle has experienced numerous ups and downs, but fortunately can be successfully checked and accepted. During this period of time, my understanding and summary of the project management were written below. I didn’t know where to write, but it was the most important practical experience.

1. comprehensive understanding of the situation,

2. plans to make a big plan, and have a number of task breakdown plans to confirm the Guan Jian points and milestones in the plan. read more

Local websites a reflection on communities and portals

although I created small town portal to finally with vigour and vitality of failure, but gained some practice in operation promotion in the experience, the experience may not be worth mentioning, but I believe that it will have some local station carries the dream venture webmaster friends a little help.

Comparing the

community forum with the portal, which one do you prefer,


I read most of the local sites from the establishment to the promotion, write some more passion, some thought is quite clear, and when I visit their website, that is the forum program (DZ, PW) when posting scanty found only a few spam posts alone in that, some popularity and user experience is very bad, there is a part of the site specific procedures, although the website looks more extensive content, but the user experience is still not high, which is why, then I think this problem has drawn two conclusions, first that is, although you are building forum, but not what the content of the post resonance, the natural recovery is less popular but cannot effectively gather all the loss And, in section division, just to get some entertainment gossip or literature video partition, like this forum is not let those very local users have a sense of identity, later we’ll specifically talk about this issue, and those selected portal friends, a portal framework we know with respect to the community forum it is also need to spend energy, even some initial column module we don’t need to, such as real estate information or some looks very atmospheric but not independent operation of the personal webmaster penned some other projects, so you start to their location, if it is alone in doing it suggestions, or the first operation of the community, such as strength or flow and team work. read more

Lu Songsong how long should blog posts be good

The optimum length of

in the blog article should be? 2005-2008 years before Lu Songsong blog is not independent, my article not only to 100 words or less; in 2009, my article in 500-800 words; with the development of blog writing more and more often in 2010, post about 2000 words, then I feel more and more post is too long, too few people can read complete. Many bloggers have argued for a long time on this issue, and we need to consider a number of factors in determining the length of the article. read more

How to do a website

How the

site planning? How to enter the specific production site? How to promote? In fact these three problems many website building tutorials including books are mentioned, but some webmaster friends have no heart to think, I put these issues to write today, intended to help the webmaster to pay attention to these basic knowledge.

website planning: the basic purpose of website planning is to point out a direction for website construction and website development. Before making a website, or before planning, you should think about these questions: read more

Fuxing tell me something about A5’s soft hair

"content is king, the chain for emperor", the most troubling is the chain, the original method my method is adopted by the forum with anchor text links, but the effect is not very obvious, most of the time, included a few days later, again, my mood with the chain up and down the ups and downs.

in doing the chain, met a friend, told me to learn to write soft Wen, he said in A5 hair soft Wen has two benefits:

1, A5 website weight is high, as long as the article through the review, Baidu basic seconds to collect, the quality of the chain is good. read more